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  1. ProfessorC

    Swing style should dictate head size

    I’m looking for opinions here and looking to help - I’m not making an expert opinion. I’m 50, been playing since I was 6 and I’m a 4.5 on a good day. I have experimented with many rackets - played with wood, T-2000, yamaha fiberglass, prince oversized, prostaff 85, 95, and multiple others 100...
  2. ProfessorC

    The problem with modern tennis

    Im watching the men’s finals and I’m underwhelmed as usual. For me, pro tennis (especially men’s) is lacking in variety of play. What men’s tennis needs is a Su-Wei to humiliate these big hitters. There used to be variety in the game, now it’s all the same - screaming and hitting super hard...
  3. ProfessorC

    Controlling racket into contact

    my opinion: A major reason for inconsistent forehands is a lack of racket face control at contact. With all the talk of loose grips, it is common to see people hitting forehands with the handle almost floating in their grip. When this technique (or error) is used, the racket is being let...
  4. ProfessorC

    Is there no way to watch Wimbledon replays?

    I have the sports package on Cox plus Tennis TV plus Tennis channel Plus and I can’t watch replays!!!!! What in the H is going on? Anybody find a way to watch replays? I’ve never had this problem before.
  5. ProfessorC

    For the classic players

    The correct fundamentals imo -