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    Jannik Sinner

    I have been watching the Next Gen ATP final. Really like this kid Jannik Sinner. His backhand reminds me of Berdych/Djokovic. Good athlete, possess an ideal height for a tennis player. We might be looking at a future top 10 here.
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    Afraid to take group lessons

    I recently got to talk with the parents of this boy. The boy is 6 years old, has beautiful strokes. I ask the parents why don't they put him in a group class where the kids play points and rally. They said they are afraid that the boy would pick up bad habits. I was like "bad habits"? Like in...
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    Coach search

    I have been coaching my son myself for the past 6 months. He is improving nicely but in the back of my mind I always wonder what if he had a more experienced coach. I have no coaching experience, I don't know how a 5 year old should hit or what they are capable of. I am the one that taught him...
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    Eastern grip to Semi Western for hard is the switch?

    I have a grip dilemma. My son is 5.5 years old. I taught him eastern forehand. Federer is my God and I want my son to hit forehands like him. I have no illusions of my son turning pro and all I want for him is to play an attacking brand of tennis. The problem is he is not getting least...
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    Indian wellsn question

    How does one find out when the pros will hit the practice courts? My friends and I are going to indian wells to watch some tennis. Does anyone know if they post the practice courts schedule anywhere or is it a get there and hope you are lucky thing? We want to watch Roger Federer practice.
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    Avoid a match with a chip pusher?

    I am in this awesome tennis ladder with close to 50 active players. Most guys are 4.0 and a few are 4.5. Among the 4.0s, there are a few that are pushers who chips at the ball all the time and drop shot you. By definition, they aren't true 4.0s but because of their style of play, they win enough...
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    Volkl Power Bridge 10 Mid 4 5/8 grip size 8/10

    2 gently used and never abused 2011 Volkl power bridge 10 Mid racquets for sale. 4 5/8 grip size. one is 8/10 and the other one is 9/10. $200 for both or $115 for one. Ships from Los Angeles. Buyer pays shipping.