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    Head Pro Tour 690

    I'm looking for a Pro Tour 690 in >8/10 condition. Preferably grip size 5 (4 5/8). Based in UK
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    Head Pyramid Tour 630

    What grommets fit this frame? Do Pro Tour 630 grommets fit?
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    Donnay Ultimate 100 Speed

    Does anyone know the specs for this racket? It's black with a very thin beam and extra long handle. I think it was made around 1996
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    Wanted: Prince TT Warrior MP

    8/10 condition and above. Preferably size 4 or 5 grip
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    Prince TT Warrior MP vs Dunlop Hotmelt 200g

    Which racket is better? Pros and cons of both?
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    Wanted: Prince TT Warrior MP

    If you have a Prince TT Warrior MP in 8/10 condition or above please let me know