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    Denis needs to get his act together

    Kamikaze style of tennis doesn't win you matches very often. No idea what's all the hype on these boards about him, he hasn't really done anything other than a zoning win over Nadal. As of right now his ranking is exactly where it should be. When he zones he can beat anyone, but like i said...
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    Serena Williams

    Guys, she has a daughter now, she deserves an apology
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    Jeff on Federer

    2018 slams retirement GOAT...
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    Jeff on Federer

    So I didnt see the match either, but thats what I heard from a few people (not Jeff's sources) Something along the lines of that.
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    Jeff on Federer

    Not defending Fed, but where is Jeff now and discuss Nadal's 2 retirements, oh and announcing it to the ref i will be retiring soon.. just not sure when but soon
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    $(WSJ) 300 Million for an Aging Tennis Star? Roger Federer Is Worth It, Uniqlo Says

    I think a lot of people are missing the point here...This is a business decision by all parties. Nike is an established company that has been on a somewhat of a downtrend. Paying 30 mil to Fed isn't worth it to them for many reasons. If Nike is on a downtrend while Fed was with Nike, why on...
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    Agassi or Djokovic, who's the problem?

    its not Agassi's problem. He just cant tape Stepanek serious knowing he used to wear these shirts,fl_lossy,q_auto/cdn/f33e0e50-5f70-4869-8341-a4d10de3adc3/ba21efb3-caa5-4524-bb78-4b96f1ee380d.jpg
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    Federer: It's harder than ever for young players to reach the top

    Didn't have a chance to read every post in this thread, so not sure if anyone has brought this up, however it seems that basic skills have not really improved and if anything got worse. Like for example look at golf, all young kids coming out from either schools or straight pro have unreal...
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    Luxilon question

    Has anyone tried 4G on the mains with alu power rough crosses? If so how did that play? What tension was used? Thanks
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    Recommendation for some syn gut

    Been a while since i was able to hit, but played a few days ago with NXTs on the mains and rough on the crosses, while the string didnt really fray it snapped after 45 mins of hitting. So back to the drawing board. I have been looking at numerous posts around here and I cant really seem to...
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    Recommendation for some syn gut

    Thanks, Ill give it a try over the next week and see what happens.
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    Recommendation for some syn gut

    Tried to search, but couldn't find exactly what i was looking for. Long story short, getting back into tennis used 90/95 wilson pro staffs my whole life, now got the new 97RFs. Strung it with Alu Power Rough mains and NXT power crosses, played for about 50 minutes and NXTs were completely...
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    So sick of the match up problem excuse

    Tennis is all about match ups. I beat player B, B beats C i loose to C. It's a lot easier getting to somebodies weakness when its 1 on 1 and not a team sport. That being said, it is not an excuse for fed to come out already beat everytime he plays nadal. Energy level is nowhere near to what...
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    Stop comparing generations

    There are so many countless useless threads posted about comparing Fed to Pete and the rest of them. Playing competitive junior tennis in the Sampras/Agassi it is so hard to compare the generations. It is like comparing fashion. Having said lets compare not just Pete and Fed but the rest...
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    Berdych H&M

    I am pretty sure it would be anyones problem if we got paid millions to wear H&M.
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    Does anyone know why djokovic is not signed with adidas or nike?

    Has anyone of you thought that maybe he doesn't want to be sponsored by nike or adidas. Everyone is either sponsored by nike or adidas in the top 10 except for very few, uniqlo actually makes clothes and pretty nice clothes for that matter. Why would #1 player in the world would want to be...
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    I love how whenever a new up and coming player beats Federer other than Nadal...

    honeslty i dont post here much i just look at what all of fed nadal murray del potro ****s are saying and laugh.. but i just couldnt resist puting in some input first of all i am a fed fan but im more of a good tennis fan rather than being a fed fan.. it doesnt bother me if he loses to anyone...
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    Federer Needs to Change Backhand Grip To Win RG

    as bas as this sounds .. but its not his backhand that has been giving him troubles as of late... and its his forehand that has been letting him down in matches.. going to streaks where hed would be missing his forehand like its going out of style
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    I can't stay up to watch Fed-Djokovic (can I?)

    just go out get hammered watch the match.. and call in sick thats what im doing
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    If Nadal were a righty ...

    he is a righty
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    2 years in a row....

    is it just me or... nadal has been getting the best possible draw he can get at wimbledon while fed has been getting the toughest draws. last year fed had to beat quality players starting from day 1, and nadal had the easiest draw possible, and the same thing hapenned this year.
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    Davis Cup surface in Russia

    i love how all americans love to blame everything else on their losses other than their game... they lost get over it not because of any surface (both sides played on the same court) if it was all that dangerous im pretty sure russians wouldnt wanna play on it either since nobody wants to get...
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    Whom must Federer hire as a coach?

    who's saying a clay courter would be an amazing coach for him i think is totally wrong. main reason is that Federer is not a true clay courter, he doesn't stand 30 feet behind the baseline, so hiring a clay court player as a coach would be completely against his strength since Federer is an all...
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    Federer vs. Sampras

    ya they might have played out of their minds, but they still have a winning record over him
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    Federer vs. Sampras

    nobody will ever know Phil is right to a point that nobody remembers Pete in the mid 90's however, when Pete lost to Safin at the US open in 2000 he was still playing his good tennis might not be his best but he was still playing well and he got killed by him. And Safin lead their series of 4...
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    Federer is no longer a the FedExpress.. he's now UPS ground

    you guys are all dumb whos saying Federer isn't playing as well. Look at his previous matches with Kiefer, last year at wimbledon he was the only player to take a set of hima nd almost took it to 5. Haas always troubled Fed and it's a sign of a champion to raise his game. Last year at us...
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    Do you agree with the ref's decsion on Kiefers racquet throwing incident?

    Michael Haller is a moorrooonnn you must be blind and stupid for saying it was the right call. please do everyone a favor and stop talking on this board
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    new doubles rules

    what's with the new doubles rules, no ad scoring no 3rd set, this is the dumbest thing i've heard atp do imo. any comments
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    sampras v federer v agassi.

    why are you guys talking about a slice forehand on the run, that should does more bad than good. if anything you should be looking at table top slice forehand aproach shot that stays nice and low so right there sampras's is way better than federer's