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    TW, do you sell string savers...

    and can anyone help me out with installation directions? I'm going to try some gut, but don't want them to snap after an hour
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    comparing ncode feel to fischer pro #1

    can anyone compare the feel (frame solidity, ball feel) between the nanotech wilsons and the fischer vacuum tech frames like the pro #1? they seem to be similar in design i recently hi the n6.1 95 and really loved the feel, but I generally like a tigher string pattern and the power level was...
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    maybe she just used the wrong drugs...
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    how to change head grip shape

    anyone have any tried and true methods to reshape the head grip to make it less rectangular and more like a wilson? i actually liked the lm prestige, but there's no way i could ever get used to hitting with that grip. anyone got any homemade solutions? thanks in advance
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    which swings heavier, n6.1 95 or hps6.1 95?

    i hit the n6.1 95 last night and couldn't believe how light it was. it felt like the lightest 12+ ounce racket i've ever held, which had its up and downs. i couldn't really plough through, but that meant i could hit out pretty well. but in browsing through this board, a lot of you seem to...
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    hybrid instruction question

    I'm getting ready to hybrid for the first time with lux ace and some bow, will the set of bow at 37.5 feet be long enough for a 16x19 98" AND a 18x20 93"? thanks in advance
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    anyone watching TV know when play will start tonight?

    or if? it seems pretty bleak from where I'm sitting, but wondered if they had mentioned anything on the broadcast
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    anything with a 98" head that plays like the ROK?

    anything at all? how about the i.prestige or yonex mp tour 1?
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    for the idiots who think serena is "fat"
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    espn paintjob article ladies and it is in black and white
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    hewitt's retirement, and i don't mean from an injury

    it's posted to yahoo, he's calling it quits after the open this year
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    hooray for my main man safin

    down two sets and a break to tommy boy enqvist
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    what time is practice at the open

    i'm going to flushing for the first time this saturday for the day session, what time is practice for the players? also, is my ticket for ashe going to get me into the sidecourts as well? thanks in advance, vets
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    our man R-Dub

    Interview with Richard Williams Inside Tennis: Tournament director Ray Moore said Serena and Venus refused to talk to them about coming back. Richard Williams: I don't know what they refused to do, but I can tell you this: We will not be back there, under no circumstances, no way. You treated...
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    finally trying gut hybrid, please help with tensions...

    i'm going to try a gut hybrid with lux ace in my ROKs, please give me your recommendations on tensions and which i should use for mains and crosses. normally i use a full ace job at 52 lbs. i know i should string the gut tighter, but how much tighter? i will probably keep the ace for the...
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    what the heck happened to...

    David Aames Junior and MaSha/Phillippe? Their presence on these boards has been missed in recent weeks, and their simultaneous disappearance, coming on the heels of some rancorous threads, has aroused more than a tad of suspicion in my own mind. So everyone weigh in on what they surmise has...
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    tennis channel in central nj

    i'm moving down to princeton in central new jersey, anyone know if comcast carries TTC? the comcast website is so complicated that i couldn't find out
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    anybody string a fischer pro#1 original with ace or timo?

    how did it go? what tension?
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    anybody tried timo or ace in the original fischer pro#1

    what tension? how did it work out?
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    bjorkman just got bageled...

    in the first set by santoro!
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    susan, are you related to dan seemiller...

    broadcaster of the ping pong match that followed cincy on espn?
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    more about donald young
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    was this the greatest day in the history of espn, or what?

    i mean, what did they have, ten hours of live coverage showing an absolute plethora of players? santoro, guga, ialternating through such a variety of matches that were actually competitive and interesting. i'm really in shock. this was a great day for tennis in america although i'm not...
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    so what has espn been showing during the rain delay?

    hopefully agassi-haas, so they won't show it if it rains tonight
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    if she was only at 5% vs sharapova...

    well, everyone weigh in
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    is the 6.0 95 a good serving stick?

    i switched from the 6.0 85 to the rok, which i love off the ground and at net, but it's getting a little old having to work so hard to get anything on my serve is the 6.0 95 a better serving racket?
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    anybody know if the williams matches will be on tv today?

    and capriati? how are they playing this week?
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    henman, annacone, sampras

    What does it say about this trio is henman is able to win RG, or even make the finals? if he wins, I think it's arguably a greater coaching accomplishment for annacone than helping pete to win multiple wimbledons. sampras, afterall, built his game for grass starting as a teen
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    hybriding on one-piece stringing racket

    I really want to start trying out hybrids, but my racket (ROK) specifies that it should be strung in one piece. Does this mean that I should stay away from hybriding? I have unfortunately never strung for myself and don't know the first thing about stringing, so any advise from the...