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  1. eagle

    ***Stringway Machine Users Club***

    Laserfibre MS200 ECO with Fixed clamps. Will post details in the FS section soon.
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    ***Stringway Machine Users Club***

    Hi kabrac. I actually asked the question about the etchings 2 years. See Post 466 I love the tabletop stringer but since I've gotten the Neos 1000, I haven't used it. The Neos is just much easier to setup, use, and put away. I will put it in the For Sale section soon. Thanks.
  3. eagle

    Wheels for the base of a stringing machine

    Have these on my Neos 1000. Works fine. Lockable. Oajen 2" 50mm caster, locking, brake, 1/4" - 20 x 1", 4 pack, 90 lbs rating each
  4. eagle

    2017 Fed Cup thread

    Fed Cup 2018 Feb 10-11 .... Asheville, NC. USA vs. Netherlands
  5. eagle

    Guys only: best legs and other best female issues

    From Juvena pix above with Schett ... "dymanic"? o_O
  6. eagle

    Recommended Alternative to Tourna?

    Tried the Aqua Zorb. Not even close to performance of the TournaGrip . Becomes very slippery
  7. eagle

    Recommended Alternative to Tourna?

    Tried the Aqua Zorb. Not even close to performance of the TournaGrip . Becomes very slippery once perspiration gets on it.
  8. eagle

    2017 Fed Cup thread

    Yes, they will be showing Fed Cup Finals on TC. WTA matches for some reason are not shown on TC.
  9. eagle

    2017 Fed Cup thread

    Yup. WTA matches only on beIN channel. I didn't even know this until I came across some matches a couple of months ago. Nice to watch/record matches live separate from Tennis Channel. I'm hoping they decide to hold Fed Cup 2018 back here on the islands.
  10. eagle

    Omitting top and/or bottom cross

    I now play with the Prince Tour 98 ESP which is a 16x16 open string pattern. I think simply not stringing a few mains or crosses on a denser pattern racquet to make it 16 x 16 won't make it play anything like the 98 ESP. The space between the strings on the denser pattern don't...
  11. eagle

    Tennis bag fence hooks

    I use a carabiner.
  12. eagle

    DIY diamond coating of worn-out clamps

    The jungle store has them. Different grit available from two vendors. Search for Grit Diamond Powder
  13. eagle

    Recommended Alternative to Tourna?

    Thanks amoeba. Please keep us posted on your Aqua zorb experience.
  14. eagle

    Recommended Alternative to Tourna?

    Pros pro claims to have something like Tourna Grip. Might be worth a try.
  15. eagle

    Check the tension of stringer

    Here's an example of a setup using a Gamma calibrator on a Neos 1000.
  16. eagle

    Proportional Stringing

    I am intrigued by the PS concept. Will likely try it on both the Neos and the Stringway/Laserfibre machines to see which one provides a better feel and on-court results for me personally. I agree with some that perhaps a membership/subscription to Sergetti may be a more feasible...
  17. eagle

    Laserfibre Quantum TT - Tension Bar Scale Units

    I am guessing the scales correspond to the points where you position the weight on the bar depending on how many weight blocks are on the bar. See post here on my Laserfibre: You may have to zoom in your browser to see the image on the...
  18. eagle

    Prince ESP owners - former or current

    Just switched to the Tour 98 ESP racquet recently. And that is after playing with the Prince Tour Diablo Mid 93 for close to 20 years. Didn't want to make the switch ... still love the Diablo Mid.. but I just cannot keep up with it anymore. With advancing age comes the dreaded aches and...
  19. eagle

    Prince design

    Thanks am1899. I've always used 16g. I thought I'd try the 18 gauge with my old school racquets in the hopes of relieving TE and shoulder pains. The thinner strings coupled with different permutations of lower tension helped some but not enough. Ended up just replacing the old racquet with...
  20. eagle

    Prince design

    Thanks am1899. Appreciate the info on the 98 ESP port construction being different from the other EXO3s. That's reassurance enough for me not to install the tubing until I see evidence that it needs it. Regarding mounting the racquet on a stringer, I have a LaserFibre/Stringway and a...
  21. eagle

    Prince design

    Is this a problem with all EXO3 racquets? Just got two new Prince Tour 98 ESPs and wondering if I need to install tubing. That's going to be a major pain since strings tend to break in about 8 hrs of use. And if I install tubing, I take it I do it on the ports for both mains and...
  22. eagle

    Inquiry about purchases from UK to USA

    I have purchased a number of items from them. Nothing like a stringing machine but never had a problem. Topnotch service. Delivery through Royal post.
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    2017 Fed Cup thread

    It started out with the opera singer singing the German anthem. A few minutes later, the German players and their contingent started singing out loud. We thought they were just adding or enhancing the performance. Only after a public announcement after the match did we and everyone realize...
  24. eagle

    Oakley sunglasses - lens color

    I have a pair of sunglasses with brown lenses for daytime use. Another pair with yellow lenses for twilight/dusk. Here's a link that provides a description of lens colors and their application:
  25. eagle

    Do we need to use two clamp for crosses as in this video?

    This is what I use to secure the tie offs and evening the tension of the outside/last main string with the adjacent strings.
  26. eagle

    Camcorder with LiveView on iPhone

    Never mind. I found a few at the jungle store. :-)
  27. eagle

    Camcorder with LiveView on iPhone

    I did a search on the board on camcorders but didn't find any listing camcorders that have wide angle lenses AND have live view on a mobile device like an iPhone. Reason for the live view is so that I can see what is being seen by the camcorder when I have mounted on top of the tennis court...
  28. eagle

    Bought a neos 1500, have 2 questions

    You may want to look at Irvin's video here. 4:34 mark and 9:20 mark
  29. eagle

    When doing the crosses with flying clamps, do you clamp from the bottom of the strings or the top?

    Here's a quick photo of clamps on top of the strings.
  30. eagle

    Cover for Neos 1000?

    I opted to just use a heavy duty 45 gallon contractor trash bag. It covers it just fine. :)