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    HEAD Graphene XT Prestige REV Pro grommets

    Will you guys be getting these in stock anytime soon?? And, they'll fit the Graphene Prestige REV Pro, correct?? Thx
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    HEAD Butt caps

    When will u guys be getting more Head butt caps, I need some 4 1/2s. Site says there is only 1 in stock, and its the black one. Will u be getting any more of the IG Butt caps?? thx
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    Deiton Baughman

    I think its time a thread was made for him here. He's not a jr anymore, so we can discuss him, plus, as far as I know, his dad doesnt post here anymore, not sure if he's back lurking or not. Anyway, DB is up to 411 in the rankings now. He just lost in the last rd of qualies in Aptos. He did...
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    Anybody else hear about the 14 yr old Canadian kid winning Challenger matches??

    His name is Felix Auger Aliassime. Just beat a 20-21 yr old Australian in the 1st rd after coming thru qualies. This is his 2nd Challenger where he's won 3 matches in qualies. The first time he had to pull out before his MD match. I checked his jr record but I didnt see his name at the jr...
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    HEAD Graphene Prestige Rev Pro demo

    When will the demo for the Prestige Rev Pro be available?? Thx
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    2 Head Pro Tour 280s FS

    I have 2 Head Pro Tour 280s for sale. Chinese Made. Both 4 1/2 grip size. I'd say they're about 7-7.5/10 condition. Asking $90 plus shipping for each racket. Shipping Priority Mail with delivery confirmation should be about $5-6. Upgraded to the FXP Mids, then now to the Ytk IG...
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    HEAD MonsterCombi CCT lining torn

    What should I do?? Should I just cut it out, or is there a way to repair it so it doesnt tear any further. It's this one It has 2 CCT compartments, but I use the other compartment for rackets, so the CCT serves no purpose really, but it's annoying. Would it affect the life of the...
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    TennisChannel's news ticker

    The TennisChannel needs a new proof reader for their ticker. I've seen numerous mistakes, misspelled words, etc, but today, they said the US beat China in Dusseldorf, then it said Harrison beat Tatsuma Ito & Roddick lost to Soeda. How hard is it to look up results on the internet??
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    Tennis Channel 30 love matches

    Is there a published list somewhere of the matches that were selected as the top 30 matches of the year. I'd like to know when to tune in but I haven't been able to find anything on TTC website, and the schedule only lists the match #, not what match it is. Thanks in advance, and apologies if...
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    Great transaction with goldenyama

    Paid promptly. Would repeat.
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    Do HEAD pallets compress over time??

    I have a few HEAD rackets, 4 1/2 grip, and they've been feeling small lately. I demoed a 4 3/8 and it felt like the 4 3/8 demo grip was bigger than my 4 1/2s. Was it my imagination?? Or do the pallets compress, with use, over time. And, I just installed a new replacement grip, no difference.
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    WTB - HEAD Wet/dry bag & shoe bag

    If anyone has a HEAD wet/dry bag and/or a shoe bag, and is willing to sell, reply back. Preferably unused.
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    Who else has beaten Nadal 4 times in a row??

    Listening to the TTC commentators today, Robbie Koenig mentioned that, by winning, Djokovic became the 2nd person to have beaten Nadal 4 times in a row. I'm trying to figure out who the other person is, but not having any luck. Closest I found was Blake, who beat him 3 times in a row...
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    4.5/5.0 Tennis in Surprise, AZ

    If there are any advanced players in Surprise, AZ that wanna hit, let me know. I'll be here until Tues. Or, if anyone can tell me where I can get some hitting, that would be appreciated also. I'm rated 5.0 by the computer. Thanks.
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    F/S HEAD Pallet, HEAD Tour XL

    I have a brand new TK-76 Pallet and butt cap, 100% unused, no staple holes, size 4 1/2. $20 plus shipping. Also have a HEAD Tour XL, probably 8.5-9/10. Hardly used, more of an experimental racket than anything. Asking $75 + shipping for the Tour XL. I'm assuming nearly everyone knows what...
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    TW Indian Wells Store

