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  1. paulie-japan

    Yonex Custom Fit

    I finally got my custom fit yonex vcore pro 97 335g 305mm Leather grip Looking forward to hitting with it Here's the photos for whoever is interested
  2. paulie-japan

    Nike Vapor X vs Nike Zoom Cage

    I was wondering if anyone can tell me which shoe is the better for cushioning, wear, fit etc... I've been wearing Zoom Zero and Zoom Ultra React for the last year or so, but Ultras are gone from the market. Any advice would be great
  3. paulie-japan

    Khachanov similiar to Safin?

    Is it just me, or does anyone see any similarities in the hitting of Marat and Karen? I would like to see Karen make a stake for the top 8 on a yearly basis! I would love to see the two of them rally together (Safin at his peak of course).
  4. paulie-japan

    Pro players RA (stiffness) and Swing Weights

    I would like to know the RA flex that the pros use and their racquet swingweights. If you have any data/info it would be much appreciated.
  5. paulie-japan

    Wawrinka New Racket 2018 coming

    I heard from Yonex that a new Duel G will be released (or at least announced) next week at the Yonex trade fair in Tokyo. Not sure about anything else as of yet, as Yonex are being very tight-lipped about it. Should be interesting to see what comes in the coming days...
  6. paulie-japan

    Kevin Anderson's Racquet

    I was at the All Japan Nationals today and in the Srixon Dunlop Booth was Kevin Anderson's signed stick which he used in this years US Open. I talked to the Srixon rep and he was a really genuine lies, no ******** about him. Anderson uses a Rev cx 2.0 Tour 18×20 pattern and he has it...
  7. paulie-japan

    Angell Custom TC90

    I ordered more custom 90 frames from Angell Tennis. Gotta love the custom feel.
  8. paulie-japan

    Next Gen players racket specs!

    Does anyone have any info on Shapovalov's real racquet specs? Or other Next Gen players' specs? I am interested to know! If you have any input, I would be grateful! Cheers