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    2HB Help Required

    Hey everyone Im playing grade 2 tennis in Australia.. which is probably 4.5-5.0. My weakness as a player has always been the 2HB backhand, but luckily it has never hurt me because I run around and hit forehands most the time and my slice is very good. But now that I'm in a high grade, the...
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    Stosur VS Ivanovic *Spoilers*

    Stosur def. Ivanovic 6-3 7-5. Ivanovic was 5-1 up in the 2nd set, and proceeded to lose 6 games straight. Simply brilliant by Stosur, knocking out my darkhorse pick for the womens title. An Australian is progressing for once.. :p
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    Roddick VS Lammer *Spoilers*

    Roddick leads 6-4 2-1 with the break. Roddick was 4-0 up and Lammer managed to fight back to 5-4 before losing the set. Lammer is a really fine player for 220 in the world. Jim Courier is saying that Roddick should be able to chrush opponents like this if he is going to send fear to other...
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    Hewitt VS Seppi *Spoilers*

    Seppi def. Hewitt 4-6 7-5 7-5 Seppi saved 4 set points along the way. Hewitt was arguing line calls with the umpire and didn't shake his hand at the end of the match.
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    Federer VS Haas *Spoilers*

    1 set-all, Haas with break in the 3rd.
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    2HB too loopy

    Hey all, My problem is the two handed backhand. I realise that you need to come from low to high in order to generate the topspin on the ball. However, in doing this, the shot always seems very loopy, with a lot of net clearance. I'm finding it pretty hard to be aggressive with my 2HB...
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    Hewitt VS Davydenko *SPOLIERS*

    Hewitt VS Davydenko *SPOILERS* Hewitt takes the first set 6-2, and looking quite comfortable.