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    What is the best non-cable tv option?

    I am ready to cut the cable cord, it is almost $200. What is the best option to get satellite tv? and your cost
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    Consistently hitting the throat

    Help! How do you correct a student who hits the throat on 7 out of 10 forehands?
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    Pro Coaches pay ?

    How much do pro players pay the coaches that travel with them? Is it a percentage of winnings? Obviously, every coach is not paid the same but is there a generally accepted fee, or range of fees?
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    YouTube ???

    What is going on ? my play list and subscriptions are gone... do others have this problem ?
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    Title IX help

    Is there anyone that can help us challenge a local decision to cut girls tennis in Maryland ? can the USTA ? ...I cannot reach anyone any other groups or organizations ? or legal help ? Thank You