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    Decision time: Put my kids through college or keep buying tennis shoes RANT!

    So I wear out a pair of shoes every 3 months max. And the price of top line tennis shoes only keep going up. I used to be able to get the out of style Nike's, Adidas, Asics for around $70. Now I can't find any for less than $90 (for you without a calculator that's a 30% increase) and they list...
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    SJSA one of the best sellers I've ever dealt with.

    He advertised the racquet as 9.5 it was for sure a 9.9. Packed very well and shipped the next day. Quality guy, strongly recommended.
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    I used to prefer a slimmer profile, but I've decided I like a bigger butt

    ... cap that is. I've been playing with a lot of sticks this year and one thing I didn't like about Wilson's was the big butt cap. But now that I'm playing with a Yonex, I'm missing the big Wilson butt. I'm finding that my grip position changes too much and that with the bigger butt I can locate...
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    Shangri La - Excellent transaction

    Communication, price, description, pictures, etc all perfect. No hidden surprises.
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    What were the most interesting new strings in 2011?

    Hey everyone, Assuming I can get the back rehabed and back on the court soon, I'd like to test out some new strings. But there are so many that I thought I'd start by asking What new string is so interesting you absolutely need to give it a try? Poly: Multi: Syn gut: Gut: On a side...
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    My Federer string setup experience

    Wow. So after reading a million posts, etc. I bought a pack of Klip un-coated 17g gut (wanted as much bite and ball feel without breaking the bank) to do a couple of experiments with gut mains and poly crosses. The previous 2 setups in the same racquet were Quasigut at 60 and Big hitter blue...
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    Babolat GT?

    So what's the verdict? Are the new GT's a big step forward or marketing hype so they can just improve the paint jobs?
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    Pure Storm or Pure Storm GT?

    First off, I tried to search on this question but just got overloaded with PST and PSL threads. For anyone who's owned both, can you tell me the difference? I tried to demo my way through, but one of the demos came with Poly so it wasn't a valid comparison. I have to say the GT looks so...
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    Babolat bumper guard?

    Can someone explain to me how the Bab bumper guard is designed? I'm thinking about some pure storms and I'm looking at the bumper guard which looks like it will wear out really fast. It appears to be 2 piece? If it is, do I have to buy the entire gromet set to get the bumper guard?
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    Why Fed has lost 3 of the last 4 GS's

    Maybe not comprehensive, but covers what most would point out as the reason, vote away!
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    String bed response?

    So I re-strung the racquet on Friday and played Saturday. The ploy main was a new string to me, the cross string something I know very well. This is the 4th poly hybrid with the same racquet, tension and cross string. Here's the situation: This string bed is non-linear: Touch shots are...
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    Is anyone familiar with a seller named Wilsonblx?

    I'm seeing some interesting offers from a seller named Wilsonblx on the bay. Their prices seem too low and the location is Alaska. Anyone have any experience buying from this seller?
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    My vote: Most annoying player

    So a lot of you/us aren't fans of Shriekapova, but just watched a match with this girl named Baltacha. OMG, how can anyone stand player her. She's over the top annoying. I can't even explain it she's so bad, and it appears to affect her opponent, in this case Stosur.
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    Which would product more spin?

    In both cases the strings are the same, just the tension is different. Setup A: Poly mains at 54, syn gut crosses at 58 Setup B: Poly mains at 58, syn gut crosses at 54 Which would be better for: Spin? Control? Feel/touch? Durability?
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    Has anyone done this?

    So I had a short piece of Spin X 16g and wanted to re-string my racquet. It measured out to 17.5' and my notes said I needed 18'. So I was pretty sure I'd come up short and did. So I tied it off and now have 14 mains instead of 16. The tie offs were a pain, but besides that, Is there any...
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    How to string "consistent" ???

