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    Will Australian Kids hate Agassi now?

    This comes from the Australian Open website: American Express Aces Charity by Tennis Australia Sunday, 9 January, 2005 Building on its success at Wimbledon 2004, the American Express ACES fundraising...
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    Silica gel in the bag?

    Silica gel eats oxygen, so I was wondering if I put it in my bag things like my uncovered racquet grip or tennis balls would start to last longer. Does anyone recommend this?
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    The camera men at the last two tournaments

    The camera men at toronto and cinncinati were just a bunch of horndogs!! Usually at a tournament that is televised I see them staring at Carla Coria or Lauren Bedford(with those two I would rather just watch them rather than than Coria or Roddick), but lately they show old farts trying to show...
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    Caption this(Marat so you know its weird)

    Just one more second for this bathroom break?
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    Choice for espn later

    If just heard Cliff and Mal talking about choices for which match to show later in the day: Roddick and Keifer Agassi and Johansson Guga and Hewitt If they show the Roddick match then a piece of furniture in my house with break or someone from espn will have a broken neck.
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    Butt Caps: The Key to the racquet under the paint

    In the thread about Safin's Racquet david aames said that they didn't change Safin's butt cap. I got bored so I started watching my Agassi vs. Coria at Indian Wells match and and noticed that Agassi's LM Radical had a black butt cap. I'm not sure about what all LM racquet's have as their butt...
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    Who here hates how Brad Gilbert talks?

    He talks so fast and like he knows everything. Different from Andy, because Andy answers questions so slow.
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    How to bounce the ball on the frame?

    Any tips on bouncing the ball on the frame to improve hand/eye coordination? I saw Coria doing it before a serve on those BitTorrent matches in the Pro Player discussion board, so I pulled out my racquet and tried it in front of the computer. Luckily I didn't break anything. BTW I used a LM...
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    Hewitt's shoes? Theres no way that can be air max breathe frees or vapors. I thought vapors were made for Hewitt.
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    One-handed bh with OS?

    I had been trying to get a 1 handed bh down to help my transition game, but I had a Ti. Radical OS. Then I recently bought a LM Prestige Mid and now 1 handers just feel natural with a smaller head size. Are there anybody here that have a one-handed bh and a OS racket?
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    Flight of serves

    Can someone explain how kick and slice serves are supposed to fly through the air?
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    Liquidmetal rave

    Ive seen this racket on **** and the Tennis magazine, but it isn't in the TW. Anyone has specs?
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    Agassi's page

    Why is his gear info saying n/a? This better no have to do with him retiring anytime soon.