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  1. Tennissee

    PandaTrueno is Kung Fu Master

    Just completed a transaction with PandaTrueno. All descriptions, communications, and S/H went perfectly. Thanks. - Tennissee
  2. Tennissee

    Great Transaction with JGads

    Excellent experience. Highly recommended. Tennissee
  3. Tennissee

    Best Wish for fparrish

    Just completed a transaction with fparrish. He only has 5 posts but already have 7 strong references including this one. The racquet is as described and arrived very quickly. Would love to trade with him any time in the future. Tennissee
  4. Tennissee

    Econfreerider is Excellent

    Just completed a transaction with Econfreerider. Item was exactly as described and shipping was prompt. Would deal again in the future. Tennissee
  5. Tennissee

    Pros Using Multiple *Different* Racquets

    Sorry if this has been discussed elsewhere (and please do point me there, thanks), but does any pro use more than one model of racquets and switch during a match? For instance, switching from Radical to Prestige during a match! We see players getting a new racquet because string breakage...
  6. Tennissee

    Dennis Chan is the Man

    Just completed a trade with Dennis Chan. Everything worked out great. Wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to y'all. Tennissee
  7. Tennissee

    Asian ProKennex 5G PSE -- A5GPSE

    I suspect this is the Asian version of PK 5G PSE. The regular version of 5G PSE is a good 13.1 oz (371g) strung, while the Asian version is only 11.7 oz (332g), according to the person I'm talking to. Any info is appreciated before I purchase it. Thanks.
  8. Tennissee

    No Damper for Henin?

    I'm watching the Henin-Wickmayer match from 3 AM. (Don't tell me the results.) I can't help but notice that balls come off Henin's racquet with a ping. It appears that she's not using a damper. Has she always gone without a damper or am I just imagining things? Personally, I can't play...
  9. Tennissee

    ProKennex 5G PSE

    Could someone share with me the specs of this racquet? I can't find it on TW's new Racquet Finder. A photo of it would be nice also. My main questions are how much heavier it is than the regular 5G (post 2001) and how stiff it is (5G is about 65RA but feels softer). Any info is helpful...
  10. Tennissee

    Excellent Trade with ndhUW

    Just completed a trade with ndhUW (actually his package arrived a week ago but I was out of the country until about one hour ago). He has good knowledge and enthusiasm about tennis and it was a great pleasure to communicate with him. Would not hesitate to trade with or recommend him to anyone...
  11. Tennissee

    Standupnfall stands tall

    Just traded with him ( Very easy to talk to and knowledgeable about many things. He shipped very fast and the quality is as stated. Would recommend to anyone to trade and buy from him. Oh, you should also talk to him if you're into wine. Really. Tennissee
  12. Tennissee

    Two Great Transactions with ae1222

    Just completed the second of two transactions with ae1222. Very easy to work with. Communication was superb. Wouldn't hesitate to trade with him again in the future. Tennissee
  13. Tennissee

    Akybo is A-okay

    Had a long-distance trade with Akybo. It took more than three weeks because of the international nature of the trade and the bad weathers in both countries. But he was patient and cordial and understanding. Would trade with him again surely.
  14. Tennissee

    PST: Flimsy without Lead?

    Just got a Pure Storm Tour and haven't had a chance to hit with it with the cold temperature here in the South (where's the promised Global Warming when you need it?) But bouncing a ball on it, I didn't get the solid feel that my usual racquets have (PK 5g, Copper Ace, and i.Prestige Mid). Now...
  15. Tennissee

    Bud is Great!

    Bought three racquets from him and all in excellent condition. Let me know if you have more to sell, I only have 7 of them ...
  16. Tennissee

    Help with Diablo Tour Question

    Is there a 95 sq in Diablo Tour mid with power level at 770? I thought Diablo Tour has a 93 sq in head. TW's Racquet Finder states so also. Any info is appreciated.
  17. Tennissee

    Byealmeens is super by all means

    Just completed a trade with him. Communication was great. Items are as stated. Shipping was fast. Would love to trade again. Thanks. Tennissee
  18. Tennissee

    RestockingTues is Great Everyday of the Week!

    My bad for not posting this last year ... :wink: Had a transaction with Dan Le, aka RestockingTues at, back in 2008. (OK, not yesterday, but in October.) He was very easy to talk to and the whole thing went through smoothly. He has been quite active on TalkTennis...
  19. Tennissee

    Another Great Trade with iksmols

    We have traded 5 racquets altogether and it was a joy working with him. Wouldn't hesitate to trade with or buy from him in the future.
  20. Tennissee

    Marvelous Trade with Koz

    Just got home from a long day and saw Koz's package already delivered. The racquet is in excellent shape as he described. We agreed on a deal Friday, he shipped it out immediately the next day, and now, a short two days later, I've got this pretty babe in my hands. What can I add? Would...
  21. Tennissee

    MCTENNIS is Good Seller

    Racquets as described. Everything packed securely for shipping. Would recommend to all TWers. No PayPal, though.
  22. Tennissee

    Is there such a thing called flexy/soft Babolat?

    I had a blue Babolat about 5 years ago. Really hated it for its stiffness. Ended up giving it to a high school kid in the neighborhood. Now I thought I give Babolat another look. But everywhere I turn the stiffness is usually over 65 and near 70 at times. I know the Pure Storm frames are...
  23. Tennissee

    Looking for nBlade MP (Beat-up OK)

    I'm now looking for less perfect ones. Probably 6-7/10. Structurally sound and fine to play with. Paint chips and court rashes are expected. I don't plan to pay much for these; mainly to experiment with strings on them. Pics welcome. Please contact me at lhan at utk dot edu. Thanks in...
  24. Tennissee

    Frekcles's Handwriting Sample

    I posted something about Frekcles's handwriting when I left a trade reference for him (see: Since then, there has been comments and curiosity posted. Now I couldn't really post what he penned originally, i.e., his and my addresses and...
  25. Tennissee

    NotAtTheNet is as good as it can get

    Just completed a great trade with him that was first-class in all aspects. Moreover, he gave me some tips about how to pay attention to and find/acquire quality "toys." I wouldn't hesitate to trade/sell/buy from him any time. Thanks. Tennissee
  26. Tennissee

    Apples for Frekcles

    Smooth trade with frekcles. Communication was great. Shipping was prompt. Racquet was as described. Love his hand-writing, too. Would trade/sell/buy again in the future. Thanks. Tennissee
  27. Tennissee

    A_Instead is Excellent to Work With

    Just traded with A_Instead. The racquet is as described and shipping was prompt. Very happy with the whole process. Thanks a lot. Tennissee
  28. Tennissee

    < AC Tennis > Excellent Trade partner

    Had enjoyable communication with Albert. Our trade went through without a hitch. The USPS Priority Shipping to Hawaii was not particularly expensive and the delivery was prompt. Would love to trade/sell/buy again. Thanks. Tennissee
  29. Tennissee

    Can't Go Wrong with Tomn

    Just had a transaction with tomn or tomn11 at hotmail dot com. The racquet arrived in two days and just as he described. I wouldn't hesitate to buy/sell/trade with him again. Thanks. Tennissee
  30. Tennissee

    Looking for nBlade MP L4

    Looking for one in 4 1/2 grip and 8/10 or better condition. Got tons or players racquets to trade and lots of references here and on the Bay. Please contact me at lhan at utk dot edu. Thanks.