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  1. grimmbomb21

    ***Babolat and Head frames***

    No trades please. Looking the clean out.:) All grips are 4 3/8 Pure Drive Roddick(newer black/blue model) One light scratch @ 3 o'clock. Light scuffs on head guard. 8.5/10 $100 shipped Pure Storm Ltd. GT- 8/10 Just some light scratches and scuff on head guard. $95 shipped Aeropro...
  2. grimmbomb21

    Head IG Prestige MP 4 3/8 FS/FT 9/10

    Selling one of my three frames. Only light scratches on the head guard, none on the frame itself. Will trade for IG Radical or Prestige Pro in same condition. Or selling for 130.00 shipped ConUS. email at: grimm _ bomb @ email . com (remove spacing) Thanks!:)
  3. grimmbomb21

    Official grimmbomb21 review/search for goat frame! (2012 racquets only!!!)

    I have been playing with the BLX Blade 98 off and on for a year now. I love everything about it, but the wrist pain. It has come to a point that it is better to move on than to play well and not be able to make a fist the next day. So here is my list of demo frames that I am looking at: BLX...
  4. grimmbomb21

    Aero Storm GT and LM Radical fs/ft

    Both are 9.5/10. I have hit both twice. Tonight being the last time. Not working out, so time to move on. The ASGT is 4 3/8, as is the radical. ASGT- 125.00 shipped LM Radical- 60.00 shipped Prices with shipping is ConUS only. As for trades: Pure Storm GT YT Prestige Pro BLX...
  5. grimmbomb21

    AeroPro Drive Original, IG Speed 18x20, PDRGT

    AeroPro Drive Original 4 1/2 grip- 7-7.5/10 Scratches on the head guard and scratches around the upper part of the frame. Has a Head replacement grip recently installed. 95.00 shipped ConUS. IG Speed 18x20 4 1/2 grip- 9.5/10 Only used once. Has lead tape on it and removed the replacement...
  6. grimmbomb21

    FT: Head IG Speed 315 18x20 4 1/2 grip 9.5/10

    Head IG Speed 315 18x20 4 1/2 grip 9.5/10- Strung with Solinco Outlast @ 58lbs. I have lead and two overgrips on it, and will ship with the original grip. It weighs 11.8 oz and is 4 points HL. Hit with it less than an hour. Looking to trade for a PDGT (blue or red edition), original...
  7. grimmbomb21

    FS/FT: Kfactor 6.1 95 18/20, YT Prestige Pro & Mid, Kblade 98

    Kblade 98 4 3/8- Grip is built up to 4 1/2 with shrink sleeve. Strung with Savage Black @ 58 lbs. Only a couple scratches on the guard, none on the frame. Hit with twice. 95.00 shipped. 8.75/10 Youtek Prestige Pro 4 1/2- Scratches on the bumper guard and very light scuffs at the top of the...
  8. grimmbomb21

    FT: AeroPro Drive GT 3/8 9.5/10

    AeroPro Drive GT 3/8 9.5/10- I only hit with it once for about half an hour. No scratches on frame or head guard. Strung with Solinco Outlast at 60 lbs. I have silicone in the handle and lead at 3 and 9. It is 11.9 oz. and 8.5 points HL. Only interested in trades for Youtek Prestige's(any...
  9. grimmbomb21

    Great buy from dr325i!!!

    He offered me a racquet, to which I agreed, but told him I would have to wait until my funds posted on paypal. I got back to him later than I said I would, but the racquet was on the bay, already going for more than our agreed price. But dr325i still canceled the auction and completed our...
  10. grimmbomb21

    Excellent transaction with JoelMaxx

    Excellent buyer!! Sent a couple photos, replied with an hour, paid. I wish all sales in the classifieds went so well. Thanks again Joel! Enjoy!!:mrgreen:
  11. grimmbomb21

    Babolat, Dunlop, Head frames

    Pure Drive Roddick GT 4 3/8- 8.5/10 A couple light scuffs at 12 o'clock on the frame, and some scratches on the headguard. One small paint chip at 3 o'clock that is not from play. Only a few hours of play. $115.00 shipped. Pure Storm Tour GT 4 3/8-7/10 Some scratches on the frame and head...
  12. grimmbomb21

    Question for vsbabolat, dr325i, or racquetcraft.

    Simple question: Is this a PT57E frame? Weight of the hairpin without the grommets is 248g. No silicone in the handle or lead. I don't see any code for tgk or pt anywhere. It does, however, say xl on the throat, but the actual length is 27in. Anyway, if one or all could take a look, I would...
  13. grimmbomb21

    My Aero Storm GT Tour for your Youtek Prestige Pro-9/10

    Aero Storm Tour GT 4 3/8. Strung with Solinco Outlast 16g. A couple scuffs on the head guard, nothing more. Would just like to trade for a Youtek Prestige Pro with the same grip size. Not interested in any other trade offers or money. Trade only. grimm _ bomb @ email. com (remove...
  14. grimmbomb21

    Flawless transaction with pbrommer!

