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  1. CocaCola

    Nadal has won 82 straight service games without being broken on hard-courts

    He always has this great not-broken runs when he's in form, especially on clay. He's playing his best tennis and he's more aggressive than usual at the moment. The last player who broke him will be the next to break him.
  2. CocaCola

    Federer lock for the USO title

    I would love to see him taking 2 sets off Nadal in QF's.
  3. CocaCola

    Novak Djokovic says he wants to play a battle of sexes match against Sharapova

    Djokovic would never take it seriously...he already played an exhibition against Ivanovic few years ago and guess who won it.
  4. CocaCola

    Did Novak TANK Madrid?

    Her said he hasn't picked up a racket for 12 days after MC, so can't say it was a tank but this tournament surely was not one of his priorities.
  5. CocaCola

    Doping in Tennis

    Male tennis top players are not using any illegal substances. There's my opinion.
  6. CocaCola

    Why is Novak so underrated?

    He's still the player who's won the most points this season despite losing the no. 1 spot. If he wins USO, it's another fantastic season for him.
  7. CocaCola

    Federer and Djokovic Rivalry at U.S. Open

    True, but Fed is also a beast at the USO.
  8. CocaCola

    Will Federer or Djokovic end the year #1 if they win the U.S Open

    Fans perspective: Fed wins - true no.1 Djoker wins - true no.1
  9. CocaCola

    Why does Federer seem to dislike Djokovic so much?

    Never heard him mentioning God in his interviews. He's obviously a believer but that's all and I don't see how it makes him less likable. Where he comes from? Belgrade is a great city...I've spent a couple of days there in 2008, only nice memories.
  10. CocaCola

    Djokovic vs Nadal - 2011 French Open final - who wins?

    There was a thread about this already and most of the people agreed that Djokovic would have won it in 4 or 5 sets. That's still my opinion.
  11. CocaCola

    Petchey: "If Djokovic had won RG, he would rank above Fed"

    Maybe sort of a biggest achievement in the open era...winning 4 in a row. But comparing Djokovic's greatness to Fed's is just stupid. Novak is a legend of the game, no matter if he'd retired today but is not in the same league. Yet. Maybe he will be, who knows. Can't see him winning more than 10...
  12. CocaCola

    Greatest point of all time?

    my fav
  13. CocaCola

    Djokovic hits cinemas on August 17th

    I've heard that his role was cut out of the final version.
  14. CocaCola

    Djokovic representing the game badly ( being hostile with a fan )

    Moronic thread. Stick to your idol.
  15. CocaCola

    Caption the picture

    Puke alert.
  16. CocaCola

    Best Overall Backhand Ever

    Someone who can't attack constantly with enough pace on his BH, cannot be considered an all-time great. That goes for Murray. Someone offer me to chose who's BH do I want, I'd probably say Djokovic's because it's most useful in general, despite the lack of a great slice.
  17. CocaCola

    Federer and Nadal have each lost only 6 times this season

    Nadal will end up 3rd in the race rankings at the end of the season.
  18. CocaCola

    Can Murray do it?

    If Murray underperforms it will be the ultimate prof of his mental midget status. This is a fantastic opportunity, no matter who's across the net.
  19. CocaCola

    Fed will beat joker in the semis....

    If he does it, his strokes must be deep, perfectly placed all the time because Djokovic takes control every time he gets a short ball from Fed.
  20. CocaCola

    Nadal withdraws from exho against Djokovic

    Preparations at Santiago Bernabeu for hosting Nadal Vs. Djokovic Nadal really messed up...
  21. CocaCola

    Halle, The Most Classy Semifinals of 2012.

    Hey, I've got one handed I'm talented, classy and have a beautiful game. Nice.
  22. CocaCola

    Who are the dark horses for Wimbledon

    Today we've only got a surprising semifinalist. My picks are Raonic, Tipsarevic and Nishikori.
  23. CocaCola

    Roddick S&V?

    You saw those volleys at 2:37 and 4:34? That's why.
  24. CocaCola

    Doko and Nadal killing the sport for the masses?

    Tennis is actually doing great at the moment.
  25. CocaCola

    Will Nadal win 6-2 or 6-3 in the 4th on Monday?

    Rafa can raise his level if condition are dry but Novak can also keep playing his best. That means the match will be very close so I expect a lot or drama tomorrow.
  26. CocaCola

    I hate Djoker!

    That's so cute.
  27. CocaCola

    Djoker to Win the Career Slam

    It's a classic strategy of "Jinx him if you can", plus the attention on board. There's not a single Nadal fan in this world who can think that he has no chance to win on Sunday, that would be beyond stupid.