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  1. eagle

    Camcorder with LiveView on iPhone

    I did a search on the board on camcorders but didn't find any listing camcorders that have wide angle lenses AND have live view on a mobile device like an iPhone. Reason for the live view is so that I can see what is being seen by the camcorder when I have mounted on top of the tennis court...
  2. eagle

    Cover for Neos 1000?

    Any sources for a Neos 1000 cover? If not, I may just get a portable grill cover from the local hardware store. Thanks.
  3. eagle

    Do shoe stretchers work on tennis shoes?

    In reviewing user feedback on shoes, there seems to be a common complaint about shoes are becoming narrower than previous versions. I'm not sure if there is trend there or not but ... if one's favorite model shoes are updated but are now narrower than the previous version, can one use shoe...
  4. eagle

    Where to buy Pro Tourney Towels?

    My wife was able to get the Singapore WTA Finals towels last year. She now would like to buy a few more tourney towels depending on how they look. We noticed though that they are not on the tourney websites. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  5. eagle

    Source for Prince Neos parts?

    I need to get a new gripper or perhaps the whole tensioner assembly. Is the only source for Prince Neos parts? I haven't been able to get a response from them via email. Would appreciate any other suggestions.
  6. eagle

    Prince Classic Response 97 or Volkl PB10 Mid compared to Prince Tour Diablo Mid?

    I'm a devoted Prince Tour Diablo Mid user and have been using it for at least 10 years. It has been discontinued and my only option would be to buy them used. I've tried playing with newer, lighter, and even bigger head racquets (various brands) to help me transition out of my old racquets but...
  7. eagle

    Fed Cup USA vs. Poland to be held in Hawaii

    The USTA announced last Tuesday that Holua Resort here on the Big Island of Hawaii will host the BNP Paribas Fed Cup World Group II First Round matches between the United States and Poland on February 6-7, 2016. This is the first time our state has been selected as the site for the largest...
  8. eagle

    Hawaii Doubles Tourney in July

    Charity tourney on July 18-19, Saturday and Sunday on the Big Island of Hawaii. This is their 9th year of raising scholarships for eligible students.
  9. eagle

    Replacing handle for a different size

    Replacing handle with a different size I bought a used Prince Tour Diablo Mid online. The racquet however came with 4 5/8 grip vs. 4 1/2 as advertised. Seller was nice and apologized for the mistake. He offered to refund me the cost upon return of the racquet. I'm just wondering...
  10. eagle

    Good cover for Tennis Tutor machine

    I was looking into getting the Sports Tutor cover but it's too short for the Tower. While searching for other options I came across a fire pit cover at a local hardware store. It is made by Fire Sense. Model 60370 Great fit for the Tower. It normally sells for $25 but was on sale for only...
  11. eagle

    Thread on a charity tourney not okay?

    Aloha, I posted a fundraising charity event tourney on the island a few days ago and can no longer find it. Is that kind of post prohibited? I checked the TT rules but didn't find anything specific to this. I just want to know for future reference. Mahalo.
  12. eagle

    22 days to deliver to Hawaii?

    Aloha, I wanted to place an order for a Babolat replacement grip and a Head Tour leather grip. Both are listed as in stock. I was ready to click the Place the Order button when I noticed that the estimated delivery date is 22 days from today (6/25/13). Is that correct? Would...
  13. eagle

    Hawaii Tennis: GLI Tennis Series Tourney No. 6

    Aloha, If you are going to be on the Big Island the weekend of Nov 10-11, we'd love for you to participate in our tournament. Format is Men's & Women's Singles. More info below. Mahalo, eagle Tennis in Hawaii...
  14. eagle

    Hawaii Tennis: GLI Tennis Series Tourney No. 5

    Aloha, If you are going to be on the Big Island the weekend of Sep 8-9, we'd love for you to participate in our tournament. Format is Men's & Women's Singles. More info below. Mahalo, eagle Tennis in Hawaii: Gonna Love It...
  15. eagle

    Hawaii Tennis: GLI Tennis Series Tourney 4

    Aloha, If are going to be on the Big Island this weekend, Jul 14 & 15, we'd love for you to come down and check out this fun fundraising event. Sorry, I should have posted this weeks ago. At any rate this is perennially the biggest tourney on the island. Proceeds will support...
  16. eagle

    Anyone have problems with TDM upgrade?

