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  1. psv255

    Video of forehand, coaches please critique

    Feedback appreciated, cheers! Edit: What I'm most unhappy with is lack of depth control, and shank too much, more often on crosscourt than down the line fhs. Point play video Full match, uncut
  2. psv255

    US Open 2016 Practice footage: Del Potro vs. Goffin

    Juan Martin del Potro and David Goffin playing a practice set: All four parts: link Also John Isner playing out some points: 2nd round qualifier match: Shane R v Ivashka I
  3. psv255

    Serve video, need advice/critique

    Hey TT, here is some recent serving. Sorry about the crappy camera angle but I'd appreciate a second pair of experienced eyes to point out things I need to work on. I'm serving flat to ad side and slice to deuce side. Thanks
  4. psv255

    Hitting in the Stockholm area

    Looking for a hit in Stockholm in July - any suggestions on where to play also welcome. Thanks
  5. psv255

    A Tip on the Tossing Arm in the Serve

    If you're struggling with body alignment on the serve, or have a contact point too much off to the side, here is a tip: when tossing the ball, try to look at the ball through the outside of your tossing arm (left side for righties). This should help get a more comfortable position in the...
  6. psv255

    A question on coaching IRL (not TTW)

    A question for the experienced coaches here about making technical adjustments in players: Does telling a student to exaggerate a certain movement or key reference point help fix technical problems or maybe speeds up the learning process? Obviously there is a bare minimum of reps needed to...
  7. psv255

    Playing a practice set

    Latest match play: 1oh7BYATNRc I think I lost 6-2 (red shirt) just hitting (please see post 20) HFyGRGpaI4s hitting Apr 2014 LO3n1efEURw Match apr 2014
  8. psv255

    Serve vid

    Notching some is always appreciated more serves
  9. psv255

    Maintaining your level

    Went out for a hit the other day, first in a couple of weeks. couldn't keep the ball in play for more than 5-6 shots, and I could tell that I wouldn't be able to keep up with usually closely matched opponents. just asking around: how often do you personally need to play to maintain your current...
  10. psv255

    Ball egg-shaped in flight?

    Is this an illusion? I've never paid attention or seen it, but I've heard several players describing the ball taking the shape of an egg when returning my kick serve. A university coach also remarked on this after a player hit a wickedly spun forehand. Any thoughts/experiences?
  11. psv255

    Forehand help (video)

    Looked at my forehand on video, it feels and seems like a floppy mess with a wrist flick at the end of it. How can I work on cleaning up my motion? (green shirt)
  12. psv255

    For everyone struggling with ESPN French Open coverage (US)

    Who else hates ESPN for showing boring matches and turning off online streaming of all courts after 10 AM EST? Apparently, Tennis Channel makes its streams free and readily available (at least up to 3rd round), and they're not half bad:
  13. psv255

    Help choosing racquet(s)?

    After my Microgel Radical Pro bent out at the top after an unfortunate stringing, in a euphoric rush of sudden freedom, I recklessly got a 6.1 BLX 90, hoping to get more stability on my 1hbh & volleys. I don't regret my choice too much, but I'm afraid I was a bit too ambitious with weight and...
  14. psv255

    [video] Wall hitting

    Lazy, uninspired, "no thinking involved," wall hitting. I was having trouble spacing my distance away from ball on the forehand. I appreciate both full-on bashing and constructive comments very much. Thanks
  15. psv255

    Video of serve, thoughts/advice much appreciated

    UPDATE 08/2013 Flat then kick Update (3/20/2013) Any advice/comments would be of great help! Original
  16. psv255

    Tips/comments on strokes?

    Me hitting with a friend: The groundies start @ about 2:40 I'm the guy in the red. Thanks in advance! (Update)
  17. psv255

    How to tell a racquet is well-strung?

    Other than the obvious "feels good after broken in," no skipped weaves, and secure but hidden knots, what are other (possibly more nuanced/subtle) things to look for in a string job? I've heard of looking at the face of the string bed from an acute angle and looking for a certain detail I can't...