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  1. westside

    Australian Football League - Finals

    Where are my fellow Aussie's on here? Best time of the year is about to get underway tonight. Tried to get a thread happening last year as well, didn't take off so well :lol: But I'm gonna try again :twisted: Who are you tipping? Who are you supporting? Friday September 7th: Hawthorn v...
  2. westside

    Australian Rules Football - Grand Final

    Hoping to get a few of the Aussie's on here to discuss the AFL Final this year. Collingwood v Geelong Who are we tipping?
  3. westside

    Memphis QF: Roddick vs Hewitt

    Looking forward to this. I'm tipping Roddick in 2, but hoping for a good match like the last time they played in Memphis
  4. westside

    Your Most Memorable Sport Moment

    And I'm not just talking tennis. I would like to hear what your most memorable sport moment is that you witnessed. Whether it be your team winning the Superbowl or World Series, your favorite boxer winning the championship belt or even your favorite tennis player winning a slam. Me personally...
  5. westside

    2011 Hopman Cup

    With the Hopman Cup starting in 4 hours, i was surprised when I didn't see a thread on this already Today's match up includes Australia vs Belgium Here's the Team List for those curious: Serbia - Ana Ivanovic & Novak Djokovic Great Britain - Laura Robson & Andy Murray Italy - Francesca...
  6. westside

    John Mcenroe cameo in new Lonely Island video

    I'm sure a lot of people on here have heard of the SNL formed group; The Lonely Island. Makers of the songs "**** in my pants" and "I'm on a boat" Well they just released a new song titled "I just had sex" Good for a laugh, but skip to 0:43 to see a small John Mcenroe cameo :) Enjoy...
  7. westside

    Strings for EXO3 Black?

    Hey team, A good mate of mine is heading to a local tennis shop to purchase a Prince EXO3 Black. The guy at the shop says he will string it with whatever strings my mate wants. So I was hoping that anyone using this racquet will be able to suggest any strings for him? If it helps, he...
  8. westside

    2018 & 2022 World Cup Hosts

    The 2018 Would Cup will be hosted in Russia The 2022 World Cup will be hosted in...Qatar What do we all think of this?
  9. westside

    After just under 4 years with my Pure Drive...

    I feel as though I need a change. The reason I enjoyed it so much prior to now is because the PD would generate power FOR me. After playing tennis more seriously this past year, I feel I have gotten a lot better and as a result I can generate power through my strokes (I hope that makes sense :)...
  10. westside

    Aussie Rules Football - Finals Thread

    With the the biggest sporting event in Australia just 3 weeks away, i thought it would be interesting to get all the Aussies on this board together to discuss the finals and who they think will reach/win the Grand Final. For me, i don't care who Collingwood play in the Final...just as long as...
  11. westside

    UFC 116 - Lesnar v Carwin

    Anybody else order this? Absolute amazing card. Sotiropoulos vs Pelligrino, Bonnar v Soszynski, Akiyama v Leben and of course Lesnar v Carwin All great fights
  12. westside

    Halle Final: Federer v Hewitt

    Looking forward to this one. I'm tipping Federer in 3
  13. westside

    Looking to change from Pure Drive

    Have been playing with a Pure Drive standard w/cortex since mid 2007 (was 15 turning 16 at the time) and i'm starting to look for something else with greater feel. I don't really know where to go from here so i am looking for suggestions from anyone who has changed from using a Pure Drive to...
  14. westside

    New Years Resolutions

    With 2010 just under 5 hours in Australia, i thought this would an appropriate time for everyone to share their new years resolutions :D My new years resolution is to improve my fitness and get healthier. Simple, but effective :) I'll see you all in 2010, have a good hard!
  15. westside

    I'm actually a little concerned

    With the Australian open coming up in 2 months, i'm starting to get a little concerned with how the players are going to cope with the Australian Summer. In Melbourne at the moment, we are half way into the last month on Spring, and already we have had many day's with temperatures reaching...
  16. westside

    Best Driving Song?

    Was watching an old top gear episode the other day where the hosts were discussing what they thought were great driving songs. It got me thinking as to what i believe are great driving songs, and i'm just curious to see what people on TTW think :) For me, my favourite driving song is...
  17. westside

    Hewitt injury scare

    Lleyton Hewitt overcame a brief injury scare on Saturday, two days before his opening match at Wimbledon. Hewitt lost his footing during practice with French Open runner-up Robin Soderling and remained on all fours at the baseline for some time, even prompting a concerned wince from his...
  18. westside

    1999 Wimbleon Doubles - Hewitt/Federer

    Just an interesting video i found with a very young Lleyton Hewitt playing doubles with Roger Federer They're playing against Rafter/Bjorkman Enjoy :)
  19. westside

    Australian Open 2009 Playoff

    The wildcard playoff matches start tomorrow, but does anyone know what time? Also, do the allow people into melbourne park to watch them? Probs a stupid question but i wasn't too sure
  20. westside

    What bands do you like?

    G'day all I'm trying to find some new bands to listen to... So i would like to hear the bands you like and recommend At the moment i listen to; Linkin Park Muse Foo Fighters Fightstar Jimmy Eat World Breaking Benjamin
  21. westside

    "Hewitt faces career crisis" Kinda shattering really. It's not till now that i realise he might not be a contender for any tournament anymore.
  22. westside

    Which Man will win in Miami?

    The Draw is up; Possible 3rd round match Between Hewitt and Fed :)
  23. westside

    Speaking of Indian Wells

    Who else remembers this? :)
  24. westside

    Moya v Koubek

    Any one else watching this match? Very good quality match so far. 7-6 6-7 5-5
  25. westside

    AO Schedule Day 2 Awesome line up.
  26. westside

    AO Schedule of play day 1
  27. westside

    Looking for a Clay Court shoe

    As the title says. If anyone could recommend a good clay court shoe i would appreciate it Thanks
  28. westside

    For the australian's here

    Who else here is annoyed that Hewitt is the first on court today and channel 9 will not show it till 11:15 due to the footy show which always runs over time anyway. I know there is nothing they can do about it...but still. Oh and i didn't know where to put this thread. So sorry if it's in...
  29. westside

    Hewitt - Monfils

    Hewitt won the opening game 1-0 on serve
  30. westside

    Head Flexpoint Instinct users.

    Hey guys, Just a question to the people with a Flexpoint instinct, how do you guys find the racquet? Because a few months ago i had a hit with one of them from a person at my club and i seemed to play really well with it. So i would like to get peoples opinion on it. Much...