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    Is this lawsuit against Sports Warehouse (tennis warehouse) legitimate?

    Been receiving email about this lawsuit. Wonder if this is legitimate or another attempt to steal my personal info? ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Why did I receive this Notice? This Notice relates to a proposed settlement of a class...
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    What was Fed's complaint at Indian Wells Final?

    I know in the 3rd set he was saying the umpire didn't remind him of when the ball change is. I missed the 2nd set, can someone clue me in? Thanks.
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    When does Ball Machine go on sale?

    Any reputable brand? Thinking about spend some $$ on an entry level model. Thanks!
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    Bought! Prince OG MID 90/93

    Hi, I just won a POG Mid on **** and really look forward to hitting with it. I understand the headsize is either 90 or 93...but it's really the same size. But could anyone tell me other specs of the racket? weight? balance? I currently play a Prince Diablo Mid but couldn't find the same racket...
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    Prince Diablo Mid 4 1/8 - 4 1/4

    4 1/8 grip size is preferred but 4 1/4 is ok. Just need one. The 93 sq. inch....not the 100 sq. inch. Please PM me if you want to let yours go.
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    Urgent! TW, please help with my order!

    Hi TW, Last night I wanted to check my gift card balance and wasn't aware that I actually placed an order. As soon as I got an order confirmation email, I realized my mistake and emailed back to cancel the order. However, I just got another email saying the order is being shipped. :( This...
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    21st this the so called "mid-year" sale event?

    Looking to acquire apparel, shoes and of course, racquets. There is usually a big sale event at around labor day weekend...but how about this 21st anniversary sales, is this it?
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    Not feeling POG

    Well, this is only a short hitting session and I haven't experiment with other string setup. I don't know if it's the racquet or the string (Prince Premier Attack, full bed), but I just didn't feel enough power or spin from the combo. It also felt a bit "tingy" at the contact, which I hate. From...
  9. I dunlop cracked yesterday

    DId this happen to you? This is the first time happened to me and I am just curious. I hit the sweetspot on that particular backhand shot and just heard a loud impact. At first I thought it was my string but then realized it was my frame! Will Dunlop take care of this? :D One can always hope...
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    Weight distribution for Re-issue Wilson Prostaff 85

    Well, I've got one of them and have been hitting with it for the last two weeks. On TW specs, the racket is supposed to be 10 pts HL, which may be true, but I feel most of the weight are on the middle section of the racket, from upper handle to the throat area. It may well be 10 pts HL but the...
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    Is lead tape cheating?

    Morally speaking, do you think it's a form of cheating? I've been working on my serve for a good part of the last two years, being a short and slim guy, my first serve usually takes two bounces to hit the back fence, only on really good serve would I be able to hit it with one bounce. I've...
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    Is it my stroke or the string?

    Well, I heard from people saying that I should change the string regularly, because if not, it would lose the gripe/bite and whatever ball you are hitting is just going straight to the net. I can tell at impact whether a ball is well-hit...or just straight to the net, but yet the stroke is...
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    Single-Handed Backhand - The Racquet takeback

    I am in the processing of reconstructing my single-handed backhand and have watched all Youtube videos I can find for instruction. One thing that strikes me odd, and i am not sure which way to follow, is during the racquet takeback phase, all modern players (Fed, Wawrinka, Haas) started with...
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    Which string to hybrid with Gosen Polylon?

    Just curious which string to go with Gosen Polyon? I Bought a reel due to its durability. But I didn't anticipate it being this stiff. I've tried Solinco Tourna Bite (way too stiff) and Babolate gut (softer but still stiff). I brought the tension down to low 50s to mid 40s...that seemed to help...
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    Hip pain on the hitting side

    I have to confess that I've had this hip problem before. It got better during winter (no tennis), but now it's getting progressively worse as I play tennis more often. It's on my hitting arm side (lefty). I almost don't can't sleep on its side because it hurts, it reduces my mobility as well. I...
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    How to avoid arch toss while keeping tossing arm follow up?

    Was looking at this video here: The first 30 seconds of the video...seems like the gal has a similar tossing issue as I do. The problem I didn't see the coach explaining is how to keep the tossing arm follow up (pointing at 12 o'clock) and not...