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  1. Livedeath

    Dimitrov praising Nadal and Vallverdu

    http://www.**************.org/news/news/Tennis_Interviews/37804/grigor-dimitrov-nadal-is-my-biggest-inspiration-you-can-send-him-to-war-anytime-/ It is good to see that he is enjoying his tennis again after including Vallverdu in his team. As for Rafa he refers to him as his idol, this is a bit...
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    Rafa and Roger speak on Novak's recent troubles

    Roger said "Novak is going through a crisis and it surprised me. I expected him to win an important tournament after Roland Garros, Toronto aside. But once you realize career Grand Slam, a new career begins. You have to ask yourself, why do I keep playing? You have to change your mentality, what...
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    Jurgen Melzer completes a combo

    Jurgen Melzer joined Radek Stepanek as only the second active player to record 300 singles and doubles career match wins on Thursday at the VTB Kremlim Cup.
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    Court set on fire

    In a recent challenger event in Casablanca, a new novel way was introduced to dry up the court. :D I dont know how the match went, but one thing is for certain, court was set on fire. ;)
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    Mahut becomes world number 1

    Nicolas Mahut became the new world number 1 in doubles following the victory of Lopez duo over Bryan brothers. He becomes the 49th player ever in doubles to clinch the top position. Last french player who was at the penthouse of doubles rankings was Yannick Noah in August 1987...
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    Thiem enters top 10

    Quarter final match between Goffin and Thiem was momentous not only because the winner of them will play in their first grand slam semi final but also because either of them will also enter top 10. Thiem with his quarter final win is now ranked 7th with 3105 points and is behind Nishikori who is...
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    Nadal and Djokovic going for milestone victories

    Nadal will be going for his 200th grand slam win in the second round when he faces Facando Bagnis of Argentina. With this win Nadal will become the 7th player since Open Era who have 200 or more match wins in a grand slam Federer: 302 wins Connors: 233 wins Agassi: 224 wins Lendl: 222 wins...
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    Congrats Isner on reaching 300 mark

    Congratulations to Isner for completing 300 career wins :). One of the best servers in the world, and I hope he reaches 400 and beyond.:)
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    Djokovic and Isner explain why more tennis players aren't going to the Olympics

    Three players have decided they will not be playing in the Rio Olympics, namely 15th-ranked Dominic Thiem, 19th-ranked John Isner, and 23rd ranked Feliciano Lopez. The reason probably looks like points being not awarded for Olympics, and Isner has stressed on this part being a pretty big factor...
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    Isner compares tennis players to WWE stars

    Isner compares Federer with Shawn Michaels for his showmanship, and Rafa with Ultimate Warrior for his tenacity. Interestingly he said HBK was arrogant in his initial years, did he saw the arrogance in Fed too? :oops:, he might not be in good books of Fed anymore. ;)...
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    Rafa the poker champion

    I came across this video, and it seems Rafa's interest was not in tennis in 2015, but he was preparing for an alternative career. ;)
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    World number 1 golfer admires Nole and Fed

    Even though i am not a fan of golf, but when a top ranked player from another sport admires top tennis players, it is worth reporting. :)
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    Djokovic setting a new goal for himself

    Djokovic setting a new goal for himself apart from his usual title collection :)
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    Novak Djokovic and the Art of Hitting Deep

    Nice analysis of Nole's unique ability to hit the ball deep
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    ATG's and their Best 5 years

    Current thread is the natural successor of the following thread While the above thread dealt with stats of players when they were ranked in 'top 5' in their respective careers, the current threads deals with...
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    Your favourite shots of players

    Being a fan of many players I have a liking for many different shots players can execute, I have listed few of my favourite shots from their arsenal. Djokovic: BHDTL, sliding backhand on the stretch, crosscourt BH with sharp angle, ROS Nadal: FHDTL especially the running one, backhand passes...
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    Del potro practising Delpo seems to be hitting the ball well, i hope he makes his return soon. :)
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    Djokovic leading the pack with best challenges, opines Hawk Eye engineer.

    Not only Djoko's game is clicking in every department, he seems to be best among Hawk Eye challenges too. Followed closely by Fed.
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    ATG's and their Top 5 years

    Before I venture in depth of the way ATG played in their top years first I would like to give a brief description of whom I consider ATG's. The definition could vary from person to person but here is mine "A player who has been at the helm of the rankings, won against top players in the most...
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    Becker: Djokovic a more offensive, complete player than before One of the points that Boris mentions is that Novak had weaknesses in his game and he addressed those issues. I don't think Boris ever mentioned this so bluntly, he along with other tennis...
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    Hitting four aces in a row to start the match

    I was watching the highlights of the Becker vs Sampras 1996 WTF final( I keep watching it, love this match :)), Becker started the proceedings with 4 aces in a row :cool:, has anybody else done it? It was awesome way to start the match.
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    McEnroe podcast: Wants reverse innovation

    Interesting podcast of John McEnroe, one of the interesting points of the podcast was when asked what innovation he is expecting in coming years, he replied that he is all for reverse innovation, he wants to see how the current players, in his words more athletic, stronger players, will fare...
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    Great matches with unexpected ending

    Permit me a certain amount of exposition before i introduce my purpose of this thread. There have been many instances where great matches which extended to the final set, irrespective of whether they were 3 tough setters in best of 3 or five setters, culminated with a double fault, hence...