    I did a search and see a lot of folks say something like "... it's better to be consistent". So what exactly makes a string job consistent? Is it just doing it the same way (whatever that way is)? Or is this asking for too many "If I told you you I'd have to kill you" secrets?
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    Alpha Strings

    Hey all, I just bought a Revo 4000 and got a bunch of Alpha String. So can anyone give me some general impressions: Vengance Poly: Gut 2000 Multi: Thanks! Oh, and yeah the Revo is sick!
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    Crazy Tournament idea

    I know it's a crazy idea, but I think it would be different enough to be entertaining. What if a tournament like a 500 were to have the following format: * 2 week format, no qualifier * 1st week is a doubles tournament * 2nd week is the singles tournament * To play in the singles...
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    Senior David Ferrer ...

    Is a class act. Just watched him leave it all on the court and came up a bit short against Nadal. Not sure what prompted him to do it, but as he walked by a kid holding one of those big signature balls he instead handed him his racquet. I hope he sees a replay on TV because this look on the...
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    Just got my new Speakers and man are they SWEET!

    I decided to build a new stereo/HT and got some Monitor Audio front speakers and a sub. These speakers are just beautiful and sound amazing. I upgraded my receiver to a Denon that does upscaling HDMI to 1080P so now it's 1 button to switch from the DVR to the DVD, etc. Next venture is an...
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    Power at low tension?

    So the common thinking is lowering tension results in higher power and vicea versa at higher tensions. In my experience this is true in the 54-62 lb range. But at some point, does lowering tension stop increasing power? For example, I have a syn gut in my racquet right now at 54 lbs. I'd like to...
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    String size, cause I was curious

    So I picked up a used racquet that was already strung. The seller told me what was in it, but I wasn't familiar with those strings so for the heck of it, I broke out the calipers (Sorry, mine are inch) and measured each string at 10 random spots: Wilson Kgut 17: .44 to .50 Mains TCS17...
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    Best string to use in my weed wacker !!! ???

    I"m tired of replacing the string in my weed wacker. I go through a whole spool in a month. So I decided to ... da da dahhhh Try some poly !!! Man it cut like magic, but alas it broke very quickly. Of course it went dead first, but when it breaks it breaks. :oops: I'm thinking of...
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    Asics: Anyone know what the plan is for the Gel Res for 2010?

    Title says it all. But alas, if they're no change I'll have to find something else to wear. The G2's killed my big toes.
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    RSI String reviews ??? What say ye?

    I'm not sure what to think about RSI string reviews. In some ways I think they are excellent, but in some ways I think they're mis-leading. What say ye?:confused:
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    Rogers cup draw, I don't get it...

    So why would the #5 ranked player have the #10 in his grouping? Here's what I'm talking about: #1 has #16 Ok, makes sense #2 has #15 Ok #3 has #13 ? should be #14 #4 has #14 ? should be #13 #5 has #10 ??? #5 got screwed #6 has #17 ??? #6 what the? how is it #6 has a lower seed in...
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    Dunlop 4d 300 16x19 full gut setup help

    Has anyone tried a full gut job in the 16x19?I have a package of Legend 16 that I'd like to put in, but I have no idea what tension I should try. As a reference I'm playing with a poly hybrid at 56 which is working really well, but still would like to give the gut a try. Looking to improve...
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    Forehand swingshape initiation

    I have a question for the experts here. I've been working on making my strokes more consistent. One thing I'm having trouble with is when I initiate the foreswing on my forehand. I'm not having any trouble with the staring position, footwork, low to high, etc. What I'm have an issue with is...
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    Asics Gel Res v. Challenger

    Has anyone tried both of these? I'm wearing the older Gel Res and would like to save some money on the next pair if it makes sense. Let me know if you have, thanks!
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    Ana Ivanovic ...

    :mad:Dropping like a rock, now ranked 13. I bet she finishes the year outside the top 20 and then into oblivion from there. Oh wait, I forgot the head case period before the oblivion. I remember seeing her a couple years ago win at Carson, she was dominant with her forehand. Now she just...