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  1. Pebbles10

    Connors vs Wilander?

    Why did Connors had such a hard time against Wilander? Connors game was perfect against Edberg but against wilander he really struggled.
  2. Pebbles10

    Wilander underrated:)

    Just saw this vid of him. A great match against cash in 1988. He really was fast on the court.
  3. Pebbles10

    Wilander wants John McEnroe as a coach!

    If Wilander would play today he would love to have John McEnroe as a coach what do you think about that?
  4. Pebbles10

    Wilander vs Leconte 1988 Fo!

    Wilander did serve great and he moves great!
  5. Pebbles10

    Miloslav Mecir vs Mats Wilander!

    What was the big differences between Wilander and Mecir.... Wilander won 7 slams and Mecir 0 but still Wilander had a lot of problem with Mecir.
  6. Pebbles10

    Borg & Nastase vs. Ashe y Laver !

    Great double:)
  7. Pebbles10

    Wilander quick on the court?

    He really was a great mover on the court:)
  8. Pebbles10

    Wilander vs Lendl!

    They played some great matches against each other!
  9. Pebbles10

    Wilander Vs Cash 1988!

    a short vid of Wilander vs Cash 88 in Ao:)
  10. Pebbles10

    Wilander vs Agassi 1988

    Wilander did play great here:)
  11. Pebbles10

    Why did connors had so hard times with Wilander?

    Why did Wilander beat him every time?
  12. Pebbles10

    Wilander vs Connors?

    Did Connors win over Mats Wilander in a competition match? I have heard that Wilander had 8-0 over connors.... I wonder why Connors had such a hard time against Mats.