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    Can You Play 4.0 and Open At a Tournament ?

    I am looking to play what seems to be a joint USTA and UTR tournament in a couple weeks. It seems like USTA is governing the NTRP division and UTR is governing the Open division. I've never played a tournament before and so I don't know exactly how it works. I would love to play both the 4.0...
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    Player Fairly Rude after Match

    Hello Talk Tennis. I am in a 4.0 Summer Flex League and this was the first time in my life that I can say someone was fairly rude to me after a match. My opponent, sometime during the first set started complaining of chest pain, debated stopping twice, and eventually retired down 6-3, 0-0...
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    Reintroducing the Fun Into Tennis for Me

    Throughout this summer, I have played a lot of tennis. I mean, a lot of tennis. Lots of matches and lots of court time. However, at some point this summer, tennis started becoming less and less fun for me. I was starting to really improve, and I definitely thought I was a very hard player to...
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    Shady Tactics or Fair Play?

    Hey everyone. I had my first USTA 4.5 match tonight (although the guy said he was a 4.0), which was suspended with me down 1-6, 2-2. The first set I was just super nervous, but the second set has me a bit perplexed. He was starting to wear down physically in the second set, I broke back for 2...
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    Playing 4.5 Flex League to Challenge Myself...Wish Me Luck!!

    Hey everyone. I have never done any USTA leagues or tournaments in my life, but this summer while I'm home for college, I said to myself I might as well sign up for a league or something since I love to play tennis. So, I found out there was a flex league in my area, and decided to sign up for...
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    Jewish ATP/WTA Tennis Players CURRENTLY in Top 100

    So, I noticed there hasn't been a list like this in a while, so I was wondering if we could produce a list of Jewish ATP/WTA tennis players currently in the top 100. Men's: Diego Schwartzman Women's: Sara Errani (???? Can anyone confirm this??) Camila Giorgi Anyone else??
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    Common Thread Among Bouchard Losses in Majors

    I think we are starting to see what could be a disturbing trend in Eugenie's major losses. First off, let me congratulate her on a great tournament. She is definitely rising to the top of the women's game. The problem for her, however, is that she cannot beat players who can match her power...
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    Azarenka Better Be On Her Game Tomorrow

    Giorgi can blow ANYONE outside of Serena off the court. Watching her totally, out-power Sharapova at Indian Wells was outstanding. It was really unbelievable. Now, she is prone to errors, but Victoria has to really frustrate Camila with her defensive skills. In any case, not the ideal first...
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    Thoughts on Halep and Moving on to the Men's Final

    First off, I want to congratulate Maria. I really dislike her, but you cannot discount the heart and soul she brings to the sport. Kudos to her. I do, however, want to congratulate Simona as well. For her first major final, she seemed pretty damn calm. She broke in the first game of the...
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    Is Muguruza can beat Serena, why not Maria?

    From the way everyone is talking, you'd think Maria has a straight shot to the Finals. Serena is a better version of Maria. If Muguruza, who has not dropped a set all tournament, can just pound Serena and not give her any angles to work with, why can't she do that with Maria? Muguruza can...
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    Grand Slams Need More Qualifications

    I touched on this in the Federer thread, but I truly believe that grand slams should expand their qualifications to make more players, say 80 and up now, qualify for the tournament. It should be a huge honor to play in such a big event, and having some of these lower ranked players (around...
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    Who is this Cervantes-Huegun Dude?

    From what I read on these forums, he is ranked in the 800s in the world, and yet he beat a decent player in the First Round of Barcelona, and beat a very good player in Tursonov in the Second Round! He whipped him in the final two sets, and Dimitry should not be losing matches like this to a...