    What inventory will you have at the IW location this year?? I need a reel of Gosen OG Micro 17g and a 30 pack of Gamma Supreme Overgrip. Will you guys have those in stock there?? What are the lines like?? What are your hours?? When is the best time to stop by to avoid the lines?? Thanks
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    Hawaii Challenger - DY vs Dimitrov

    These guys are scheduled to meet tmrw, 2nd rd, at the Hawaii Challenger. I think they've had chances to meet before but one, or both, of them didn't make it far enough for it to happen. Should be an interesting encounter of former jr #1s.
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    Tennis in ATL, Dec 4-7

    I'll be in ATL this wknd and would like to try to play while I'm there, preferably indoors because I'm expecting it to be chilly. I would also like to play on clay, I'm not sure if there are any indoor clay court facilities in ATL. I'm rated 5.0 in the computer. If anyone can point me in...
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    Nadal not playing till Day 3, disadvantage???

    I looked at tomorrow's schedule and couldnt find Nadal, so I assumed he's not playing till day 3, which the US Open likes to do. Considering his knees, does anyone else think he's at a disadvantage if he goes fairly deep in the draw, losing an extra day of rest??
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    '09 HEAD Radical SuperCombi

    TW, are the dimensions posted for this bag correct?? It says it holds about the same # of rackets as the Djokovic MonsterCombi and the Tour Team MonsterCombi. Also, the dimensions posted are smaller than the Radical Combi, which...
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    Nadal's movement, post injury

    I looked around for a similar thread, didnt find one. Does anyone else think that Nadal isnt moving like he used to. From watching his match today against Seppi, plus Montreal last week, it seems he's just a little slower, a little less explosive in his 1st step when he's covering the court...
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    Prince Tour Diablo MP F/S

    I have a Prince Tour Diablo MP for sale. I'd say it's in 7.5/10 condition. I'm asking $75 for it. If anyone's interested, reply back. Later
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    Clay Court tennis in Riverside, CA

    Riverside County just recently opened a new park, including a 10 court tennis center, including 1 Har-Tru clay court. I'm down in SoCal once or twice a month, I'm rated 5.0 according to the USTA computer, but I mostly play Opens. If anyone is interested, I'd like to get on the clay courts...
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    Gambill playing Challenger WC tourny

    I was looking at draws for up coming tournaments and saw JMG's name as the #1 seed for the Carson Challenger WC tourney. I would assume that he should be able to at least get a WC into qualies directly from either the USTA or the tournament, so I'm gonna say he's trying to get some matces in...
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    Eagnas Combo 900Le Clamp base slipping

    I have had the above machine for about two years now. When I first got it, I had no problems. After maybe 9 mos to a year, one of the base clamps started to not hold when I tried to lock it in place. I tried the adjustment procedure with the hex tool thru the opening of the base, but that didnt...
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    DY playing Futures Qualies WTF?????

    Just checked out the qualies draw for next week's USTA Futures and DY is in it, seeded #1. That's very odd for a couple of reasons. Now, I'm pretty sure he's doing it to get some matches under his belt, but, 1. Why wouldnt the USTA give him a MD WC?? I dont know if they had all already...
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    Burning DVDs

    I'm just getting into burning DVDs of tennis matches. The first one I finished, Fed-Nadal '06 Italian, came out ok, but I was a little disappointed in the picture quality. So, I figured, since my cable box has a S-Video output, I would use that to connect to the capture device I'm using, a...
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    Tomic got Def'd playing Futures

    Looks like Tomic might have a bit of a temper. He got def'd in the 2nd rd of the Futures in Australia.
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    Legg Mason Classic

    DY has a winable 1st rd match, he plays Luis Horna 1st rd. Isner plays Granollers, which is a winnable match for him. Levine plays Del Potro 1st rd, tough draw. Young and Isner should get to the 2nd rd. If DY and Isner both win, they'll play each other in the 2nd rd. That result will be...
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    Clay courts, Upland Tennis Club, SoCal

    I'll be down in the SoCal area this weekend, and future weekends. There is a clay court at Upland Tennis Club that's open to the public. If anyone wants to hit on Fridays or Saturdays, post here, or PM me, and hopefully we can set something up. I'm looking for players around 5.0 - Open. Matches...