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  1. imalil2gangsta4u

    Can't get kinesio tape to stick

    I received my Kinesio Tape in a few days ago. Im using it for my plantar fasciitis, so it starts at my foot and goes up to my calf. The problem is that it is not sticking very well. After a few hours it begins to come off, even though I rubbed it for heat for a good minute in sections to make...
  2. imalil2gangsta4u

    Swollen inside of feet

    For the past two months or so I have had a swollen area on both of my feet in the exact same spot. Its on the inside of the foot, behind the arch (closer to the heal). The swelling puffs out like a knot. I have plantar fasciitis in my left foot and have very flat feet. They both usually hurt...
  3. imalil2gangsta4u

    Question concerning 2.3s

    I really wanted to get the CB2.3s. The problem is I have plantar fasciitis and a very flat foot. When I was trying them on, the person helping me said that you could tell that the shoe didn't have enough arch support for me just from the way my foot sat in the shoe. If i bought these shoes...
  4. imalil2gangsta4u

    Blood blister under callous

    During practice yesterday I noticed that whenever I tried to grip the racket, one of the areas under my finger where a callous is began to hurt. By the end of practice, a blood blister had appeared (under the callous) and stopped me from playing. Some people have been telling me to wait it out...
  5. imalil2gangsta4u

    Problem with left foot/knee

    In October 09 I began having really bad pain in my left knee. I was hitting with a friend when first the arch area of my foot started hurting on both the left and right side of my foot. Ten minutes later the pain was up to me knees and i could barely walk. I did not play much tennis for the next...
  6. imalil2gangsta4u

    Crisp and durable hybrid?

    I recently switched to a hybrid with Alu Power in the mains and Prince synthetic in the crosses (both strung at 56). I chose this set up because i do not like the trampoline feeling of a full bed of Alu power after a few hours. The problem is that instead of having the trampoline feel, it now...
  7. imalil2gangsta4u

    Had the flu, now i cant move

    About 3 weeks ago i had a really bad flu with all the symptoms. I barely played tennis that week due to not being able to run around. I started last week off feeling a lot better, but ever since then I've been struggling with a lack of energy. When i wake up in the morning, i don't feel even...
  8. imalil2gangsta4u

    Switching from k95

    The past year with the k95 has been very shaky for me. Im not a very big person, and the weight and stiffness of the k95 have given me constant trouble(especially on my serve). The reason i went with a racket so heavy is because i love the stabiliy. Im looking for a new racket that plays...
  9. imalil2gangsta4u

    Wanted: 2 Rds 001 Mids

    I need 2 rds 001 mid's (prefer the old pj). 3/8 grips on both. I have bought and sold rackets here before. Please email or post here. Ill answer faster if you email.
  10. imalil2gangsta4u

    Gonzales racket/strings

    I couldnt find it anywhere so making a topic. Anyone have info on what racket he really uses and his string/tension?
  11. imalil2gangsta4u

    Changing practice partner?

    For some reason whenever i play for fun, i cant find it in myself to focus and play my best. Ive never been able to do this for people way below me, but now its even starting to happen when i play people close to the level im at. For example, i hit with the same person about 5 times a week. I...
  12. imalil2gangsta4u

    Define the word "choke"

    I see lots of people using this word for both atp and wta matches. Sometimes I feel like I'm watching different matches from people here. Example 1: Players A&B When player A(who is a better player) is playing poorly the whole match, then suddenly finds his/her form when they are points...
  13. imalil2gangsta4u

    What does stringing higher REALLY mean?

    People string their rackets from the lower 30s all the way to into the 70s, but what does it really mean? Everyone says that stringing higher gives you a little more control, but players like Federer and Nadal who we all know have more control over the ball string their rackets pretty low...
  14. imalil2gangsta4u

    Where to hold the racket

    What are the pros and cons of holding the racket higher or lower? On my serve my hand is hanging off the racket a bit and people have told me i need to bring it up. Same for more forehand. If you do hold the racket higher up, how much room do you leave between the bottom of your hand and the...
  15. imalil2gangsta4u

    Anymore Nike CourtBallistec 1.3 (black/tur)

    Im having a hard time finding them at any of tennis shop near my house. Also, tw doesnt have them any long and is out as well. Anyone know where i can find them still in a size 9.5?
  16. imalil2gangsta4u

    Dokic's father gets 15 months in jail 6/11/2009 10:41:00 AM RUMA, Serbia (AP) -The father of tennis player Jelena Dokic was sentenced Thursday to 15 months in jail on charges that he threatened the Australian ambassador to Serbia. Damir Dokic was found guilty of...
  17. imalil2gangsta4u

    Has anyone seen this video? LOL!

