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    Not bad for a washed up 30 y.o.

    The post says it all, i say eat humble pie all you doubters and haters lol
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    Murray: Please stop talking him up!!

    I'm getting sick of people talikng him up, favourite this, best player that, blah blah blah, and yet when it comes to Slams he's nowhere!! Please, cut it out!! Get a reality check guys!!
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    Zvonereva swears at box after match point!!

    Zvonereva looked up at her box after match point and clearly said ''f*ck you b*tch. I have replayed it many times and she definitely says it. Did anyone else see her say it, i was absolutely astounded, i wonder who she said it to? Comments?
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    Luxilon Adrenaline: Anyone using it?

    I've just switched to Adrenaline, anyone on these boards using it? Feedback would be appreciated, thanks.
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    What happened to Gulbis at FO and Wimby?

    Did he play? There was so much hype about him?
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    Can Nadal ever be GOAT if he doesn't win USO?

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    Anna Kournikova and Katy Perry on Graham Norton show!

    Both girls looked extra hot! They were battling to prevent up-skirt happening with what they had on! Anyone else see them on this British comedy show?
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    Please use spell check before posting!!!!

    For god's sake, can we all please get the spelling on these boards right, it's a joke........
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    And the winner is.....

    Babolat Aero Pro Drive GT-Both Men's and Women's Singles French Open crowns.
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    Women's fist pumps-Lame?

    Does anyone else think the fist pumps in the WTA look really lame?
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    Who is the "Real Tennis Champion of the World

    Has anyone on these boards ever seen "Real Tennis"? Who is the current champion? I saw it on TV once, it's the most bizarre game i've seen. Comments?
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    Good setup:Head Sonic Pro/Head FXP

    FYI: Try Head Sonic Pro 17 mains/Head FXP 17 crosses Excellent feel, medium power, great sound. Give it a go!
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    SOS to jollyroger: Blake needs some sticks!

    Could you please give Blake some of your racquets, he's in need of some quality sticks, thanks.
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    Attention Stringers: Advice please!

    I'm wanting to string my Dunlop 300 with a hybrid of Head Sonic Pro and Head FXP multi. What string do you suggest as the mains/crosses and why? What are the pros/cons of stringing either way? I've been using full poly lately and i don't like the feel, a bit boardy and not much feedback. Cheers
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    Polarized/Non-Polarized question?

    Is this term an actual term used by Pro racquet customizers or is it just something that posters on these boards came up with?
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    Cap grommets on Head-Why bother?

    Why do some users of Head sticks bother converting their racquet to Cap grommets? Is there any benefit, or is it just a pose thing?
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    Federer doesn't sniff anymore!

    Anyone noticed this? He used to sniff a lot when doing his acceptance speeches, but lately he seems to have cured this problem.
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    Strings do not go dead...

    They only lose tension, from the moment you put them in.
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    What happened to the HEAD Instinct?

    Did it get replaced by something else in the Head lineup?
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    Does BLX Six One Tour still have Fed's sig on it?

    Does the new Six one Tour still have Fed's sig on it?
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    Gonzo gave up-loser!

    Gonzo has lost any respect i may have had for him after i watched him petulantly give up after he lost the 4th set against ARod. What a loser!!
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    What time US is Men's final

    I'm from Australia and trying to work out what time i need to turn telly on to watch final. What time does the US Open start in American time?
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    Can Nadal come back or is he gone!

    Can Nadal get back to where he was or is he on the downward slide? Will his constant injuries end his career prematurely?
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    Will US Open ever be played in L.A. ??

    Would they ever consider changing the venue to somewhere on the West Coast??
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    Player of 2009:Federer

    If Federer wins the US Open he will clearly be the player of 2009, which is great considering he has been written off so many times by the press and by posters on these boards this year. Comments?
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    Please, no more Federer is washed up threads...

    I'm over it, he is still clearly the best player out there, so no more he is on the wane talk please!!
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    There must be a lot of egg on faces today...

    Silly, silly people, when will you finally realise that Fed is the MAN!!!!
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    I love all the Pros

    I love tennis, and i love all the tennis pros on the circuit, i don't hate anyone or anything about tennis, they are all fantastic sportspeople, and they give me great pleasure, which in turn inspires me to play the game and make me want to be a better player. Let's share the love and stop all...
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    Will Federer's baby drink GOAT's milk?

    I wonder if the newborn Federer will be bottle fed some delicious GOAT's milk?
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    Predict the score Wimby Final

    Federer 6-3, 6-4, 6-1