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  1. ivan987

    A Nadal look-alike Does the left guy at 00:14 remind you of someone? The band is called the Monkees. No pun intended.
  2. ivan987

    How many of you actually play tennis?

    I don't write often at this forum, but I come here sometimes to see the match comments if I wasn't able to see the match. I have noticed some things that I really don't understand. So many people here don't even play tennis. It seems to me that they don't really enjoy the game, they are just...
  3. ivan987

    A little help needed (buying a new racquet)

    I've been playing with Babolat PDT for 2 years and I like it a lot, but I think that it is a bit too light for me and I am thinking of switching to a bit heavier racquet. I don't want to add lead to my old racquets because they are used up and it's really time to get some new sticks. I would...
  4. ivan987

    What do you think of this forehand?
  5. ivan987


    I've been searching trough the forum for a similar thread, but I haven't found anything special. I've got a problem with over-sweating. I get sweaty even before I get to the court, and when I start with warming up, in a matter of seconds my t-shirt is already covered with sweat. It doesn't...
  6. ivan987

    Powerful string for hybrid use

    I've been playing with Babolat Pro Hurricane 17 for about two years and I am really satisfied with that string. Now I feel I can manage a bit more power from my racket, but I would like to get it without changing my racket's weight or string tension so i'm going for a hybrid stringbed. I will...
  7. ivan987

    Nalbandian's forehand video

    Could you post any links with videos of nalbandian forehand, i've searched everywhere but haven't found any