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    Drilled in face during team practice match.

    Last week we practiced at night against one of our 6.5 combo teams. -The 3.0 player I played against who was new on the team was one of those guys that lobbed 30% of the time and hugged the net (3-4 away) when he could. -He or his partner hit a short, easy sitter to me inside the service line. I...
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    Cramping problem in hot humid weather

    I play singles and doubles in the North Carolina senior games finals each year in September. The last 2 years the temp has been in the 90's with high humidity. The matches are played on Har Tru courts. The singles matches start at 12 noon & the doubles 2:30-3:45. Last year my singles match...
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    need timer for tennis lights

    Our club's tennis lights have 60 minute wind up timers to turn on the lights. When you want to turn the lights on you wind the timer to say 60 minutes & then the lights will come on & be bright enough in around 5 minutes. If you want to play more than 60 minutes you have rewind the timer before...
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    String for Babolat Y 112 LTD

    I'm looking for a string recommendation for a Babolat Y 112 LTD (will buy from Tennis Warehouse). I currently play with a 3 POGs OS strung around 60-62 pounds: Wilson TXT 16 - feels pretty good Wilson sensation 16 feels pretty good Prince Syn gut least favorite I'm around a 4.0+ base...
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    Babolat Pure Drive 110 discontiued?

    I tried a Babolat Pure Drive 110 (with cortex?) last night for around 5 minutes. It seemed to hit very well. I play with a POG OS & the Pure Drive seemed to be more manuverable and have a bit more pop. TW doesn't list the Pure Drive 110 any more. Did Babolat replace it with something similar...
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    Anyone use an Avery OS?

    Any comments on how this stick plays? I use a POG OS. The Avery looks similar but more head light and more flexible. Anyone?
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    WTB: POG OS 4 3/8 NEW graphics

    Looking for a POG OS 4 3/8 NEW graphics in VG condition. I will re-string it so I don't care about the string selection or condition. I will pay via paypal and have VG references on EE Bay and here. Please contact me via email.
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    Anyone compare POG OS to Fisher Pro one?

    Anyone play with both of these sticks? If so how would you compare groundstrokes? I think the POG OS is great as long as whoever you're playing with hits with pace. I have some problems when my opponenet starts dinking and pushing back late in the match. I was wondering if the Fisher one was...
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    For sale two TT Warrior OS racquets $80

    For sale two TT Warrior OS racquets #1 is in overall 8.5 shape considering frame and strings -Frame is 9.5 ... no scratches at all on frame some scratches on the head guard - strung with Prince Power glide 16 string (not sure how old strings are) string still plays well -4 3/8 grip with...
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    Great string for POG OS

    I've been playing with a POG OS for 4 years or so (around a 4.5 level). I was having it strung at around 60# with Prince syn gut. I switched to Gosen micro sheep syn gut at 58-60 around a year ago. A month ago I had Prince Powerglide 16G put in at 54#. So far this plays great. When returning...
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    Prince Powerglide 16 question

    I just bought Prince Warriror OS which was pre-strung with Prince powerglide 16. I hit with it once and loved the way it played (my regular reacquet is a POG OS). I'm not sure if the local stringers in the area carry the powerglide. What other strings would play like powerglide (in case I...
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    Great purchase from Mary Fierce

    Very good description of racquet. Very prompt shipping. Would deffinitly buy again from mary (
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    Warrior OS stringing options

    I just bought a Warrior OS. I currently play with a POG OS strung at 60# with 17g gossen micro sheep (plays like prince syn gut with duraflex). I'm around a 4.0 mostly base player. Any suggestion sfor what string plays well in a warrior os?
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    Wanted Prince Warrior OS 4 3/8

    Wanted Prince Warrior OS 4 3/8 in at least 8.5 - 10 condition. I have vg references and can pay via paypal.
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    Any 4.0 4.5 players using Wilson hammer sticks?

    I'm a 4.0 - 4.5 (on a good day) 57 year old baseliner who likes to come to the net. I've been using a POG OS which gets a little heavy at times. I demoed a Slaz X1 but the grip was a bit big and I didn't see any advantage over the POG (maybe the serve). I also demoed a liqid metal radical MP...
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    question about fischer pro 1 2003 & 2004 models

    I found a 2003 fischer pro one for sale. the seller claims that this racquet is the same as the 2004 model except it has a slightly different paint job. The paint job has a 2-3 inch white band between the red top and the black bottom. It's supposed to weigh 11.5 ounces unstrung. Is the 2003...
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    For Sale Prince NXG OS 4 3/8 in VG shape $65

    For Sale Prince NXG OS 4 3/8 in VG shape $65 including insured shipping in the US Racquet is strung with Gosen micro 17g at 58 lbs (around 7-8 sets on strings). Frame is in a very solid 8.5+ shape (no dings on frame, a couple of small paint chips, some scuffs on the racquet guard. I can...
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    For Sale Prince NXG OS 4 3/8 in VG shape $65

    For Sale Prince NXG OS 4 3/8 in VG shape $65 including insured shipping in the US Racquet is strung with Gosen micro 17g at 58 lbs (around 7-8 sets on strings). Frame is in a very solid 8.5+ shape (no dings on frame, a couple of small paint chips, some scuffs on the racquet guard. I can...
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    Great purchase from Albert Hicks

    I just bought a racquet from Albert: -He sent several jpg's of the racquet -He shipped right away -He sent me the tracking number -The racquet was in great shape
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    Which POG OS is this one?

    I'm trying to identify which version of the POG OS I have. If you hold the racquet in front of your face so you can see through the strings: -on the right side of the frame where the handle meets the bottom of the string bed is gold "Prince" lettering (big letters). -on the left side of the...
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    Andrew ( is a very good buyer

    Andrew paid promptly and notified me when he received his stick. A very good buyer!!
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    Smooth Transaction With Sung Hwang (

    Sung is a great seller: Prompt shipment Good notification of tracking number. Racquet in very good shape (as described) I would deffinitely buy from him again.
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    breaks between odd games and sets

    I'm playing on a USTA team league and would like to know: What is the rule for the amount of time you can take between "odd games" (1-2, 2-3, etc.) How much time can you take between sets if the set ends on an even number of games (ex. 6-4). How much time can you take between sets if...
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    Great seller "Bounce-Hit" Mike Louie mjlnyc

    Would like to report a very good transaction with use "bounce-hit" who I think is Mike Louie. I payed on Sunday He shipped on Monday I recieved on Wednesday. The POG was in the described condition Bounce-hit's da man!!!
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    Question about POG OS

    Anyone have a POG OS for sale with NEW graphics prefer 4 3/8 grip but will take 4 1/2? I posted this on the wanted section a couple of times but not much feedback. I have vg feedback as a buyer & seller on the old board. Looking for one in at least 8.5 shape...
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    Dave Langford great buyer

    I just sold a racquet to Dave. He told me he wanted the stick and when I agreed he payed via paypal in immediately. Dave was a very good buyer. Bob A.
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    Knee "sleeve" or lightwate brace

    I get minor tendonitis in both my knees from time to time. I found that if I wear neoprene braces that my legs warm up well and my knees usually don't hurt. These braces are nothing fancy, just one piece with a hole cut out by the knee cap. I would like to try something lighter weight than...
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    You should put a link to TW on the foum page

    Sysop, You should put links to the main tw site on the forum page, especially the racquet page.