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    Help with Slow Starts in Matches Needed

    Yes, it seems logical that playing a lot will allow you to find your rhythm faster and stay in the groove most of the time. I suppose I'll also start to find my timing a little faster as I keep playing. Hopefully, in 5-10 years, I'll be able to find my rhythm faster than now. I'll just try to...
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    Help with Slow Starts in Matches Needed

    Sreeram: Hitting in the middle will get me in trouble with most opponents, since they can start dictating play and running me from corner to corner from that point. I have, however, tried to play only crosscourt shots in the beginning of a match, since those are definitely my most consistent...
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    Help with Slow Starts in Matches Needed

    One of the biggest problems I have when playing competitive matches (in a tournament, for example) is that I always need some time to get my timing right. The worst situation is when I have to play on a court where I have never played before and against an opponent I haven't played against...
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    Is creating pace as effortless as it looks for pros/high level players??

    I don't know if anyone has brought this up, since I'm too lazy to read through all the posts, but... Besides having flawless technique, pro players have trained to get fast-twitch muscle which allows them to generate a lot of racket head speed. I do believe that technique is important, and...
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    Tennis ball throw distance

    I tried throwing indoors, so there was no wind factor. I could throw a tennis ball to the area behind the baseline. If I throwed outdoors, the throw wouldn't reach the fence and definitely not go over it. Despite the poor throwing distance, my serving speed record is 162 kmh (101 in mph). But...
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    First Serve Percentage 100!?

    I just visited the Australian Open's website and I was amazed to find out that Feliciano Lopez was leading the serve percentage statistics. It appears that in the only 5-set-match he played, he had 100% first serves in, yet he still lost the match! However, the statistics also said that his...
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    federer (1) vs murray (6)

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    Welcome Back Goat!!!!!!

    Yes, he is! Incredible tennis from Roger!
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    How good were you after one year?

    I don't think it's possible to be a 4.0 after one year. I think I would have been around 3.0-3.5 level at that point. I have now played for 3 years (well, basically I have played for 4 years, but the first two years had 6-month winter breaks, because I didn't play indoors) and I think I'm pretty...
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    Fastest and average route to pro opens

    Five years isn't enough. Ten years, could be. I know a guy in our club who has improved really fast during the 8 years he has played but I doubt he could even win a match in junior grand slams. I think 15 years is enough time to develop a game good enough to be able to compete at the highest...
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    Holy crap...Just lost. Pissed.

    No matter how well you prepare for the match and how much you think about your strategies beforehand, it won't matter if you can't execute well. On some days, your game is just a bit off and your opponent happens to be on fire. That's when you're likely to lose, even if you win. Remember what...
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    Nadal just as talented as Federer?

    I've always seen Federer as the more talented one out of the two of them. However, Nadal is still very talented compared to vast majority of people. What makes him so good though is his work ethic. He is willing to train intensively and make his game even better than it already is.
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    Frustration at returning a lefty serve.

    If you have never broken him, I think you should be as aggressive as possible and take risks when you're returning. I mean, you have nothing to lose on his serve, so why not just go for it? For example, if you could use your risky shots to get to 0-30 on his serve, you'd be very close to...
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    #1 weapon in your game?

    I think my serve returns are pretty good. They're not aggressive Agassi-style returns, but I don't make that many errors when returning and get most of the serves back, and usually deep too. My groundstrokes are also good if compared to the other areas of my game. My backhand is way more...
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    How often do pros hit the ball above their shoulders?

    I haven't seen too many pro matches in real life, but the good players I have watched (I guess they would be 5.0ish in the USA) shorten their takebacks to make it easier to pound the high ball. They can usually put a lot of pressure on their opponents with those shots, since they can hit the...
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    Down the line shot from the service line

    If the ball you get is high, you can keep the same swing speed, but take a shorter backswing. By taking a short backswing, you'll automatically hit it a little flatter and you should be able to hit it quite hard even without the long takeback. If the ball is somewhat low, you'll want to use...
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    Wall and solo?

    I just came back from the local tennis court where I hit against the wall for an hour and a half, and I did this training too. I didn't use chalk though, I would just imagine a spot where I would want to hit it, and aim there. I think wall practice can be pretty effective in improving your...
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    Santoro serving 228 km/h

    He's able to serve so fast? I thought he couldn't hit faster than 210 km/h or so. Anyway, height doesn't have anything to do with the serve speed, since short people can still hit as hard and flat as tall people, but they won't get as many in. Most pros can get the serve speed to 210 km/h. That...
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    How is a 15,674 consecutive shot rally Humanly Possible!!

    They must've been moon ballers... Just trying to get an unforced error. But yeah, that kind of tennis is just plain boring. I wonder how the audience reacted to that?
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    Autumn_Leaf's serving video

    It's perfectly possible to hit 80-90 mph even with an incorrect technique. Most of my friends all have their own weird service techniques, but they serve just as fast as me (or as slow as me, since I've never served over 100 mph :D) and I have put some time and effort in honing my serve. But the...
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    Net "Competing"

    One good way to improve to improve volleying in a match situation is to play a match with a friend of similar volley skills and make a rule that both must serve and volley on every point. You immediately lose a point if you stay back. When your partner has similar volley skills, both will likely...
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    Spin = antidote for flat?

    You'll need to clarify this a bit. Yes, topspin will allow more margin and reduce the number of errors. And on the other hand, extremely spinny topspin shots can throw a flat hitter off-balance, if you're playing one.
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    Finishing off the point: Forehand

    Uhh, every good player should be able to change the amount of spin they want to put on the ball, depending on the situation. Take Nadal for example: when he's rallying, he hits with a massive amount of topspin, but when he gets his chance, he will flatten his shot to raise the tempo. If you get...
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    more power on 1hbh than 2hbh?

    I honestly don't think there's that much difference in speed between the two backhands if hit correctly, even if the onehander is slighly faster. But in tennis, power doesn't matter at all if it's not controlled power. Some find it easier to control the power with a stable two-handed shot.
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    Keeping a tennis notebook

    I do occasionally write down some good tips and points I notice. I don't really keep a match notebook though, but I always try to learn something from every match I play and especially from those that I lose. I usually just have to watch at my match record and I will remember what I could have...
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    Serving - Lots of questions about a few techniques

    Yes, your shoulders should be somewhat turned. And about the foot positioning... The stances you described are called the pinpoint stance and the platform stance. It's impossible to say which one is better and they really don't make that much difference in the power or spin you get. Most...
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    Serving: Arch back?

    Personally, I feel like arching back does add a little speed, though not very much. But I really think it does help me with getting more topspin, which results in a more consistent serve.
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    Never underestimate junkballers

    A good example on how to use plan B. :P
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    Serve Vid

    Like the others have said, I can't see any areas where you could improve except the exploding with legs. Pros usually land around a foot further in the court than you.
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    Year end #1- Djokovic or Nadal?

    Federer is not done yet! Even if he is losing more and Nadal and Djokovic get closer to him in points, he could very well be the number one by the end of the year. He might not be #1 for every week anymore, but Djokovic and Nadal would have to play really well too to steal the year end number...