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    For Federer's Twilight Years, Faster Courts Please

    Dear Tournament Managers, Please speed up the courts. It will help your revenue by keep Fed alive in tournaments longer and help his longevity. His army of fans will guarantee that your tix are sold and resold at many times the face value. Dozens of tennis reporters will be perpetually busy. TV...
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    Eurosport Vs ESPN for AO commentary

    Since there is no ESPN coverage for earlier matches on cable, I have been watching Eurosport more and more. Feels like the commentators have more insight and are more enjoyable to listen to. Anyone bored with ESPN commentary?
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    Where to Watch Aussie Open? No tennis channel

    Anyone know of good sites to watch tennis live? The Tennis Channel has been yanked out of Cablevision here in the East Coast (USA). The live link on australianopen site takes me to ESPN which doesn't work on Cablevision. ESPN coverage on TV doesn't start until 11pm. Is there any other way to...
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    End of Federer's Career

    Do you think Federer will lose motivation and retire? Or do you think he will be defeated and forced to retire?
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    Nervous Fed Fan

    I thought Fed would have an easy match again Del Potro. Instead it was a close up and down match with Fed closing it out. This year in RG, it seems, H2H stats don't mean much. I could not work properly today (East Coast) and was glued to live tennis scores on my work pc. I was not at all...
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    Sports Injuries and Labor Intensive Game

    How long do you think Nadal will last with his labor intensive game? He has flaming bilateral patellar tendinitis. In two years or so, his other sports injuries will catch up to him. He will fizzle out! Meanwhile, Fed has 3-5 years more.