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    Na Li means "what" in Japanese.

    "Nani" (not Nali) is what in japanese.
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    They just called a foot fault on Federer at deuce in the final

    Yeah it's important if it's in or not, but it's also important that they challenge within the time limit. Otherwise, whether it's in or not is a moot point.
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    They just called a foot fault on Federer at deuce in the final

    Are you ****ting me? Del Potro waited way too long to challenge. He might as well have waited till he sat down to challenge. Federer was completely right.
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    top 5 forehands in the game

    You must be yoking
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    Who is the woman commentating on thw safin-ouanna match for ttc?

    someone needs to tell her to shut up. first of all she doesn't keep quiet for more than 10 seconds at a time and sometimes talks well into and during points. and also she isn't knowledgeable at all. the talking part i can deal with, but the fact that she doesn't really even know what she's...
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    Miami Seems Faster

    what he's just making an observation of your observation.
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    Stepanek: the new barney/ teletubby?

    Is that you Vaidisova?!?!
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    best forehand right now

    Is this thread done yet? There are hundreds of threads about who has the best forehand/backhand/serve/whatever. It's not like any post on this board is going to produce a definite answer. Ever.
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    FT: Wilson Prostaff Tour 90 (not ncode)

    Looking to trade for Hyper Prostaff 6.1 MP, not stretch. The PS Tour 90 is in pretty good condition. There is some wear from normal use. Email at Pictures available upon request.
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    Injured Nadal pulls out of Mercedes Cup

    because he might actually injured...
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    Why for Fed and Nadal not to agree ?

    haha thats funny. but the only reason its funny is the poor grammar.
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    J. Henin is probably the GOAT.

    i cant believe how ridiculous this thread is. there cant be a "greatest of all time" for as long as tennis is being played. and if (for some odd reason) tennis ceased to exist in the next few years, then JHH would certainly NOT be the GOAT of women's tennis.
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    Help needed - Henin Matches

    make sure you watch her "grease hand" victory over serena williams. man she has great character. yes that was sarcasm
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    Can't understand...

    deja vu... i have a feeling this has been discussed before
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    Nadal´s Crash Accident

    or trying to pull his socks up?
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    Mauresmo is much better person than Henin.

    wow youre cool! rephrasing someone elses post and turning it against them! - 5 points for originality!
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    J. Henin is probably the GOAT.

    wow youre dumb
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    JHH Character

    oh please... how have williams sisters cheated? just because they beat justines ass everytime doesnt mean you can bash on them.
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    Is anyone getting fed up with Fed/Nadal threads?

    im getting sick of these "is anyone getting sick of fed/nadal threads" threads
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    Have mercy on me Roger - stomach turning

    its not that big of a deal...
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    Federer is a cheater

    i hope that you were joking. roddick is not class. youre making assumptions based on one match about each person. do you know these people? there are videos of him floating on this board that show him yelling at umpires, yelling obscene words, among other things. federer circles a wrong mark and...
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    Painful losses in tennis history.

    id have to say US open 2003 Semifinal: Henin-Hardenne vs. Capriati that was nail biter.
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    This might sound strange...

    Lately, ive been thinking that i have too much bulk on my body (both muscle and fat). Is it advisable to lose both at the same time? Is there even a way to do that?
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    post pictures of you with a pro player

    it looks like verdasco
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    Steffi Graf's Wilson racket

    PICS 10 Characters
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    Who has the best-looking girlfriend?

    i agree. but the guy left of her looks like jesus.
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    ashely harkleroad is hotter than hantuchova

    perhaps i should change the title to "cuter" or "more attractive"?