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    Who is the woman commentating on thw safin-ouanna match for ttc?

    someone needs to tell her to shut up. first of all she doesn't keep quiet for more than 10 seconds at a time and sometimes talks well into and during points. and also she isn't knowledgeable at all. the talking part i can deal with, but the fact that she doesn't really even know what she's...
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    FT: Wilson Prostaff Tour 90 (not ncode)

    Looking to trade for Hyper Prostaff 6.1 MP, not stretch. The PS Tour 90 is in pretty good condition. There is some wear from normal use. Email at Pictures available upon request.
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    This might sound strange...

    Lately, ive been thinking that i have too much bulk on my body (both muscle and fat). Is it advisable to lose both at the same time? Is there even a way to do that?
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    sania mirza forehand

    just noticed this. when she hits her forehand, look at her nondominant hand. its kind of funny because i never noticed it before. every forehand!
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    ashely harkleroad is hotter than hantuchova

    anyone else agree?
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    this week's mb play of the week

    this week's mb play of the week was unbelievable! srichaphan is an amazing athlete. that full split he did at the net was incredible visit:
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    jurgen melzer

    what is he up to these days? i think he has a lot of talent but he just doesnt know how to keep focused in a match. also, i think he needs to learn how to construct points better. anybody have any videos of his strokes?
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    e-b-a-y item #7217411250 looks like the real st vincent but i cant tell..
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    does anyone think..

    that iveta benesova looks like daniela hantuchova?
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    caption thoughts?
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    whats the legal drinking age in spain?

    just wondering.
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    maleeva retires
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    Chanda Rubin

    What happened to her? I saw that interview on tennis channel with her last night. She was in the top 10 a couple of years ago. Did she retire?
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    federer and mirka married? read the caption
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    Do you think Sampras would have won 14 GS is federer was playing in the 90's?

    Do you think Sampras would have won 14 GS if federer was the same age as sampras? Im a fan of federer's but im a bigger fan of sampras's. I dont think that Sampras would have won as many GS if federer played back then. Certainly on the slower surfaces like at the australian. However i still...
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    ways you can POTENTIALLY beat federer

    i dont know if this has been pointed out already but its pretty clear that the only way you can beat federer is 1.) if put loads of spin on the ball (nadal, santoro) 2.) if you rush him(safin, suzuki) 3.) if you overpower him (safin) now i know that suzuki and santoro didnt beat him, but...
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    insert caption its jim carrey by the way.
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    how do you hit a ball like this? is she just joking around? or is this actually what her grip looks like when she hits a forehand?
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    caption time
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    Do pros hit with the actual racquet before switching to the paintjob?

    Do they try out the new racquets before switching to the paintjob? (sharapova, federer, davenport, etc.).
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    cool pic i think
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    whats up with her clothing? gay pride? (no offense)
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    whats up with this picture? ?
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    just for the record...

    who does/n't like roddick. this is an objective poll, im not gonna have an oppinion.
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    caption this what??
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    so what racket is this?

    what racket is gaudio holding?
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    caption this...

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    whats up with this picture...

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    If you could have any part of Federer's game...

    what would it be?