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    Are Some of Connors' Longevity Records Unbreakable?

    Nobody's hitting safely in 56 consecutive major league games, either
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    Your realistic expectations of Jannik Sinner at AO 2020

    It doesn't matter, to be honest. He's playing with house money this season. If he wins a round or two, that's a success; if he loses in the first round, no big deal. Either way, he's a special, special talent.
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    2020 Ranking Predictions

    You could be right about the NextGen overtaking Federer next year, but I'm not so sure. One of them might beat Federer at any single slam or masters 1000, but none of them have yet to show even close to the consistency Federer still shows over a full season. Tsitsipas might beat him at, say, the...
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    Ye#1 2020. How big is this for each of the big 3's legacy? ...

    How can Nadal be the most consistent recent slam performer when Djokovic has won 4 of the last 6 slams?
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    Who is the most attractive tennis player ever, on both the men’s and the women’s side?

    I've always found Hingis very attractive. Even knowing everything I know about her, I would risk it all. Men? Eh, maybe young Borg.
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    Sampras never won the Year End Tournament Undefeated - Federer did it 5X, Djokovic did it 3X

    I didn't ignore that point. I responded to it by saying: "Sure, he could've performed better at those tournaments in 96 than he did in 95 and 97, but I think it's more than reasonable to be skeptical about that." The reason "untestable" claims are never accepted in science is because science...
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    Sampras never won the Year End Tournament Undefeated - Federer did it 5X, Djokovic did it 3X

    Not sure what you mean by "unacceptable." Just because we're speaking hypothetically doesn't mean reasonable speculation isn't possible. Anyway, here's Sampras' record at MC and Rome in 1995 and 1997: MC: 1995: 2R (retired after winning first set), 1997: 2R Rome: 1995: 1R, 1997: 1R That's an...
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    Sampras never won the Year End Tournament Undefeated - Federer did it 5X, Djokovic did it 3X

    3 of the 4 Masters he skipped were clay tournaments he wasn't going to win anyway.
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    Big Titles 2020

    AO : Djokovic IW: Djokovic MI: Medvedev MC: Nadal MA: Auger-Aliassime RO: Djokovic RG: Nadal WB: Djokovic Olympics: Zverev TO: Thiem CI: Federer US: Federer SH: Medvedev PA: Berrettini Finals: Djokovic
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    2019 TTW Awards-Biggest Letdown Player

    Kyrgios is a reasonable pick, but I didn't come into this season thinking he'd behave any differently than before. To be honest he slightly exceeded my expectations by winning a couple 500s. I voted for Khachanov, who went from 46 match wins last year (including, most notably, the Paris...
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    Jannik Sinner

    Completely agree. Future top 10 is probably the "safe" prediction, too.
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    Toni Nadal: Play like Federer if you want to beat Nadal

    The problem with playing like Djokovic to beat Nadal is that it depends on consistently outlasting Nadal from the baseline. You won't be able to do that unless you *are* Novak Djokovic.
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    The 2019 TTW Awards- Best Return

    Fed's backhand slice return is SO hard to attack. Might be my favorite shot in all of tennis.
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    Rafael Nadal has now recorded his 9th season reaching #1

    Novak has a lot to earn at IW-Miami, though
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    Novak's winning 8-10 more slams. Book it.
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    Would Nadal lose heavily in final if he stayed healthy ?

    On a much better surface for his game, 9 and 6 years ago.
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    Examples where Djokovic/Nadal withdraw or GET injured during matches when winning?

    Why single out Nadal and Djokovic? This is a fact about tennis generally.
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    Will Nadal ever be able to play a few tournaments in a row without getting injured?

    If you play like every point is your last, and you practice like you play, you're going to get injured frequently. Pretty simple. This is the tradeoff he signed up for. I think he's ok with it.
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    Well this is why Djoker Nole is not as loved

    Wait, OP's hypothesis is that Djokovic is hated because he celebrates winning important points? Yeah, because certainly Nadal would've remained silent on that same point.
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    IMPORTANT POLL - Who will be most successful player in 2020-2029?

    I think there's a very real chance Djokovic ends up with the most slams in the next decade even if he retires by 2024-2025. But of the players listed in the poll, I'm going with FAA. Precocity matters a lot to me when I make these projections, and so far he's been the most precocious. Needs to...
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    Djokovic looking good

    I mean, I hope that happens!
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    Djokovic looking good

    Blasted him off the court first set of Shanghai, too. I agree this is a little different, but let's not pretend this second set won't be a dogfight.
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    Winning percentage minus opponent's ranking

    Well I don't think that's an especially compelling point. If somebody created a reliable Elo, it's by definition reliable.
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    Winning percentage minus opponent's ranking

    Change Elo weightings to adjust for recent form, then. Or penalize periods of inactivity. This isn't an intractable problem. I get your point, though. It's true that vanilla Elo has some flaws.
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    Winning percentage minus opponent's ranking

    It may be true that official ranking is better (I'm not sure), but I don't think the fact that there is no "official" Elo is a good reason to prefer ranking. As long as there existed an Elo that was methodologically sound and predictive, it would seem like fair game to me.
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    Winning percentage minus opponent's ranking

    I think it's useful to adjust results for quality of opposition, but I wonder about how useful this particular method is. Suppose you have two players, Player A and Player B, who each played 10 matches. Player A played 10 matches against world number 1, and Player B played 10 matches against...
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    'Problem' with Stan

    His limited return game was evident in his match in Paris vs. Rafa. Every time Rafa served wide in the ad court to Stan's backhand, he'd get a short ball floated back to him (or Stan would miss the return entirely).