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    The proof that kills the "inevitable decline of Federer due to age"

    I think, many do that Fed's decline is mental, freezing in two Finals
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    Did Sharapova make a big mistake by admitting she failed dope test

    Confession is always a good thing, but not necessarily on a corporate basis in today's world. Let's be realistic, what she took made little to no difference in her performance, changing diet or training more or less can make that kind of change, but in today's society, where everyone LOVES...
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    Sampras: Federer is playing better now, than 10 years ago.

    Sampras is underrated I think because you had Laver, and he WAS THE BEST, then Borg comes along, people weren't going around "He's better than Laver", just "He's great", in short Sampras just lays down his racket as the "Greatest" and comes along a guy like him whose a bit better in the back...
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    Sampras: Federer is playing better now, than 10 years ago.

    "He's almost playing better now than he did 10 ten years ago. He's improving!" See the word "Almost"?
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    Sampras: Federer is playing better now, than 10 years ago.

    He didn't say he's playing better, re-read it closely.
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    Sharapova Fails Drug Test

    Yea, I won't just SAY IT, but in my mind, again I'm not accusing anyone, but when my son asks me I say YES THEY ALL DO, but since I can't prove it I'll keep my mouth closed.
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    Time to legalise drugs in sport!

    In what may seem irony, yes drugs should be legal for citizens, but not performance enhancing for sports, that's INSANE, that's saying to every kid "if you want to be the best, here let me give you your shot", heart attacks, it's INSANE. I believe everyone owns their own bodies and should be...
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    Sharapova Fails Drug Test

    Yes but we have to be logical, either she has heart problems which she doesn't, or she's using it for an advantage, the latter is true. I don't think we should pile on her, if everyone in Tennis said "We use Steroids" I wouldn't judge them, it's SO easy to get HGH and Testosterone, easier still...
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    I am officially moving Djokovic to tier 1 now - is there any reasonable argument to deny him this?

    I said I believe a prime Fed would beat him. Not sure how you answered talent versus success.
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    Sharapova Fails Drug Test

    I looked up the drug, unless she has heart problems, she doesn't, she took it for performance enhancing. Notice that she tested at the AO, did we hear about it? No, rather she had to take time off for "Injured Elbow", which was a lie. Now Fed had to wait months after a operation for a torn...
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    I am officially moving Djokovic to tier 1 now - is there any reasonable argument to deny him this?

    Why has he got more talented? Or more successful? If you rating is SUCCESSFUL which is a terrible rating, then of course, but has he got BETTER AS A TALENT, AS A PLAYER? That's up to you, I think he's a bit better than in '11, but not by alot for sure their margins are very slim, Prime Fed would...
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    How would Djokovic go on a true fast court?

    Depends on what you mean by "Fast", if you mean todays fast, refer to last years Dubai or Cincy, if you mean ALL OF TENNIS HISTORY FAST you'd never hear of him, his game is build around slow court, real slow courts, big racquet no way he'd compete with Sampras in the 90's.
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    If Nole never managed to win the FO will it be the most disappointment in the history of tennis?

    Yep greatest disappointment in HISTORY I know I'll cry. Just joking brother
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    Fed would have probably won number 18 by now had he stuck with the 90.

    Sorry brother you are off, first at this level every MPH MATTERS BIG, trust me. Second he doesn't shank nearly as much as he did before, he can also take more chances with BH. If Fed stayed with his 90 he wouldn't, I'm very sure have been so successful as he's been, stop and think, aside from...
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    Sorry brother but cost of fame, while doing great people talk about no one but him, while bad same thing, shouldn't surprise you, it's not personal, reasonable people know he's a all time great, one of the best if not the best in the modern slow court era.
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    Tim Henman: Djokovic Is Not The Most Complete Player Ever

    How can Djokovic be the most complete player when he is a baseliner? Has no idea how to play the net? I'm getting tired of people thinking the tennis universe is just the last 15 years, how would Djokovic do in the 70's on super fast courts with 65" rackets with gut? Where physicality didn't...
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    Federer and the H2H

    Well you are flat out wrong.
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    Federer and the H2H

    H2H has long been termed almost irrelevant, Ali, Frazier, Norton and Foreman taught us that along time ago. Ali barely beats AND loses to Frazier, Norton, however Frazier and Norton are both destroyed by Foreman in 2 rounds, so ergo Foreman DESTROYS Ali, right? Wrong, because we learned that...
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    You are talking about "Beauty", not natural talent, Gasquet and Fed look better, but they aren't better, well Fed is. Put Gasquet up against Nadal or Djokovic and he is destroyed, if that's "Natural Talent" I don't want any, "Talent" comes in all shapes and sizes, and Nadal and Djokovic...
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    Will Djokovic's 2016 be better than 2015?

    Yep, he may run the table regards GS's
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    The Djokovic bubble, when will it pop? A prediction based on actual mileage

    Oh I understand. One thing, what about this, you have to admit, yes Fed has declined, but what if Djokovic wasn't around? He has a TON of mileage on him, I think it would be fair to say that Fed would have picked up a few slams since '12, "IF" Djokovic can have the same endurance as Fed, yes...
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    The Djokovic bubble, when will it pop? A prediction based on actual mileage

    Nice, classy, I said I didn't watch the final, at least I thought I did, are you just a miserable person or did something bad happen to you? Nevermind don't care, it's people like you who keep this forum fun, I mean not fun, mean moron hid behind a computer.
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    The Truth™ about Djokovic and his era

    Yea I used to think Laver was some average player, you know those guys you see in pants barely moving, that guy was a BEAST, but for his time, I don't really think we can say, maybe someone whose pierced that period to this how he would do in 20 shot rallies, over and over with 90mph forehands...
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    The Truth™ about Djokovic and his era

    Here's my view on the GOAT, logically it CAN'T change every few years, I think we get confused between MOST SUCCESSFUL player and the BEST PLAYER. I always give the example, guy turns pro, never loses, wins every match including 8 GS's for two years, never drops a set, not even close then dies...
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    The Truth™ about Djokovic and his era

    No man you might be right, thing with us Fed fans we are blinded by emotion, at least I admit it. Thing with Federer is he LOOKS SO GOOD, while Djokovic doesn't look as good, more of a workman, and I think that costs him in fans eyes, know what I mean he just sort of plays, insane underated...
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    DAAAA FED ER! Look at his movement, just amazing that was when he moved like a ghost. I love watching highlight reels, try to watch highlight reels at players level it will blow your mind, I'm a really good player, but if I hit my hardest forehand away from these guys it would be right back but...
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    The Djokovic bubble, when will it pop? A prediction based on actual mileage

    A lot of work put into that, good effort! I don't agree with your outcome though, I don't think we can know, it's true that his game is built on physicality and that wears you out much quicker, but you never know, he could be an Agassi, or he can lose a little timing and like others use their...
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    Sampras v Nadal: the stats that matter

    I think Sampras was a much better player but NOT because of the reasons given, stats from different eras means NOTHING. If Sampras played today on slow courts he'd get killed, and if Nadal had to play on fast courts with small racquets we'd never of heard of him. I'm glad so many understand...
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    Enough of the Djokovic vs Federer wars for a bit already

    I agree man! Why talk about it NO ONE CAN BEAT DA FED!