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    Prince beast and grapplesnake

    Hi all! Grapplesnake has some interesting strings I would like to test on my newly purchased Beast 100 o3 and 98 o3 My options are alpha and sniper. I would like to know which string works best in which racquet. Also at what tensions. Any advice? Thanks ;)
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    Prince Exo3 tour 100 18x20

    Currently strung with Pacific Space Power (SPX) 1.33 A very nice setup. I like almost all characteristics of this string but it lacks a bit bite on the ball, for spin. I can't find much info on this string online. So it's hard to find alternatives. Pro's of this string - very arm friendly -...
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    Advice on picking: Speed Pro or Extreme 2.0

    First of all, hi all, I'm new here today... been browsing the site and forum for quite a while now, trying to gather information. I am in some doubt of choosing the right stick. Hope some of you can help me out :) First of all, some info about myself and play. I'm 33 years old. I like to...