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    WTB: Drop weight tennis stringer

    Hey guys, I am looking at getting into stringing my own racquets finally and am looking for an entry level stringing machine. Please let me know what you have. Thanks!
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    youtek radical mp 4 1/4 9.5/10

    hey i am selling a youtek radical mp with a 4 1/4 grip size this racquet is in amazing condition. the reason for selling is that i do not really like it and i just got it last week. i hit with it once inside on carpeted ground in a field house. it is strung with black code. i guarantee you...
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    kps, tt warrior, fischer bag with pics

    k factor pro staff 88 grip 1/2 9/10 -120 plus shipping dont like it i never really hit with it. it just lays in the closet and i need the money to play for a club membership. some scratches on head guard and two scratches next to each other an inch from head guard strung with cyber blue and...
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    kps88 grip:1/2 9.0/10

    i have a kps88 about a 9/10 email me for pics. strung with blue gear and hollow core i believe asking 125 shipped. or will trade tell me what you have. email: i don't have any references on here yet. but, i do have good feedback on the auction site.
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    FS/FT nps kps and many others.

    Wilson NPS 95 grip: 4 3/8 7.5 out of 10 scratches and stuff around the racquet part of the headguard is missing and their is scrathces on the headguard strung with wilson hollowcore and topspin cyber blue i strung it about a week ago. forgot the tension though sorry. asking 80 shipped...
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    FS/FT two wilson Nsurges

    i have two Wilson n surges i just don't need they are strung with pro hurricane. one of them has been hit with for less then 20 minutes with the new string job the other has not been hit with since i got it restrung. the condition is a 7/10 for both the head guard shows usage and their is a few...
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    FS/FT microgel extreme team TT warrior OS

    hi I am selling a micro gel extreme team strung with gamma livewire xp 17 it has some scuffs and scratches on the frame no cracks or anything i will post pictures soon but i have some on this thread i say it is a 7.5 out of 10 grip: 4 3/8 next i have a prince TT warrior OS i bought this...
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    prostaff 6.0 st. vincent

    hi so i am looking for a pro staff 6.0 st. Vincent 95 but i cant find one. and the one i do find are ridiculously high so my question is. Does anyone know a racquet that plays a lot like this racquet? i was thinking about trying a kps or something can someone please help me out
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    wilson K blade

    looking to buy a Wilson K blade email me with offers please. must be the mp version thanks
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    raquet help

    hi i am looking for a new racquet i like the volkl v engine 9 and the technfibre v320 pre VO2 i am looking for something close to this are their any other alternatives to this. i hit with alot of spin and have a long swing i am looking for something can someone please help.
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    V engine

    looking for a volkl v engine 9 in good condition respond with offers.
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    nps 95 grommets and kblade

    does anyone have any? email at also i am looking for a K blade please email with prices if u have any
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    i didnt see a grommet thread on this site and i thought it would be helpful not to mention i needed new ones for my nps :) anyone know where i could find them?
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    wanted babolat

    I am looking for: A pure drive can be any variation (roddick , plus etc...) a pure storm ( also any variation) any other babolat or something along those lines email me at or just reply on this thread can pay cash or trade