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    Djokovic/Federer/Monfils return: Keys to anticipation

    What do you think the keys to anticipating big serves are? What do you guys think make people like djoks & fed so good at anticipating serves - or even Monfils who held Dr. Ivo aceless way back when. I find it difficult because some of the best servers work so hard on disguising their toss yet...
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    Backhand Tips

    Hey friends, Trying to improve my backhand - can you give me some tips? In the past my my arms were more bent on contact, so i've tried having more straight arms on contact. I think i've improved but its still not quite where it needs to be. Any tips, advice would be great. Thanks. (Also...
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    Yonex Ezone DR 98 + Lead tape + string suggestions

    Allo Allo! I'm looking for some suggestions on where to put lead to my Ezone Dr 98. Long story short, I love the feel of the DR but i feel it lacks a bit of bite due to its incredible flexy frame. I was okay with that as I've had a history of shoulder problems. With that being said I do want...
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    Yonex VCORE 330 vs 310 + Lead Tape

    Hey guys, Looking for advice - demoed both the Yonex frames and was very pleased with both of them. I did find the 330 slightly too heavy, and the 310 slightly too light. I could get slightly more racket speed with the 310 and naturally it was a bit more maneuverable on volleys etc. I have...
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    15 Months Post Op Labrum repair - Serve help

    Hey guys, So, I had surgery for a torn labrum about 15 months ago. I did all the rehab and stuff, and i have full strength and range of motion back. I'm back to playing full tennis and everything (took a long time to progress the serve). But I find when i really try to pop a serve, it...
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    Torn Labrum- getting surgery next week

    Hey TT, I'm getting surgery next tuesday for a torn labrum. I'm wondering what to do to best prepare for it, as well as a timeline of the recovery. Also, I know i'm supposed to be in a sling for 6 weeks. Does this mean I can't write? If so, i'l need to talk to the school about getting a...
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    Div 1 Eligibility- Year off- Surgery

    Hey everyone, Question for you guys. So, I was trying to figure out what the deal with div 1 eligiblity is. I want to take a year off in between high school and college because I'm getting surgery pretty soon. My birthday is in November, so i'd be able to play juniors till october of 2012. Am I...
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    Labrum surgery in december, what's the recovery time?

    Hey guys (and girls), So I've got a torn labrum and i'm scheduled to have surgery late december. I was just wondering if anyone with any experience can tell me anything about the surgery, some tips for recovery and a timeline of the recovery. thanks so so much, really appreciate any help! :)
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    Torn Labrum- Should I get surgery?

    Hey everyone, This is my first post on talk tennis. I am a U18 canadian tennis player. I've been to nationals and tennis definately is a big part of my life. I'm torn (no pun intended) between getting and not getting surgery for my labrum. I've had an MRI arthogram and my labrum is definately...