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    Shoulder Pain. Elbow Pain. What now?

    Well, I read the post and i'm not sure... Your saying you have arm issues and your still playing poly at 60-65 in an RF97? There's a lot you could do to reduce/remove equipment from the issue. For me I went from playing Graphene Radical Pro with ploy hybrid to Phantom 100P and gut hybrid. It...
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    Overall fitness/health tennis program

    #1 Quit drinking so much damn beer! #2 Quit eating Fries 5x per week! #3 Ice cream is NOT a food group! Oh, sorry that's what I need to do. but just in case it may work for you as well.
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    Most *comfortable* smooth cross for natural gut?

    Man this is exactly what I do. My record is re-stringing the crosses 3x and those gut mains lasted about a year.
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    Hitting On The Rise - One vs Two Handed Backhand

    Well, for me I'm already hitting 1hbh so it's more a question of how to develop those techniques. I think I benefit from the variety of shot I can hit and ability to vary the contact point. But more interesting when I have a very hard ball that i'm short hopping guess what? I use 2 hands :8
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    Prince Phantom Pro and Phantom Pro100P

    I added 5g to 10/2 (along with 5g in the butt cap) and found it sluggish. It's not easy adding lead to such a thin beam frame, so i'm using some tungsten putty and tape. I kept moving the weight down to 9/3 and that was a lot better but I kept moving down to 8/4. For me, that's when the frame...
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    Prince Phantom Pro and Phantom Pro100P

    :-( Yes I have a PP100 and on the 2nd stringing found a broken grommet just like yours.
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    Prince Phantom Pro and Phantom Pro100P

    I played the Ai98 for a couple years and struggled with low launch and had trouble generating spin. The control was excellent. Went though 4-5 different frames since and now back to the Ai98. The difference? I change the gut hybrid from 56/55 to 58/48 . The big difference in tension generates...
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    I’m a mess! What else can go wrong?

    You didn't say what you do for exercise besides playing. If I were in your shoes: Boot camp, barre, then move into cross fit. I'd lose some weight (that's me anyway) and stretch a lot. I'm convinced that joint issues are commonly caused by soft tissue injuries that are untreated. So anytime i'm...
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    Knee pain from the twisting force on pivot foot.

    The constant rotational load on left knee/meniscus causes pain for me. I've learned to not let my left heel get dug in which causes the rotation. I try to stay on the balls of my feet to allow the feet to rotate instead of the knee.
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    What if ATP/ITF/WTA banned poly strings and 100+ sq in racquets?

    I think it comes down to what you think is entertaining and what people would pay money to watch? For me I don't watch any matches where the points are serve only or go on for 20 shots each point. It is more ideally in the middle. And I like the skill and finesse required of the athlete. For me...
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    Can you get away with using slice only on backhand?

    Disagree, I'm more effective slicing from the add than powering topspin cross court. I have no problem beating the net man. I'm also better at shaping the slice around the post and up the line. The other thing I can do with the conti grip that I can't do with eastern backhand grip is hit a lob...
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    Alternative for Natural Gut mains

    Did you guy not notice this thread is 5 years old? But I do love the $30 for champions choice by the OP.
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    Decision time: Put my kids through college or keep buying tennis shoes RANT!

    So I wear out a pair of shoes every 3 months max. And the price of top line tennis shoes only keep going up. I used to be able to get the out of style Nike's, Adidas, Asics for around $70. Now I can't find any for less than $90 (for you without a calculator that's a 30% increase) and they list...
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    Handle close line calls?

    Thanks for this tread. It's always a good reminder to re-read the rule book. It's really very clear and once again reminds me of how wrong some of the guys are at making calls.
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    Guess Djokovic's next coach?

    Where I come from they're called "sponsors"
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    Reconstructing my FH (video)

    You'll get a lot of opinions on this and that. I just read all the replies and there are tidbits in each that I think everyone would agree with. Your general mechanics are good so you only need a few tweaks. If I were standing next to you hitting I'd notice a few things: 1. Your hitting is out...
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    gut/poly hybrid: larger tension difference = more spin?

    Fun and all the guys who are using gut/poly in the RF97 are almost all using the Federer tension delta of -4lbs. But my elbow doesn't like poly so I said "lets take the stiffness of the poly out of the equation, -10 should do the trick" And there you have it. A proper shot in the dark :D.
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    gut/poly hybrid: larger tension difference = more spin?

    OP, I've tried every possible combination of tension with gut mains and every possible type of cross string. For your question about gut/poly, here's what I'd say: #1 I'm currently playing Gut/Poly at 58/48 in my AI98's. Machine is a lockout. For the first time ever, I have a string bed that...
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    Rafa to introduce new Babolat Racquet at RG

    WHAT! I can't believe there's no US Tour dates yet. Maybe I should hit ticket master. And I was already in the 'loop' on on the RF Auto Pilot, have a buddy that works at Tesla.
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    Soft hybrid setup for maximum spin?

    I've posted a couple of times about Guy/Poly with high differential. I would define high as 8+ lbs. Give it a try.
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    I have this kid...

    Switch her to racquetball.
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    Thoughts on different brands of tennis balls?

    I'm with nb1234. We only use Pro Penn Marathons and Penn ATP's. For me I only buy the ATP's because they're $10 a case less expensive. Of the balls I despise the worst ball for the money has to be the US opens.
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    Guys only: best legs and other best female issues

    Pretty much the best thread in the history of the internet. Period.:eek::eek::eek:
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    Split step - timing and exhaustion problem.

    I think this is your problem. You shouldn't have landed yet. My best reactions come from me still hovering as I react to the ball changing directions. Easiest to practice when returning. When I'm still in the air, that first step and change of direction is explosive and effortless. If I'm on the...
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    Not competitive, or just anxious?

    If you think about what it feels like when your relaxed and what it feels like when your tense, you'll find your answers young grasshopper. For example, Relaxed = loose shoulders, head is up, body is free, your probably bouncing around. Tense = Body is stiff, head is down, all your muscles are...
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    Prince Phantom Pro and Phantom Pro100P

    Where are you winding with string and tension? I'm finding the PP100 doesn't like mid-high tensions in the gut/poly setups that I use in all my other frames.
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    DR98 --> Blade 98 -->??

    I would first try adding some weight under the butt cap. The other thing I'd try are thinner guage strings.
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    Simple and effective SW grip forehand to emulate

    I find his forehand to be somewhat straight forward, but appears to be more western than Semi. For me, I prefer to model Delpo's Semi-western. I have a really hard time with consistency when I flatten out the racquet.
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    Should center two mains be strung 2-4 pounds tighter?

    Your results are consistent with my results with the same stringing machine. I've found that locking the base (clamp left string, pull right string) on the very first pull has helped with consistency. In the end I belive the reason the centers feel less tight is because they're longer.