    The iPrestige just arrived today. Looks great and he shipped it out as soon as payment was received. I would gladly buy from him again. Thanks!!!:)
  15. grimmbomb21

    FT/FS- YT Prestige MP 4-3/8 wilson type grip 9/10

    FT/FS- YT Prestige MP 4-3/8 w/ wilson type grip. 9/10 I have only hit with this frame a few times. I'm just not liking it. It has a couple light scratches on the head guard. I installed a TW thin leather grip and it is strung with Head FiberGel Power. I would like to trade for an Aero...
  16. grimmbomb21

    Eagnas Flex 940 clamp bolt it stripped.

    The bolt that is tightened to secure the clamp in place on my Flex 940 has stripped and I need to replace it. Eagnas wants $25.00 per bolt, so I was wondering if I can get it somewhere else. Has anyone here replaced it? If so, do you remember the exact part # and place you ordered from? I...
  17. grimmbomb21

    Grommets for Dunlop 4D 200 Tour.

    I can't find these grommets on the website. Do I have to phone order or are they just not available yet? Thanks!:)
  18. grimmbomb21

    Where have you gone, Dmitry Tursunov?

    One of my favorite players, I can't seem to find anything on his whereabouts. His official site is gone. I haven't seen anything on here about injuries or retirement. Maybe his mission here is over and he returned to the home planet. But if anyone has the scoop, let's hear it! Thanks!:)
  19. grimmbomb21

    So when did you 4.0's decide it was time to ditch 3.5?

    This is for the guys that made the jump themselves, not the computer bumped folks. What were your results against 3.5s and 4.0s when you moved up? Here is my current breakdown. I have been playing at 3.5 for just over four years.Only played one or two tournaments a year, but I plan on...
  20. grimmbomb21

    Is a quick second serve legal?

    My friend and I played a tournament last weekend, and we both played two kids from the same high school team. Both of them had week second serves. You could just step in and crush it. But every time they hit a first that didn't clear the net, the second ball was out and on its way before the...
  21. grimmbomb21

    Aeropro Drive GT 4 3/8 grip 9/10

    Aeropro Drive GT- 9/10 condition This racquet has four scuffs on the head guard and no scratches or paint chips on the frame. I have an extra grommet set for the Cortex version that I didn't use, so whoever buys the racquet can have those. Email me for photos. $150.00 shipped. grimm _...
  22. grimmbomb21

    No love for the 4D 200 Tour?

    It seems to me that only a few people on the boards have given the 200 tour a demo. This racquet is something special! The plow-through on groundstrokes and serves is amazing. I don't have a long swing by any means, but I could still get excellent racquet head speed with this frame on the...
  23. grimmbomb21

    Dunlop 4d 300 tour, 4d 200 team (16x19)

    Dunlop 4d 300 tour- 9/10 Only some light scratching on the bumperguard. 4 1/2 Dunlop 4d 200 Team (16x19) 8.5/10 A couple scratches on the frame and scratches on the bumperguard. 4 3/8 Pictures available. grimm _ bomb @ email . com ^^^^remove spacing Thanks for looking!:)
  24. grimmbomb21

    Beware of seller alucard123 !!!

    I just purchased the APDC 4 1/2 that was listed here. Stated condition- 9/10 I sent this email after paying, but before receiving the racquet. "I realize this is after the fact, but could you tell me where you bought your racquet. I'm...
  25. grimmbomb21

    FS/FT- Head PC 600s, Dunlop, Wilson racquets

    PC 600-8.9/10 only hit with a couple times. Light scratches on head guard. One small paint chip. **** "rounder" grip installed 4 1/2. $175.00 Head Classic mid-8/10- Paint rubbed off inside the throat. I removed the pallet to use on another Head racquet. So if you don't have a spare...
  26. grimmbomb21

    How should you play someone who just lobs?

    I played a tournament today and had a second round opponent that lobbed every groundstroke. I didn't play well at all, and lost 4 and 4. Even when I hit a short ball to bring him in, his approach was a lob. The last time we played was in the morning during a different tournament. The sun...
  27. grimmbomb21

    !!wanted: Head Pro Tour 630!!

    Nothing less than an 8.0/10. I already have a fairly scuffed up 630. I want another in better condition. Thanks
  28. grimmbomb21

    Is it normal for the clamp arms to flex?

    I just got a Flex 940, and after releasing the string from the crank, the clamp arm seems to bend quite a bit. It looks like the clamp moves back about 3/8in. Is that normal?
  29. grimmbomb21

    Need help with lead placement on a Microgel Prestige Mid+

    I have it leaded up to 12.3oz and 5 points HL. The lead is mainly at 3 and 9 with very little at 12. I like the results with this setup in regards you ground strokes and volleys. I get good kick on my second serve, but my flat serve seems very weak with this racquet. I can serve very fast...
  30. grimmbomb21

    Crack in my Microgel Prestige MP!

    As the title says. I noticed it just a few minutes ago. It looked like a small crack at 3 o'clock. I took off the grommets, and it looks worse underneath. I bought it about 6 months ago, so am I still under warranty? I contacted ****, which is were I bought it, to see what steps to take...