    Hi, Followed the instructions at Installed .Net Basic Framework and 3.5 Framework on XP machine. TDM installed fine but cannot get the upgrade to work. An error comes up saying something about missing a file...
  17. eagle

    Mispronunciations of Player's names

    A couple of tennis commentators are atrocious in pronouncing names. Cliff Drysdale and Chris Fowler phonetically pronounce Nadal's first name as "Raffy-el" vs. "Rafa-el". Most commentators pronounce Aggie Radswanska's last name the way it is spelled but there is a vid by the Rad sisters...
  18. eagle

    Hawaii Tennis: 2012 GLI Tennis Series Tourney 3

    Aloha, If are going to be on the Big Island on May 5 & 6, we'd love for you to participate in this fun fundraising event. Proceeds of the event will help build a new church for St. Michael’s on Alii Drive which was damaged beyond repair and had to be torn down from the big quake of 2006...
  19. eagle

    Anyone here use signals?

    Aloha, I'm thinking about learning and employing hand signals in playing dubs of course. Do any of you use signals and how often during matches? ... whether it be practice or league play. Here's a link to a website with images of signals...
  20. eagle

    Hawaii Tennis: GLI Tennis Series - Tourney 2

    Aloha, If any of you happen to be on the Big Island on Mar 24-25, we'd love for you to participate in this fun tourney. More info below. Mahalo, eagle Tennis in Hawaii: Gonna Love It Tennis Series...
  21. eagle

    Prince Tour Diablo Mid question

    Quick question please ... I remember the old ones having a shiny finish on the throat area .... grip area to the hoop. I notice that it now has a flat finish. Is this the case for all new Diablo mids? Thanks, eagle
  22. eagle

    Tennis in Hawaii - GLI Tennis Singles Tourney #2

    Aloha, If you are going to be on the Big Island of Hawaii the weeked on Sep 10-11 .... We'd like to invite to you play in our GLI Tennis Singles Tourney #2. Details at Mahalo, eagle
  23. eagle

    5th Annual GLI Tennis FilAm Friendship Tennis Tournament

    Aloha, Happy to report that we raised a little over $6,000 towards scholarship funds for local students. This is our 5th year and the biggest one yet with competitors from all the over the island, Oahu, and the mainland. We hope some of you can make it next year. Check out tourney...
  24. eagle

    Asian in Player's box

    Hi ya folks. Just an observation. For a long time, you'd always see a middle aged asian lady and also what appears to be a mid 20's/30's asian guy in Fed's box. Then at the Aussie Final this year, the asian guy was in Djoker's box. Are they supposed to be tourney officials of sorts...
  25. eagle

    Looks like TW is no longer selling Prince Tour Diablos

    Neither the racquet nor the review are online anymore. Hmmm... should I take that as Prince finally stopping production of the racquet? Perhaps I should snatch up a couple more of these wherever I can find them. r, eagle
  26. eagle

    When you are at Indian Wells ...

    Hi TW, Would it be possible for you to ask the pros the following (at least the ones that will be doing the signings at your booth): - what they like about their racquet - what they like about their strings I realize that they are obligated to use the gear who sponsor them, but I'm...
  27. eagle

    Question for TWU professor(s)

    There is an article at that addressed a question about use of racquets in the bitter cold: ----------------- I live in the Northeast where winter indoor court time is ridiculously expensive. So my tennis buddies and I found a nearby high school court where they keep the nets up...
  28. eagle

    Distance from baseline during serve

    Was watching ATP Dubail Youzhny/Tipsarevic match online. I noticed that Youzhny positions himself about a foot away from the line, then moves forward when he extends to hit the ball. Knowing he moves forward when he serves, he gives himself space from the baseline so he doesn't foot fault...
  29. eagle

    Grip size and its effect on racquet weight, balance, & swingweight

    I realize that there are variances on racquets which have been evidenced by a number of members here including me buying identical racquets. Just wondering though ... if the general weight spec for a racquet says 12.2 oz, would the weight spec, swingweight, and head balance change that much...
  30. eagle

    If you were to replace your racquets, what would it be?

    I've been very very happy with my Prince Tour Diablo Mids, but if I were to replace them I'd probably go with the Volkl Power Bridge 10. It has similar specs to the Diablo Mid but flexier at 59 vs. 66. How about you guys? Thanks. r, eagle