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    Should beginners restring rackets?

    Hi, could not find anything on if beginners should also restring rackets same as more advanced players. So my questions is, as a beginner should I also have my racket restrung? Or should I just play until it breaks and not care about the tension/feel? I am getting **** from other beginners...
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    Hi everyone, I've hit for a bit with both Clash 100 first and found it too light. Then I hit with the 100 Tour yesterday and it felt pretty good, yet a tiny bit less maneuverable. I found myself be late on some balls, although it might just be my tiredness on that particular day. I currently...
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    Switching from the Pure Aero?

    Hi guys, a newbie here... I started playing more serious about 4 months ago and after 1 session with an old aluminium racket I bought the Pure Aero (the 2016 version). Mostly because I thought it was a great deal. 100$ for basically a pro racket, thinking I will grow into it. And that at this...