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    Hybrid - Syn Gut + Multi

    hi, is there really any benefit to have such setup? i am thinking 1.30 gauge for argument sake. i have tried Syn Gut/Poly setup, but not keen. if so, which one should be for mains/crosses and what to do tension wise?? thanks. (apologies if there is already an thread like this.... my search...
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    Poly Cross moves on upper part of the string end (OS racquet)

    Hi, quick question - strung up an 107 OS racquet with Pro’s Pro Black Out 1.25 and while it played nicely, the upper 3 or 4 cross moves quite a lot, the rest of the mains and cross did not move. The mains were at 48lb and the cross were at 46lb. What could be reason the upper cross moves...
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    Prince O3 Tour MP (2005/2006 version) - what else comes close now?

    Hi all, Recently I have been revisiting older racquets and I have started using the orange/black Prince O2 Tour MP in the last week or so. I remember I got them at the beginning of 2007, so they are at least 12 years old. lol I have two, their current spec is about 346g, about 31.1cm balance...
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    “No brand” 9 racquet bag... any suggestions?

    Hello, this maybe a weird question... I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions of a “no brand” 9 racquet tennis bag with 3 main compartments? By “no brand” I meant none of the retail racquet brands as I do not use only one brand or racquet and I think most, if not all racquet bags with...
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    Reel vs Set

    I have been buying sets (12.2m) but now I think I have found a new string I really liked, so I am thinking of buying a 200m reel. Not done it before, so when I need to restring, so I just cut 12.2m off the reel and put it in a bag and then give to the stringer? Can I pre-cut a few and leave...
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    Wanted: TC95 63RA

    Looking for one for now. Will consider either 16x19 or 18x20 Would prefer 300g & 6pt HL, but please let me know what you have. Would prefer V3, but will also consider V2. Base in London, UK. Thank you.
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    Pure Aero Tour (2016) revisit

    Bought this used earlier last year and it came with some orangy poly string on it - played briefly for a few hours here and there with an OG/dampener and some lead tape at 2 and 10, but didnt really gel in the end. I think the static weight in the end was at around 350g... Anyway, saw it in the...
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    WANTED: Prince Phantom 93P L3

    posted in the wrong section last time. I am in the UK, so this would be the most suitable place for a WTB. Good condition in grip 3 size please. thanks.
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    WTB: Prince Phantom Pro 93P - L3

    Hi, as per the title, looking for one in Grip 3 in good condition. I am located in the UK. Thank you.
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    Donnay Pro One Limited Edition Supermidsize

    I have been playing with a "adjusted" TC100 16/19 63RA for the past few weeks - thanks to @saleem's help, it was a great hitting stick (334g & 33cm). I have not touched the K7 since Saleem helped me with the adjustments on the TC100. Anyway, I found a Donnay Pro One Limited Supermidsize in one...
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    Christian Andersson - great seller

    Thank you! Great communications and v fast shipping. Item arrived as described.
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    tennis1111 - great seller

    great communications/experience and v fast delivery. item arrived as described. thank you.
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    flipflap = Great seller & Great Transaction

    Great communications and transaction with flipflap for a Babolat Pure Aero Tour. The racquet was shipped out quickly and it arrived just after the Easter Weekend in condition as described. Thank you.
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    a more specific lead placement question... need to add 4g

    okay, here it is - i need expert help :) i have a Head FXP Prestige MP with balance of 32.6cm (according to my "measurement" - may not be the most accurate..but...). anyway, i would like to add 4 more grams to the weight (to match my other FXP) - where should i add it? somewhere inside the...
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    Uncle Toni & Co.

    is Uncle Toni the only coach Rafa ever had to-date? do you think he is one of the best coachs, if not the best? (obviously it takes 2 to tango, and kudos to Rafa for his hardwork and willingness to change and learn along the way) discuss :) please dont make this another Rafa is...
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    Prince EXO3 Graphite Mid 93 - thoughts?

