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    Looks like no male player can win more than 5 slams after turning 27

    Open era Slams won after turning 27 in the open era 5 slams after turning 27 Laver Agassi Federer 4 slams after turning 27 Rosewall Newcombe Lendl 3 slams after turning 27 Connors Sampras Nadal Djokovic
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    Players that defended Wimbledon

    Borg 6 finals McEnroe 5 finals Becker 7 finals Sampras 7 finals Federer 10 finals Djokovic could join this elite group of grasscourt legends. All of them reached at least 5 Wimbledon finals.
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    No male player in the open era won multiple slams at 28 Slams won at age 28 in the open era Boris Becker 1996 Australian 28y 2m 6d Roger Federer 2010 Australian 28y 5m 23d John Newcombe 1973 Australian 28y 7m 9d Ivan Lendl 1989 Australian 28y 10m 22d Pete Sampras 2000 Wimbledon 28y 10m 27d I...
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    Djokovic has lost 6 of his last 9 slam finals

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    No male player won his first French Open when he was the #1 seed in the Open era

    In the open era no male player won his first French Open title when he was the #1 seed. When they won their first FO: Kodes was the #7 seed Borg was the #3 seed Lendl was the #2 seed Courier was the #9 seed Kuerten was not even seeded Nadal was the #4 seed The players mentioned above...
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    2015 clay court predictions

    Monte Carlo winner NOT Djokovic Why? Miami winner NEVER won Monte Carlo the same year Madrid and Rome winner will be Djokovic. Why? He will take advantage of the Uranus conjunct natal Jupiter transit during these tournaments. Roland Garros winner will be Nadal. Why? He will...
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    If peak Roger was playing.....

    Djokovic wouldnt be number one.. Lucky for Djokovic that Federer is 33 instead of 25.....
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    2003-2012 and 2005-2014

    Nine years between their first and last slam win? Full circle. Won their first and last slam at the same venue. Like Borg and Sampras.
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    Players that overachieved at the slams

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    No male player won 6 years in a row at the same slam

    Borg won 5 years in a row at Wimbledon Federer won 5 years in a row at Wimbledon and USO Nadal won 5 years in a row at RG I see a trend and Nadals streak will stop at 5 as well....
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    Are Fedal done winning slams?

    This is now looking very likely. Federer and Nadal losing to their pigeons at the AO this year seems like a sign of things to come.
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    Nadal will win RG in 2015

    Written in the stars.
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    Murray will win Wimbledon in 2015

    Written in the stars.
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    Serena is sick with the flu
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    Nole will win the AO

    Federer will play Seppi.:mad: . Seppi's Law is too strong....
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    Monfils to win the AO
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    Djokovic vs. Federer final

    AO final will be Djokovic vs. Federer with the Serb winning his fifth AO. Nadal will lose to Berdych, according to an astrological prediction I read.
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    Sally Kirkman predicts Nole will win the AO
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    Wertheim picks a Djoker vs. Roger final

    With Djoker winning. That was my pick as well.
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    ESPN AO Picks
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    Will Serena retire with 18 slams?

    Like Martina and Evert????
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    Slams played entirely during mercury retrograde, including final

    Slams played during mercury retrograde 2013 wimbledon 2009 Australian open 2009 Us Open Maybe Murray can surprise again at the AO 2015 where mercury will be retrograde.
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    2015 Predictions

    AO: Djokovic FO: Nadal WIM: Murray USO: Federer or new slam winner Indian Wells: Djokovic Miami: Murray Monte Carlo: Nadal Madrid: Wawrinka Rome: Djokovic Canada: Murray Cincy: Federer Shanghai: Djokovic Paris: Cilic WTF: Djokovic Davis Cup: Serbia
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    WTF winner

    WTF winner wont be Djokovic according to astrology....
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    Nadal, Djokovic and Murray have very few slam wins left....

    Lendl, Pete and Fed only won TWO slams after turning 28. Connors only won THREE slams after turning 28. Something the Nadal, Djokovic and Murray fans should consider. Nadal, Djokovic and Murray have very few slam wins left.... Agassi's career is the atypical one because he wasted years...
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    Djokovic will not reach double digits at the slams

    He has a couple of slam wins left in his career, AO 2015 and RG 2016. That's it folks. He will never reach tier one.
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    German astrologer predicts the next 8 slams and the olympics

    Australian Open 15: Federer with Venus Square MC and Moon Conjunction Mars during final; Djokovic with Moon Conjunction DC and Mercury Square Pluto – open end but very good chance for final for Roger! Murray may be in semi finals with Mars conjunction DC then. But question is Rafa Nadal. If he...
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    The USO winner will be...... Click at your own peril
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    There will NOT be a Djokodal final at the USO this year

    Djokovic will reach the USO final but Nadal won't. Djokovic will play the USO final against either Wawrinka or Federer. Discuss. Hopefully the Nadalfans don't ruin this thread again.
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    RG 2015 winner

    Ferrer has the best astrology.