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    "Novak indoors is the new benchmark"

    The Sky Sports commentary team never fail to confuse. Have they never seen Rafa on clay in '08 or Roger's 2004 US Open final? :confused::confused::confused:
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    Rate my forehand 2.0

    As promised I'm posting again to show you a little bit of my forehand again. :) This time it's from the back so you can see where the ball is landing.
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    Rate my forehand please

    Today I had the brilliant idea to get my friend to record me playing tennis, however he only managed to capture some of my forehands, so if you could please rate it, (I know that the quality is terrible and it's not a great angle but this was a bit spur of the moment, so no planning :-? ) and if...
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    Nadal vs 'Nadal'?

    Have there been any occasions where Nadal has played a match against a player who has copied his game plan, the heavy topspin groundies (like Andreev, for example)?
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    Federer 2012 vs 2014 Wimbledon performance so far?

    So, what do you guys/gals think? How would do you think this years Roger compares to that of 2 years ago? Answers people, answers...
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    Another double?! Again?!?!

    Just like 2012... Shame.
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    This Thiem guy, eh?

    Beats Stan in 3 from a set down, not bad.
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    And another retirement...

    So, Tomas Berdych retires against Rafael due to gastroenteritis. First Nishikori and then this. Has this ever happened before? Two players entering the final on a retirement? I'd be very interested to know. Thanks Fedfan