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    pros pro machine loosen, wobbling?

    everything is very well screwed up i dont understand can this damage the racket when i string? the wobbling its getting worse ive untightened the 4 screws that hold the base of the machine, mounted everything up again, and is still wobbles the same way... :( i know its the cheapest machine on...
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    tie off cross

    Hi Babolat recommends tie off knot for aeropro drive on crosses to be at 10th grommet the problem is, as this is the 2nd cross and the grommet is so close to the mains, the knot "rubs" in the main and pulls it a little bit inside the frame, and also is not very easy to tie the knot im new to...
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    strings breaking help please!!

    my rackets are constantly breaking the string in the upper right corner near the grommet!!! i "could" say that maybe the babolat grommets were old but the rf97 is 2 weeks old! so i think its too much of a coincidence, 3 rackets in the same spot all at once!! how can this be possible?? i...
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    Dallas challenger match fixing

    Wondering how no ones talked about this yet Yesterday, obvious match fixing took place in dallas challenger. Velotti vs molchanov everything explained here, but to sum it up, the betting bookies gave aprox 50% chance for...
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    Strings vibration not equal

    So i just got back home with my 2 brand new rackets strung for the first time, with same string and tension, and weirdly the string bed in one of the rackets its vibrating more then the other... it makes like a high pitched noise, it actually its not pleasent.. even with the dampener in it it...
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    2x HEAD IG Radical MP grip L2

    2x HEAD IG Radical MP grip L2 condition 8/10 both price 120€ + shipping in interest ask for pictures.
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    aeropro drive 2010 grip l2

    looking for 2 used aeropro drives 2010 grip L2
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    2x Wilson prostaff 90 BLX gripsize L2

    2x Wilson prostaff 90 BLX gripsize L2 condition 8/10 both price 150 eur + shipping ( from portugal) if in interest, pm for pictures
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    pro staff classic 6.1 95 si grommets

    Can anyone help me, i need new grommets .. but cant find any i dont know wich modern wilson model , has grommets that fit in here.. my rackets are 18x20.. the modern pro staff classic 95 is 16x19 so it wont fit :\ thanks