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    Live by the Blade...Die by the Blade...

    CV and v7 also have parallel drilling
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    FS: 4x Babolat Pure Control Tour - 4 1/4

    all rackets sold!
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    Great match on strong 3.5 vs. low 4.0

    In my area these guys would be 5.0s
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    Tim Henman Slazenger

    I had the black and blue x-1. Not sure if henman actually used or if it was a pj. They were underwhelming esp compared to a PSC 6.1
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    2019 Wilson Blade

    can definitely see why the folks here like the v7 18x20. Just like the CV, i could play with it if i had to, but i still prefer the crisper 2015. The feel is pretty "Clashy" which isnt a bad thing, but not my preferred type of feel. Still a good stick though.
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    UTR 12.33 wins a golden match over unranked player at an ITF tourney in Doha

    Two takeaways: - i still have hope as a 3.0 to become a pro - if i find the loser of this match and beat him, i can say i beat a pro player. Then that means i have pro caliber strokes. Sweet
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    3 Racket Backpack Recommendations?

    Link below but in black/red
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    Wilson BLX 6.1 95 16x18 - 4 1/4 - first edition (black/red)

    looking for some blx 6.1 95 16x18 in L2 (4 1/4) grip size ideally in excellent condition. I'm only looking for the first BLX version that is mostly black and red. please send pics and asking price with shipping to 90249
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    Great match on strong 3.5 vs. low 4.0

    is red 4.0 and gray 3.5?
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    2019 Wilson Blade

    Im incredibly partial to 16x19 but i felt both blades and strikes were better as 18x20
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    FS: 4x Babolat Pure Control Tour - 4 1/4

    price drop $80 each for the 9.0/10 sticks both 8.5s have been sold
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    Suggestion for a 2 or 3 Racquet Tennis Bag

    the rackpacks are pretty compact. Didnt suit me, but those who use one apparently love it
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    How to deal with people blocking fast 1st serves back

    you're struggling to hold serve because they're simply blocking back your first serve? Even if they block it back, you're still in a better position than your opponent. this really isnt a serve issue as much as it is a groundstrokes issues. improving your serve will only help mask this problem...
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    Quite a satisfying break

    the string breakage or the winners?
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    How close is this grip to full western?

    semi-western. also, idk of anyone that grabs the racket that high up.
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    DR 98 lacking control ??

    Playing devil's advocate here... are you sure it wasnt just a honeymoon phase? as much as you like the vcore now, you can just as easily dislike it down the line for having a head size that's too small, underpowered, not enough spin, etc. Like i said, switching rackets to keep a ball in is a...
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    DR 98 lacking control ??

    My guess is that you made some changes to your swing to adjust to the lower powered vcore and now you're having a hard time adjusting your swing back to where it was. If you werent hitting balls long before with the dr98, it's not a racket problem as much as it is a technique problem. It's a...
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    Pure Aero VS

    So it's a new mold. Conflicting reports here
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    Pure Aero VS

    so basically a pure aero with one extra cross? Considering how bad the pure aero vs was compared to both gens of the aerostorm, i guess anything would be an improvement
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    Pure Aero VS

    so it's 100 sq in?
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    Black Friday string hoax

    Sometimes a discount is not a discount unless it's a discount
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    any ideas abt possible detachable/replaceable front/toe outersole tennis shoes:?))) all the rest still perfect, watawaste.

    I've never seen a tennis shoe wear like that. It looks like you took a knife to your shoe and just stabbed it repeatedly
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    officially going with ice code 17g at 46# on a blade 18x20. Great string!
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    Crack or paint chip?

    In the center paintchip
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    Crack or paint chip?

    Paint chips usually dont occur in the shape of a crack. With all the paint flaked off, can you see fractures in the graphite? It looked like it in the original pic. Second pic is not as zoomed in
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    Tennis ball launcher

    how is this any easier to use than a tennis racket?
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    Crack or paint chip?

    looks like a crack with a few paint chips to me
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    Insoles - Raising Up Your Heels?

    Depends on what kind of athlete you are, but i usually suggest trying to keep the foot as low to the ground as possible
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    2019 Wilson Blade

    next get together, we'll get some 2015 blade 18x20s in your hands