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  1. Cobaine

    Wawrinka done in 2020?

    I don’t like what this tweet portends:
  2. Cobaine

    Sjeng Schalken head tape

    Anyone? How did the Dutch legend keep his sticks scuff-free?
  3. Cobaine

    Jaime Yzaga Vibration Dampener?

    Anyone? How did the Peruvian legend keep the GE at bay?
  4. Cobaine

    Tongueless/Sleeve Shoes with Durability Guarantee

    Does TW sell any? Like the Asics Court FF2, but with a durability guarantee? Thanks.
  5. Cobaine

    Breaking Strings in 40 mins!

    In a recent article on the ATP website, young American Tommy Paul says he breaks strings in about 40 mins. He says "I break strings probably every 40 minutes. Three or four a day.." That seems freakishly fast. I know pros hit the...
  6. Cobaine

    Rancho Palos Verdes on Tuesday, December 8

    I'm looking for someone 4.0 or above, able play near Rancho Palos Verdes late morning or early afternoon on December 8.
  7. Cobaine

    Excellent WSJ on the pay discrepancy in tennis I really think it's a travesty. There is a lot of money in tennis, and the players making the final 8 at tournaments have enough sponsorship money on top of their winnings for prize money to be reallocated...
  8. Cobaine

    Recommendation on 15g Poly

    I've got customized Prince Tour Pro 100 and I can't find a poly that will last more than 5-6 hours of playing time. Accordingly, I think I'm going to have to try a 15 gauge. I see that TW carries three different polys in 15g: Head Ripspin Prince Tour XC Luxilon Alu Power (is it worth the...
  9. Cobaine

    Factory Stretched Poly Strings

    I know that Kirschbaum strings are pre-stretched for tension maintenance, as well as the Yonex Poly Tour Pro. Does TW carry any other brands or strings (poly only) that are pre-stretched? Thanks!
  10. Cobaine

    THE ultimate footwork training video!!

    Federer probably trains like this...:mrgreen:
  11. Cobaine

    Does anyone else think Bremond is hot?

    Used to be Severine Beltrame before she got married. I always thought she was sexy, very French looking.
  12. Cobaine

    Bjorkman's thoughts on S&V

    "Well, it's hard to play serve and volley these days obviously because it's a lot slower and the ball's a lot bigger." - from his post match interview (def. Mirnyi) More proof I guess. Why would they do this at wimbledon? Why not leave it the one Grand Slam you have to come to the net to win...
  13. Cobaine

    Avery Racquets

    Any body know the story behind these? Where did they come from? They look like modern versions of the Prince Graphite Original.
  14. Cobaine

    Why is Davydanko so poor on grass?

    1-10 record or something like that. You'd think with the way he takes the ball on the rise, he would do pretty well. Maybe he doesn't have enough time to adjust to the odd/low bounce?
  15. Cobaine

    Rios' Racquet

    I always thought he played with the RD-7, but...... a guy I go to school with overheard I was a tennis player and we started talking. He said he used to work at saddlebrook 3-4 years ago and asked if I knew a guy named Marcelo Rios. Of couse I did, and the guy told me he used to do Rios favors...
  16. Cobaine

    Andreas Guazelli read this!

    Do you really need extra racquets? You play with the Classic 6.1 right? A good friend mine used to play with those, but doesn't anymore. Maybe I can get him to donate them to your cause. I'll see what he says.....
  17. Cobaine

    Ferrer and Federer

    Why does Ferrer get his *ss handed to him so badly by Federer? I know Federer is probably the GOAT, but Ferrer beat JC Ferrero who used to be legit, especially on clay. Ferrer doesn't seem to have weapons, so how does he beat so many people? and then why lose to Federer so badly? I kind of...
  18. Cobaine

    Hot girl in Tennis Magazine!

    Does anyone know who the hot chick is in the Brad Gilbert article about backhand vollies? Is she on the womens tour?