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    Luxilon question

    Has anyone tried 4G on the mains with alu power rough crosses? If so how did that play? What tension was used? Thanks
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    Recommendation for some syn gut

    Tried to search, but couldn't find exactly what i was looking for. Long story short, getting back into tennis used 90/95 wilson pro staffs my whole life, now got the new 97RFs. Strung it with Alu Power Rough mains and NXT power crosses, played for about 50 minutes and NXTs were completely...
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    Stop comparing generations

    There are so many countless useless threads posted about comparing Fed to Pete and the rest of them. Playing competitive junior tennis in the Sampras/Agassi it is so hard to compare the generations. It is like comparing fashion. Having said lets compare not just Pete and Fed but the rest...
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    2 years in a row....

    is it just me or... nadal has been getting the best possible draw he can get at wimbledon while fed has been getting the toughest draws. last year fed had to beat quality players starting from day 1, and nadal had the easiest draw possible, and the same thing hapenned this year.
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    new doubles rules

    what's with the new doubles rules, no ad scoring no 3rd set, this is the dumbest thing i've heard atp do imo. any comments
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    roddick and nadal

    I personally think that roddick will dominate nadal on hard courts. Does anyone else agree with me, he has too much power on his serve and off the ground on his forehand to steal time away from nadal. With nadals huge swings on his forehand and extreme grips he just wouldnt have the time to...
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    fed is slipping

    its funny how everytime fed looses a match which was 3 times this year everyone said he was slipping, and when he wins a grand slam everyone say he;s unbeatable. so which one is he pick one
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    i wanna see fed play nadal on grass in halle, it would be interesting how fed is gonna attack that match
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    hamburg interviews

    does anyone know where i can find inteviews from hamburg, i cant see to find them on the hamburgs web site
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    who is the best player not to win a grand slam

    who do you guys think is the best player not to win a grand slam yet, and or big tournaments such as masters series. I think Henman could've easily won at least 1 grand slam and more than just 1 masters series event
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    Gasguet Nadal SPOILER

    RG is up a set and 2-1 in the 2nd
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    does anybody have

    Does anybody have Sampras Federer from 2001 wimbledon full match good quaility. Willing to pay
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    How do you prestretch? and what exactly does that give you