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  1. jered

    Great match on strong 3.5 vs. low 4.0

    They both have strong winning records in a well known, very strong region. Don’t know what you want. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  2. jered

    Great match on strong 3.5 vs. low 4.0

    People are claiming they have bad strokes for 3.5 and they wouldn’t win in their region. I call bull****. Their strokes probably represent a good 1/3 minimum of how 3.5 plays... and they win more than most.
  3. jered

    Great match on strong 3.5 vs. low 4.0

    All the people saying they have much prettier strokes at a 3.5 - low 4.0 level, prove it. Post match play of yourself.
  4. jered

    2019 USTA Nationals Review for Men's 40s 4.5+

    Thanks for the write-up @Jack the Hack! I work with one of your teammates and it’s amazing how far you all got. He said it was a tough loss at the end but was such a great experience just to make it that far. Way to represent the PNW and PTC!
  5. jered

    Drilled in face during team practice match.

    Focusing on what you want your opponent to do or what they “should” do is foolish. They owe you nothing and can do whatever they want. Barring intentional headhunting, it’s all fair game. Focus on yourself. I personally thrive off shutting down “obvious winner” situations. The WTF looks are...
  6. jered

    Strategy help against retriever/slicer

    Yes and that works if I’m able to keep it very low. I should probably go for that more often mixed with heavy, deep topspin. move him more vertically instead of laterally.
  7. jered

    Strategy help against retriever/slicer

    I tend to aim side to side so I'll try keeping it up the middle next time and see if it works. I'm totally happy playing him, no worries on that part. I'm not even mad at losing. Just wanting to maximize my strategy and growth even with my inferior skillset. Always trying to improve. Thanks for...
  8. jered

    Strategy help against retriever/slicer

    Yeah, I do try that and it works some. He adjusts well though and is often able to pass. I have to work a little more on my volley game to make this tactic a winner.
  9. jered

    Strategy help against retriever/slicer

    He has better shot-making 9/10 times. I see what you're saying about making the game chaotic for him. I do try that. I think part of it is that he's maybe just a little too much better than I am.
  10. jered

    Strategy help against retriever/slicer

    Thanks for the reply. I'm all-court in the sense that my game is roughly the same everywhere and I have the same level of comfort playing baseline, net, etc. and I move wherever I think gives me an advantage. Not in the sense that I'm a fantastic player. I have big serves for my level and my...
  11. jered

    Afraid to take group lessons

    They're doing the right thing. His future as a champion ball machine hitter is assured. ;)
  12. jered

    Strategy help against retriever/slicer

    TLDR: What's a good strategy against a fast retriever with very accurate shots who uses hard angled slices off both wings to pull you in and then pass you. Very good at threading the needle DTL or going low percentage angle when you're at net. Details: I play this guy about once a week who is...
  13. jered

    My New tennis racket (RF97A black)

    I don’t really use gut setups so maybe someone else can answer but I know a slick cross helps a lot.
  14. jered

    My New tennis racket (RF97A black)

    You have to accept that this racquet eats strings. Poly and multis especially seem to get chewed up. I restring each racquet every 10 or so hours now which is fine because: a) I play best with a fresh string bed, b) I string my own. Playing with Grapplesnake Alpha right now which is a...
  15. jered

    Why not play at the service line on second serves?

    My serve is well beyond my level so I get a lot of opponents that start halfway to the service line and finish the match near the back curtain. I’ve noticed some people are really stubborn though and won’t move back. Those become easy service games for me. Just serve it right into their gut...
  16. jered

    Full Poly string jobs?

    I love fb poly for the amazing control. I can take big cuts and keep them in. Hybrids are nice too but the latest gen Co-polys are pretty amazing and recently made the switch back from Kevlar/ZX. I don’t care about durability. I’ve found I love the feel of a fresh string job and play best with...
  17. jered

    Poly recommendation for RF97

    I really like Grapplesnake Alpha @53lbs. Good control and spin potential. A little bit of power, great ball pocketing. Very arm friendly.
  18. jered

    Mixed-doubles etiquette

    Not in my experience. 3.5 woman with a 2.5 man is the strongest because of the more balanced skill. Tends to win the most often in the leagues I’ve been in.
  19. jered

    Mixed-doubles etiquette

    3.5 man with a 2.5 woman is the weakest lineup. Scare her once or twice to start. After that she’ll duck or turn away whenever she sees you winding up and you don’t even have to hit it hard anymore. Easy win. To be clear, I’m not advocating pegging her in the chest, so if you have no control...
  20. jered

    Introducing Grapplesnake USA!!!

    Been trying Alpha in a full bed on an RF97A @53lbs. I was very surprised from the first hit how comfortable it was and how well the ball pockets. Really good control and spin potential. Allows you to swing out confidently. Soft but not too powerful. I'm about 6 hours in and it still feels really...
  21. jered

    Tennis Bag Setup - What do you have in your bag? How many frames do you run?

    2 RF97As either same string/tension offset from when last strung or with different strings if experimenting. 1 Blade 104 2015 (previous racquet and also for bad shanking days) 1 pair shoes Charcoal deodorizer bags Extra over grips - Wilso Pro or Pro Sensation Various braces (knees, wrist...
  22. jered

    There is no better racquet then the Wilson RF 97a, won't you agree?

    It’s great for me, but everyone is different so “the best” is subjective. Definitely one of the best current racquets and I’ve demoed quite a number of them. I think the number of people its “best” for is a lot lower than its sales suggest.
  23. jered

    Introducing Grapplesnake USA!!!

    I just ordered Alpha. I use an RF97A which is fairly string sensitive so I’m really curious on how well this will play.
  24. jered

    Does Tecnifibre Multifeel feel like a multi or a solid-core syn gut?

    I’ve used this string a lot. It’s definitely a multi. It does have better spin and control characteristics than your average multi but it is nowhere near a poly. Really do like this string though.
  25. jered


    Semi-western and use Kevlar/ZX hybrid. I have no issues swinging this racquet for 2-3 hours but I’m fairly athletic and have a good feel for the kinetic chain from playing other sports. In other words, I let the racquet, legs and core do all the work so I’m mostly using my arm to aim and guide...
  26. jered

    How to beat yourself

    Stay away from his backhand and give no pace sitters to the forehand. Enjoy the errors.
  27. jered

    Wilson RF97A String Tension Hybrid Suggestion

    I've been using Ashaway Crossfire Kevlar at 67lbs in the mains crossed with Ashaway Monogut Zyex at 57lbs. It's an amazing setup. More control than gut, great spin, great comfort, and much cheaper than champions choice. See this thread...
  28. jered

    Calling 'let' prematurely, and calling 'let' if a ball rolls on opponents side of court

    According to the Player's Code, anything under your control including a hat falling off or an unintentional ball out of pocket can, at most, be called a let by the opposing player if it caused a hindrance. Points are not awarded ever for unintentional acts. The opposing player must call that...
  29. jered

    Walking onto a booked court - what is the correct 'etiquette'?

    Our club has a posted policy where you cannot enter the courts until your actual court time. You have to stay in the lobby until then. On the flip side, when your time is up, your time is up. No finishing games. Because of this, I've never seen any issues occur over court time.