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    Nike Spring 2013 Predictions/Hopes/Wants Thread

    Any updates on Miami exclusives?
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    Tennis Warehouse-Mid Atlantic Chapter

    Hit up benson garage or gaithersburg garage. Both have done work for us in the past and we have not been disappointed.
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    Federer vs Berdych Madrid 2012 final

    someone explain the presence of will smith...
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    Nike 2k11 durability: is this normal?

    fail... New Rafael Nadal's shoe of choice, the Courtballistec 4.3 offers a new look with improved fit and feel. Comes with a 6-month durability guarantee.
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    Nike 2k11 durability: is this normal?

    nope, just courtballistecs
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    Nike Exclusive Hut at Indian Wells BNP Paribas Open

    Europe got them as well, but the ones sold at the tournament are mad of better materials, only made for pros and a few select pro tournaments where they are sold.
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    FS: Nike Green Apple Wristbands

    I have a pair of Green Apple wristbands which were used by Nadal at the 2011 Monte Carlo tournament from the SE Open Nike booth. I do not have the packaging any longer, but they were only worn to try on. I also have the matching bandana, sold at the tournament as well. These were both the...
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    Luke Jensen said Rafa went heavier and Roger bigger

    Luke Jensen is an arrogant idiot. I had the opportunity to meet him once, and he's completely full of himself. His commentating for the grand slams is absolutely annoying. It seems he feels that he always needs to say something. One of the worst commentators ever. He is absolutely wrong about...
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    AUSTRALIAN OPEN 2012 - Discussion thread.

    Tsonga just fired two one handers in a row!!! lol
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    FS:Nike Shirts

    What all is remaining?
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    N Code Six One 95 (16x18) Grommets

    Hey guys, I am in need of replacement grommets for my wilson n code six one 95 racquet and was just wondering if the k factor or blx grommets would be compatible with the older frame. Thanks so much!
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    ChicagoJack is a great seller!

    Great seller. Got an email immediately after racquet was shipped with tracking info. Received racquet which was just as described (if not better). Thanks so much!!!!
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    Courtballistec 3.3

    Try double socking. Prevents blisters, and will get you a snug fit.
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    Babolat and Wilson Racquets for Sale

    Aero storm cortex and both APDC's have been sold. Still available: K Blade Tour, 3x Aero Storm GT
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    Babolat and Wilson Racquets for Sale

    I am also adding the following: Babolat Aero Storm Cortex (Red/White, 11.1 oz version); L2 (4 1/4) grip, strung with Babolat Conquest; 8.5/10 condition.
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    Babolat and Wilson Racquets for Sale

    I also have another Aero Storm GT (11.4 oz) in grip L2 that is in 7/10 condition with some wear to the bumper, but no structural damage whatsoever. This one is unstrung. Email me at
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    Babolat and Wilson Racquets for Sale

    I have the following for sale: 2x Babolat Aero Storm GT (11.4 oz version), L2 (4 1/4) gripsize. Both are in 9/10 condition, played for a few hours. Both strung freshly with Revenge 17 as well. No scuffs or damage whatsoever. 1x Babolat Aero Pro Drive, L2 (4 1/4) gripsize. 7/10 condition...
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    Fish vs. Tsonga

    who did fish say "I don't speak French, you dumbass" to... the ref or tsonga???
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    Babolat Racquets for Sale

    It is the lighter one
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    Nike / Adidas / Wilson Apparel Blowout! Men's Meduim (and S/L) Shirts and Shorts

    email me at Interested in the last two shirts...
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    Wimbledon Exclusive gear group

    they don't have a nike booth at wimbledon. just the wimbledon shop with wimbledon branded items...
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    Babolat Racquets for Sale

    And another one: 6) Aero Storm 2008, 4 1/4 (L2); 8/10 condition. Looking for $75.
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    Babolat Racquets for Sale

    Also adding another racquet for sale: 5) Aero Pro Drive Cortex, 4 1/4 (L2) grip; 6/10 condition. Looking for $70.
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    Babolat Racquets for Sale

    #3 sold (#4 is the one that needs new bumper kit, contrary to my original posting)
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    what season is this Nike bandana from??

    It's fed madrid and FO '09
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    Federer shirt on Eurosport

    euro exclusive... try the nike italy site
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    Babolat Racquets for Sale

    Will trade for youtek prestige pro as well.
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    Babolat Racquets for Sale

    shipping to CONUS only
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    Babolat Racquets for Sale

    I have four Babolat Aero Storm GT's for sale, all 4 1/4 (L2) gripsize. 1) 9.5/10; strung with Revenge 17 once, played with for 1 hour. Almost new. Looking for $130 shipped. 2) same as above 3) 8/10; Strung with revenge 17 currently. In great structural condition, only new bumper kit...