    guys, need a quick advice/lesson on this piece. :) can anyone please recommend on this racquet - lets say if we can compare it to Prince O3 Tour MP Head FXP Presitge MP Wilson ncode 6-1 95 16 x 18 Donnay Pro One International Mid-size (non TW version) Yonex RDiS 200 320g as you can...
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    Yonex RDiS 200 320g - recom'd string tension + lead tape?

    guys, need some help. Just unboxed the above mentioned Yonex and couldnt see and string tension recommendation on the throat area. Can anyone please advise the range? FYI - I have Babolat Addiction @ 60 on my FXP Prestige MP, what tension should I do on Yonex (understand they are 2 diff...
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    has anyone used Pro's "Pro Aqua Dry" and/or "Pro Aqua Zorb" grips

    guys/gals, need some help here.... im a long time original Tourna Grip user, and lately, for some reason i'm starting to lose faith in it.... summer is here and i sweat alot, especially playing indoor. we all know that Tourna grip's durablilty isnt the best, so im looking at an...
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    do you think Nadal will go to Head?

    :mrgreen: just saw on Eurosports channel showing Rafa hitting a few balls before the final match today and Uncle Toni was in and out of the frame holding a Head Youtek (yellow and black) racquet with Head stencil on it..... thought Uncle Toni used to use a Bab of some sort when "hitting"...
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    thinking of new string...? advices please!

    guys (and girls), need some advices on strings. atm im using either gauge 17 or 16 Babolat Addiction/Attraction Power on most of my racquets. my main 2 racquets are FXP Prestige MP @ 60lb. have no problems with it, but am open to try a different string. had a pretty bad tennis elbow...
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    why night match for AO final?

    i mean why? what happened to playing under the daylight Melbourne conditions which has cause many people to crumble in the past and may best and fittest win? i know there are sponsors to please and world wide audiences would much prefer the Melbourne night match due to the difference in...
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    Racquet felt "unstable"...

    guys, need some help here. i have applied some lead tape on one of my FXP Prestige MPs the other day and had a quick hit yesterday..... when the ball hits, i can feel the "twisting" feel and it felt "unstable". initially i had lead tapes at 3 and 9 o'clocks and had no problems with it...
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    Babloat Attraction Power 17 Vs Addiction 16

    guys, need some advices here. have been playing with Bab Attraction Power for a few years on various racquets and loved it, mainly due to my past tennis elbow problem. my main stick now is a FXP Prestige MP w/ Attraction Power 17 @ 60lb. now im trying to get more sets but have been...
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    WTB: EUUK - Head Flexpoint Prestige MP

    in good condition thanks. im in North London. :)
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    is there a For Sale & Wanted section for the TW European members?

    any ideas? looking at a few frames, would prefer UK/London locations, but almost all of them are US/North America based. thanks. :)
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    Q: adding lead on FXP Prestige MP

    need some help from the customising gurus. i have been playing with a TW Donnay Pro One OS (4 3/8 grip) w/ Bab Attraction Power @ 60lb for the last few weeks and really enjoy the even balance feel - the racquet feels pretty good overall, but can be powerful at times :-?. the total weight is...
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    urgent required: TW Donnay Pro One OS string issues

    urgent advice required: TW Donnay Pro One OS string issues guys, hope you can give me some advices on what would be a better choice of string to go onto the TW Pro one OS i'm currently using. the string i currently have on the Pro One OS is luxilon big banger timo strung @ 55lb. after a...
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    WANTED (UK): TW version Donnay Pro One OS 4 & 3/8

    anyone one in UK or London area has one for sale? i'd like to get another one to match the one im playing with at the moment. :) thanks.
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    anyone from London, UK?

    going to London next week and would like to know what the tennis scene is like over there? i will be living in north London. whats the average re-string cost over there?
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    adidas barricade iv - order of release (colour combos)

    guys, im in the process of deciding which colour combo to get. the B IV is so good that i had to get another pair (i dont even bother to wear my nike breathe cage 3 at all) im currently wearing a black/silver/red version, and is looking at either: - lime/lead/white (2nd choice) -...