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  1. elbuzzard_lives

    WTB Dunlop Bio f5.0 tour

    prefer 1/2 grip size.
  2. elbuzzard_lives

    FS/FT 3 Dunlop 200g Muscle Weave 95

    Have 3 of em in 7/10 condition. 4 3/8 grip. Still alot of play in these puppies. No structural damage. recently changed grommets. $50 each shipped. $120 for all 3 shipped. will trade for Wilson 6.1 stretch 95. Or HyperCarbon 6.1 stretch 95.
  3. elbuzzard_lives

    k90, n95 18x20

    k90 9/10 condition. 4 1/2. strung with Luxilon BB ALU $125 shipped n95 18x20 8/10 condition. 4 5/8. strung w/biphase $85 shipped
  4. elbuzzard_lives

    2x wilson N6.1 18x20

    2 for sale. both 8/10. good condition. some courtrash. 1 strung with technifibre x-one biphase. 1 strung with hurrican. 58lbs. will trade for n90, k90 in equal conditon. you can email me at
  5. elbuzzard_lives

    n6.1 18x20 for trade

    I have 2 4 1/2 full hurricane 8 out of 10 4 5/8 full X1 bi-phase 8 out of 10 both are in similar condition, never abused. will trade for K90 n90 AG100 mw90 maybe pog mid pc ps85
  6. elbuzzard_lives

    Easy transaction w/BreakPoint

    Item was as described. 9.5 condition out of 10 was spot on. basically it was as clean as a "used" can be. Would do business with him again! Thanks BP!
  7. elbuzzard_lives

    thomas johanasson's trucker hat

    anybody know where to get this?