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    ProKennex Ki 5 (320) and Ki 10 (305) reviews?

    Will there be reviews for the ProKennex Ki 5 (320) and Ki 10 (305) coming soon? There's been links (which don't work) for TW reviews for them on the product pages for a while.
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    TW branded racquets - a pipe dream.

    I would love to see a TW branded racquet - especially if you brought this back again. There just aren't enough OS player racquets; and I'd love to switch to something a touch lighter than the Prince Graphite OS I've used for the last 26 years...
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    Prince Graphite Classic 100

    I know the Prince Graphite Classic 100 (non-longbody) is discontinued - is there any way possible of getting some in stock in the future? I'm looking for something a little lighter than the POG 110 I've used for the last 26 years.
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    Pro Kennex Ki Q+

    When will the new Pro Kennex Ki Q+ line be available?
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    Purchasing a one-piece racquet strung with hybrid.

    I'm considering finally trying poly though I've had a history with tennis elbow. I'm thinking that I want to try hybrid stringing first - is it possible to buy a racquet that's meant to be strung one piece with hybrid stringing? Does it void the warranty?
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    Volkl C10 demo?

    The C10 hasn't been available to demo for a few weeks - not even any listed with an expected date of return. Will it be available to demo again?