    Lots of videos get posted here, but i dont think i've seen anyone post this one yet. wait until 1:15 :D
  18. imalil2gangsta4u

    Gut/Poly vs Multi/Poly Durability

    Recently ive been stringing my racket with Prince Premier Lt 16 mains and Alu Floro crosses, and both times i broke them in around 3 days. Some people say putting the poly in the crosses lasts very long for them. I guess it didnt for me. Im just wondering if there will be a difference if i use...
  19. imalil2gangsta4u

    Question about stamina

    Well its summer again meaning 90+ everyday with 70% humidity. I didnt run much during the fall and the spring and now im really paying for it. Im having a very hard time playing hard for a 2 out of 3 set match because i get too tired and my game fades. Also im feeling it in the legs and arms for...
  20. imalil2gangsta4u

    Something funny

    Friday i noticed a pretty funny trend. At school, lots of teachers know i play tennis when they see me with my stuff. 95% havent watched tennis before, but i asked them to name a player they know. All the female teachers 30+ say Agassi, and all the male teachers 30+ say Mcenroe. Is this a...
  21. imalil2gangsta4u

    Which has a better chance of happening?

    Not saying either one will happen. Just wondering, which do you think is more likely to happen and why.
  22. imalil2gangsta4u

    BB Original/Alu Rough

    Can anyone tell me whats the difference between the two?
  23. imalil2gangsta4u

    My Head Speed Pro Review

    This review is the for pro version, 3/8 grip strung with whatever head sends them strung with. Hit with it for last 2 days, total of about 6 hours. Groundstrokes 8/10: The racket is very stable and has a pretty big sweetspot. It was easy to get good depth if i got set up. Its fairly heavy...
  24. imalil2gangsta4u

    Wanted: 2 or 3 Wilson K95 18x20

    Looking for 2 or 3 Wilson K6.1 95's with 18x20 string pattern Looking for around 7-8/10 condition on each for price reasons Email me to sell:
  25. imalil2gangsta4u

    short new pure drive review

    Ive been hitting with the new pure drive and just thought ide share what i thought about it with a short review. Was string with pro hurricane and addiction hybrid. Note: This is my first review so give me some slack please! Serve; 9/10 Really the main thing that always stands out with me...
  26. imalil2gangsta4u

    FT: Yonex Rq is 1 Tour Xl 95

    Racket is in 8.5/10 condition with just a few scratches on the top and a small paint chip. Strung with prince poly and weiss cannon hybrid. I would trade for: Kblade tour K95 Rdis 100 mid Email if you have any questions
  27. imalil2gangsta4u

    preparing to play someone good

    I have a tournament this weekend and the draw guy posted. Ive always had bad luck but this takes it to another level. The person im playing because a champ by not losing more than 2 games a set on his way to winning a tournament. He aged up and has to go back down to my level ( zats ). How...
  28. imalil2gangsta4u

    texas ZAT question

    Im currently playing zat tournaments in texas. The draw that im playing in just came out and on it im playing someone who i recognized. So i went and looked at the ranking and it says he won a tournament in october of 08, and has 117 points. So shouldnt he already be a champ? Why is he still in...
  29. imalil2gangsta4u

    pros serve to look at

    Really looking to improve my serve over the spring. I just started using a pinpoint stance serve. What pros serve would you recommend to look at to look at for the basics?
  30. imalil2gangsta4u

    When will Nadal's game crack(age)?

    Nadal's style of play is surely taking a toll on his body. At what age do you think his level of play will begin to decrease? Hes 22 atm.