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    Any new racquets coming out late 2015-2016

    Anyone know what that orange Luxilon Element string is all about?
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    Michael Mmoh Wilson Blade racket

    Fairly sure this is the new 16x19, as seen in a previous post there are the green grommets and bumper guard.
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    ATP World Tour Finals 2014: Round Robin ~ Federer (2) vs Murray (5)

    Roger lost a game.... He should retire to preserve his legacy.
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    "Novak indoors is the new benchmark"

    Seems to be a little confusion, the way that I interpreted what they said was that I thought that they were saying that Djokovic indoors is the highest level of tennis across the board; not just indoors. If they were saying that Djokovic was the new best indoors they would say that Novak is the...
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    "Novak indoors is the new benchmark"

    The Sky Sports commentary team never fail to confuse. Have they never seen Rafa on clay in '08 or Roger's 2004 US Open final? :confused::confused::confused:
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    Barclays ATP World Tour Finals; Round Robin: Novak Djokovic (1) VS Marin Cilic (8)

    Cilic isn't going to win, but I reckon 1 close set like 7-5 or 7-6; followed by an easier set maybe 6-3 or 6-2. Not to dissimilar to Federer vs Raonic yesterday.
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    2015 Wilson Burn

    Don't know when they're going to be announced but a friend of a friend tells me that they will have an overall orange paintjob :-?
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    does anyone know when ' I'm a celebrity ' starts?

    Should be between the 10-20th of November, in accordance with previous years show :)
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    does anyone know when ' I'm a celebrity ' starts?

    'General Pro Players Discussion' :lol:
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    Nadal VS Coric - Quarter Final

    nadal needs a 107 inch racket...
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    Our Entire Calendar System Is NOT The Real Time

    Why would it matter if we were in the year 2015 or the year 3015? It wouldn't, we all the in the now, or at least, our perception of now. The only dates we would realistically need is the starts and ends of the solstices for farming purposes. :-?
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    Rate my forehand 2.0

    Thank you, Heninfan99, I try my best!
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    Rate my forehand 2.0

    Isn't it just, God I wish we could all have beautiful acrylic courts all over the UK! :) Thanks for the comments, I feel that to some extent I try to lay back the wrist manually, so I'll try to keep a looser wrist/arm for next time.
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    Rate my forehand 2.0

    As promised I'm posting again to show you a little bit of my forehand again. :) This time it's from the back so you can see where the ball is landing.
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    Rate my forehand please

    Yeah, sorry about the angle, but I can confirm that all the shots landed in,I'll try my best to get better footage! :)
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    Rate my forehand please

    Yeah, sorry about the angle, but I can confirm that all the shots landed in, but I'll try my best to get better footage! :)
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    Rate my forehand please

    Today I had the brilliant idea to get my friend to record me playing tennis, however he only managed to capture some of my forehands, so if you could please rate it, (I know that the quality is terrible and it's not a great angle but this was a bit spur of the moment, so no planning :-? ) and if...
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    ATP SHANGHAi 2014

    ALLEZ! Wow, only watched the tb but what a Houdini from Roger!
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    Nadal vs 'Nadal'?

    I know that Verdasco may seem like a choice, but what I mean is players that are not high ranked (sub 25).
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    Nadal vs 'Nadal'?

    Have there been any occasions where Nadal has played a match against a player who has copied his game plan, the heavy topspin groundies (like Andreev, for example)?
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    New Wilson Blades

    My bad, matched up with Rafa4Ever's description. :-:?
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    New Wilson Blades

    The new Blades:
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    Rod Laver's racquet in this exhibition?

    It's just one of the new 2014 juices.
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    Tipsarevic is badarse

    Great video for coaches to show young, aspiring kids. To be a pro you don't have to hit everything an inch over the net.
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    Blade 98 buttcap.

    some come with a silver W. :?
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    Thoughts on Fed's racquet
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    2014 Wimbledon Gentlemen's Final: [1] DJOKOVIC vs [4] FEDERER

    Federer hit serve that was not an ace, he should retire now.