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    Help wanted: funky knot, bad stringjob?

    Manufacturers patterns where knot tie offs are not always positioned in an ideal tie off location. I typically do follow manufacturer tie off locations. Many other stringers will open up another grommet to accommodate a better tie off location. I don't do that, as a stringer can never actually...
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    Strings never break. Should I go for a certain type of strings?

    Since you are not a string breaker you may want to consider Nat. gut as that string hits well until it breaks.If it lasts you a long time, it could be economical as well.
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    Tennis shoes today suck

    Tennis shoes are so much better today than they were years ago. I remember back in early 70's that Tretorn shoes were popular. Those are garbage compared to today's shoes that are more durable and more lateral support and comfortable.
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    Best cushioned shoes, does even need to be tennis specific

    Wilson Rush Pro 3.0 very comfortable. Light weight as well.
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    Black socks vs. White socks!

    Well, if you don't have left socks, your all right!
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    Post Your Most Recent Stringing Time

    Blocked holes are not an issue if you just prepare for them. Unless someone asks for one piece, which has not happened yet, I string most everything 2 piece. the only one piece I string now are the natural one piece jobs.
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    Post Your Most Recent Stringing Time

    If you place a scrap string under the string that will block hole, that is place the scrap piece under that string blocking against the outside of the frame. This way you can grab the ends and lift up or push down the string with needle nose pliers to open up the access to grommet.
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    Odd String Break

    Since it occurs at same spot on two racquets, I would just use a tube on that end main.
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    Happy Thanksgiving

    Sounds like a proportional method to me.
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    Happy Thanksgiving

    I thought you would give your pants a 10% pre stretch. Just for the holidays of course.or did you up it to 20%. to compensate for no draw back from the table.If you increase your turkey by 5% and decrease your potatoes by 10% you may just increase the sweet spot and get some pie! Happy Thanksgiving!
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    Happy Thanksgiving

    Did you calibrate your scales first.?
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    Happy Thanksgiving

    Hard to believe Thanksgiving almost here. I wish everyone here a happy and safe Thanksgiving holiday!
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    Head Challenge MP Stringing help.

    Head Challenge (Innegra) Tension 52-62 Pattern 16×19 Start M's T Main skips 8T & 8H Len. 2pc 20'x17' Tie Off M's 6T Start 2pc X 8H Last 2pc X 8T Tie 2pc X 7H,11T
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    Tennis Warehouse Playtest - Babolat RPM Power 1.25

    Babolat RPM Power 17 Tension(s) used for playtest: 47 lbs mains and crosses Regular string set up & tension: Luxilon Natural gut 63lbs. and Klip nat gut uncoated 63lbs. , I use both switching between every so often, as I like both set ups. Racquet used for test: Head radical Power/Control of...
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    Post Your Most Recent Stringing Time

    I guess Irvin can string a racquet that fast. It may not be completed, as that was not specified.
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    Strung racket, wrong grommet hole..

    Since you asked for opinion here is my take on this. This is where I differ from you. Like I said, I would never have a racquet leave that I know I can fix the problem. I would get the string from TW and have it shipped overnight just to have it to restring that racquet, as I would never have a...
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    Strung racket, wrong grommet hole..

    Never let a mistake leave your place ever. No amount of compensation you give the customer will be proper as that person knows you gave him an improper strung racquet and that effects your reputation and that's the last thing you need. String it over and say nothing to customer and be done with...
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    Ball Pocketing similar to Wilson NXT but longer lasting and cheaper

    Closest thing to what you use is nxt dura max 15g. Should give longer durability, but not at a cheaper price.
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    Tennis Warehouse Playtest - Babolat RPM Power 1.25

    I hit a relatively flat ball, but do use spin when needed. So far a comfortable hit , but I still prefer the added zip I get on the ball with Nat. Gut. I have to spend more time with this string before I give my review, but so far I have no real complaint about it.
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    Good beginner stringing machine for around $250

    With that budget it is tough call. I would look for used, even if it took a while, and get a machine with at least fixed clamps.
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    electrical tape vs. finishing grip tape.

    I typically use a finishing tape, but for those that use electrical tape, be aware, not all electrical tapes are the same, as the cheap ones are just that, cheap. Get a quality electrical tape, and it will conform better, have no wrinkles, and hold well with not all the goo residue and not come...
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    Calibration gamma x-els

    Do you know if your electronic scale is accurate?
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    AEF CM7 Stringing Machine

    If my machine went down anytime soon, and no parts or service, I would most likely go to Alpha, as their Ghost machine has decent features, comes in at a reasonable price point, and Alpha has great reviews on service and has been around for a good while. I am always looking, as I know something...
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    AEF CM7 Stringing Machine

    My machine was originally distributed by SAM . It is their Pro Master machine. Basically an identical rebranded machine to the older Wilson machine used in 2006 and 2007 US open. SAM distribution for stringing machines then was sold to xtremesportsmachines. There Pro Master was identical to my...
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    AEF CM7 Stringing Machine

    Looks like a decent machine. I would wonder who would service or supply parts, Say the LCD screen goes bad, where would you get one? If you know who services it and reasonable price for machine, then fine.
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    Entry level machine or go for Stringway (opinions needed)

    Don't know if I would get any from your short list. Myself, my minimum requirements would be a 6 point mounting system, good fixed clamps, a sturdy turntable, and a decent brake, as I string a decent amount of OPorts, and a constant pull, and not a drop weight.Many machines do fit that...
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    Entry level machine or go for Stringway (opinions needed)

    If you are planning to string for the long haul, then get as much machine as you can afford. You will be happier, enjoy the process better, and won't have to upgrade later
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    Grommet Tool

    The flare it tool was a nice item. I loaned my out years ago and never got it back. It's ashame it is no longer made. It came on handy to flare the throat grommets on the last end mains, especially when a new grommet set was installed.
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    Natural Gut

    All you need to do is next time you are ready for restring, cut out the strings and place lube inside the grommets, then give him the racquet.You do not need much. I place 1 small drop on a small round microfiber brush that fits inside grommet and that will lube 1/3 the grommets.A little is all...
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    Natural Gut

    @sm01 if you place a little lubricant in the grommet holes before you string the racquet, you will get less snapping of string at a grommet from mis hit. It does help, only downside, it takes a few extra minutes to clean clamps when done.I use tri flow, but just about any lube would help.You...